2012 – The End of the Second Great Age

‘his vorpal sword — 2012 IN BLOGGING’ reads the WordPress report they’ve ginned up in a nice javascript format. Take a look at this and then we’ll talk:

year in review

from the report on this blog

What follows, then, is not a bray, but an observation …

We have ended the Second Great Age of Humankind and moved into the Third Great Age.

That’s not “Mayan Apocalypse” hype. That’s a fact, and the chart up above is a symptom of it.


You can toss these out, now, they’ve expired

Think about it. With 191 countries in the world (give or take), this blog was read in 173 of them last year. That’s 91% of the strange little squares on the globe. The Squares of the Second Great Age.

I am not being anthropologically precise, but screw it: The First Great Age was the Rise of the Naked Apes in Africa and the beginnings of tool making and civilization. Then, came the Second Great Age: the Great Dispersion of those Naked Apes out of Africa, and, eventually, to EVERY continent on the planet. (The scientific colonization of Antartica was only accomplished in the last century, remember.) And now, we have achieved the third Great Age: The Great Meeting.

bama nakedape

And now, here we are. When a man (in this case, me ), can use a standard computer with a standard internet connection and a free blogging program and be read in 173 countries, WITHOUT any major media — radio, TV, print, “commercial” blog — behind him, something fundamental has changed in the world, and should be taken note of.

This isn’t about me. It’s about US, humans, who are starting to realize, from a time beyond time, that we are ONE species on our ONE planet, and that there are other earthlike planets in our celestial neighborhood. And this isn’t because we believe in some do-gooder, or storyteller, or prophet or divine visitation, no: these are cold, hard facts.

And, to us, they seem unremarkable, when in all earlier ages (who KNEW that humans could not fly) it was wild beyond comprehension, the product of a deranged mind.

It is impossible to remember not being able to read. The world changes when you hit puberty. And it is a Whole New Deal at the species level.

We are living in one of the greatest renaissances in all of human himstory (sic) and the recognition of all skin colors and epicanthic folds as humans, just like us, and WOMEN as humans, just like men. This is a complete alteration of our relationship to the planet and to each other in the history of Humankind, and is one of those profound changes so LARGE that we don’t see it, just as humans of the Fifteenth Century could not enc0mpass the notion that we lived on a SPHERE floating in space. Now, every child has seen the 1968 Apollo 8 photograph of Earthrise from the Moon. There’s no problem getting your mind around that.


Hurricane Katrina

Weather, which was always mysterious (as even the D-Day landing was called based on very primitive — to us — weather data) is now as close as the weather channel or your online satellite photo. (Here’s my favorite, by the by). Ditto the Sun. Ditto the earthquakes.

I am a citizen of Planet Earth without much doing. It is NORMAL to me to look at the planetary weather, the solar weather, the tectonic weather.  And I have “met” the citizens of 173 nations of that blue marble in space during its last whole revolution around the Daystar, Sol.

But think about it: through most of humanity’s incarnation on this rocky, blue  waterworld, we have believed that people who aren’t like us aren’t really people at all. Some few have talked about a “Brotherhood of Man” but few actually believed it. We always assumed that our [INSERT ETHNIC GROUP NAME HERE] DNA was superior to all other DNA. No: it’s the same. And, if you will take the example of Barack Obama and Tiger Woods, the hybrid vigor of crossing old gene pools is creating a new and better species.

(And note that there were public laws against the right of their parents to marry at the time of their genesis. I didn’t say we’d solved the problems.)

We are not breeding so much as we are being bred. Nowhere so frequently and successfully as here on Turtle Island. But that has been true throughout the history of humanity, from the time before any clever Naked Ape figured out the connection between an act and its consequences nine months later.

apollo 8 earthrise

Humanity, after aeons of divorcement and separation, has met itself again.

And we are in the Third Great Age of Humankind.

Which is a marvelous thing to have been alive to behold. Whether it turns out to be a marvelous thing, obviously, is yet to be seen. But this is more than a new year coming. It is a new Age of Humanity. And that is a hopeful thing.

For all Seven Billion of Us.

Let us see what 2013 brings.

Evidently, one of those things may be a Great Comet, such has not been seen in centuries.


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  1. Wild Bill

    For all the advances in us as humans, it’s a shame that there are still so many that haven’t left the cave mentality. Even in the years to come as we begin expanding out to other planets, we’ll probably still have those cave people. And they’ll want to take their stunted beliefs out amongst the stars with us.