Fiscal Cliff Notes

Grand Old Party paperback

Ah, sweet consensus:

Fiscal cliff: House will come back on Sunday

House Republican leaders are bringing the House back into session on Sunday, lawmakers were told in a Thursday conference call.  —  one day before the nation reaches the fiscal cliff…

I am, of course, lying.  The difference between I and they is that I is telling you so.


Mitch McConnell solemnly intones as Senate Republican Leader that the reason mumble mumble is because the Democrats (generically, I guess) Quoth McConnell in better context than he’d give me:

Republicans aren’t about to write a blank check for anything Senate Democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff … Hopefully there’s still time for an agreement of some kind that saves the taxpayers from a wholly, wholly preventable economic crisis… They don’t have a plan that can get bipartisan support….

Kinda circular argumenty there, ain’t it Mitch? Since you won’t agree to anything that you don’t agree with, and you’re the Tango partner that it takes for bipartisanship, you have actually managed the political equivalent (after filibustering YOURSELF last week) of the man who murders both his parents and then asks the Court for mercy because he’s an orphan.

Bert The TurtleMcConnell in his younger, modeling days

Were the nation children and the Congressional Republicans parents, Child Welfare Services would now be retrieving personal effects, now that the police have taken the parents into custody for reckless child endangerment and serial child abuse.

But not to worry, guys (and it’s mostly GUYS), Mission Already Accomplished. Reporting indicates that this was a BAD Christmas season, which is, of course, BAD for the economy, which — to you lunatics — is bad for the President and, therefore, good.

Al Qaeda’s ‘thank you’ note is in the mail …

But don’t expect expedited service from a Postal Service you openly attempt to kill.


Boehner in his younger, pre-Orange modeling days

Way to go, Grinches. Scrooge would be impressed.


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9 responses to “Fiscal Cliff Notes

  1. I seriously like “you have actually managed the political equivalent (after filibustering YOURSELF last week) of the man who murders both his parents and then asks the Court for mercy because he’s an orphan,” Great one, Hart nailed it.

    Bert The Turtle

  2. sidney18511

    I seriously like “your the Tango partner that it takes for bipartisanship”.

  3. I can honestly say I hate Mitch McConnell. I feel sorry for Boehner, but I hate McConnell. Having said that, I am of the belief that EVERYONE wants us to go off the Cliff BUT the President who ironically is the one being blamed!!!

  4. Wish I had a better segue here…but, there exists no succinct way to point out that the gerrymandering by Rove’s operatives in State Houses (post-census:2010), has insured gridlock in the House of Reps for at least the next two years….This cannot be over-emphasized….Having now ‘guaranteed safe’ districts, the only danger for these crazies, is that a challenger will be more crazy…..this will correct itself eventually, but not before much damage is done to the country in terms of wasted time and energy…..which IS the point,….. if one’s aim is to cripple the President, and maim the gov’t such that it spirals down the drain….. And, “Stop the Gerrymandering!” is not a compelling slogan unfortunately…. Happy New Year! GDP

    • By doing what they did during redistricting, they screwed us for the next ten years. Kind of like a Supreme Court appointment, only shorter. The simple fact remains: The GOP tacitly admits that they can’t win an election fair and square.

  5. Fuck you all Forex bustards