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Robert Bork – Death of a Centerfold

 Toobin got it mostly right:

Postscript: Robert Bork, 1927-2012
Jeffrey Toobin / News Desk

 Robert Bork, who died Wednesday, was an unrepentant reactionary who was on the wrong side of every major legal controversy of the twentieth century.  The fifty-eight senators who voted against Bork for confirmation to the Supreme Court in 1987 honored themselves, and the Constitution. In the subsequent quarter-century, Bork devoted himself to proving that his critics were right about him all along….

R Bork-GOP sex symbol

No disrespect intended, to be sure, but just as certainly, no particular respect for the passing of Robert Bork’s pity-party, and the puerile partisan posturing of his sycophants and would-be admirers. Just listen to them bray:

Robert H. Bork, 1927-2012
Roger Kimball / Roger’s Rules [Pajamas media]

Judge Robert H. Bork, one of the the greatest jurists this country has ever produced, died early this morning from heart complications in a Virginia hospital near his home.  He was 84.  —  Bork was a national celebrity.  Several years ago …

Oh sheerest GARBAGE! Bork was an extremely disgusting jurist who found himself on the wrong side of history, made a cottage industry for a quarter century out of his “martyrdom” and has a term ascribed to him that supposedly means one thing but which ACTUALLY means quite another.

What is there to admire about Robert Bork?

Not much, actually.

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