I Guess Nobody Told Them The Story of Christmas

2012 christmas card

A Town Hall blogger attempts to get an early start on Fiscal Hate Year 2013 by blogging THIS on Christmas:

On Christmas, Liberals Are By No Means Liberal
Thomas Sowell / Townhall.com

Random thoughts on the passing scene:  —  When I was growing up, an older member of the family used to say, “What you don’t know would make a big book.”  Now that I am an older member of the family, I would say to anyone …

Alas! Evil liberals are, well …  evil. And they want to take his guns away.

Hey, Tommy: Didn’t anybody ever tell you you’ll shoot your eye out?

its a major prizeIt’s a major prize!

Back in World War I, both sides stopped killing each other for one day, and even shared drinks and  cigarettes.

But I guess they’re not “modern” Conservatives.

For all your claptrap about your self-righteousness, couldn’t you give the snark and juvenalia ONE day off?

Guess not.

Merry Christmas to those who like the idea of one day of peace, love and understanding.

And even to the troglodytes at Town Hall dot com.

thomas nast santa claus

Thomas Nast, c. 1870


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3 responses to “I Guess Nobody Told Them The Story of Christmas

  1. David

    Sowell manages to be a jerk even on Christmas.

    • Yes. And I feel more pity for him than anything. If you can’t drop it for one day, then it’s eating your liver every day and even in your dreams. And that’s a poor place to live a happy life.

  2. Dan Tomkinson

    The welfare state where I live is as white as the foot of snow we just got. And it voted overwhelmingly republican. Over and over again.

    Assholes like Sowell here live in such an insulated bubble their perception of life and politics in this nation is a complete fabrication.

    What a complete dickhead.