Eighty-Nine To Eight

The compromise to get off the “fiscal cliff” passed in the wee hours of the morning, by a bipartisan vote of 89-8.


It’s official: Deal reached on “fiscal cliff”
Leigh Ann Caldwell / CBS News:
As revelers in Times Square and cities and towns across the country wait for the ball to drop to ring in the new year, politicians in Washington have announced that a ball is not likely to drop on the average taxpayer….

And Republicans have voted for a tax increase for the first time in a generation. Helluva way to kick off 2013.

Sadly, while the goal posts have moved incrementally, the douchebaggery of Republican obstructionism hasn’t changed one whit. (Or, were there one on that side of the aisle, one wit.)


They’ve wrecked the holidays with their recalcitrance, ruined the Christmas retail season with their obstinance, and stunk up the new year with their aroma.

But it’s better than nothing, I suppose.

The Republicans managed to gut the Estate Tax again, and we’re going to be facing a hereditary oligarchy within a generation — with the understanding that “hereditary oligarchy” is just another term for a hereditary aristocracy.

But then, I doubt that there will be any “congress” by then. We’re headed for Emperor and Empire, run by Bureaucrats, if history is any precedent, and, while I would like to see this grand experiment in representative democracy succeed, large p0litical units on this order are historically the provenance (or, the province) of Emperors, who eventually believe themselves to be gods.


Thumbs up or thumbs down, Rupert?

Not much difference between that and the GOP field last year, who  believed they spoke DIRECTLY to God. It’s only a step to the other from there.

We don’t honor elections, we openly try to disenfranchise entire classes of voters, brazenly do everything possible to cheat on elections (which is fine, since nobody pays them much nevermind no more) and engage in this childish tantrum dramagoguery.

Even with a “deal” a plague on the obstructionists. My opinion of them hasn’t improved an angstrom’s worth.

But, whatever. At least they didn’t wreck the ship of state trying to steer it through the rocky straits. Not that one side didn’t WANT to.

Tomorrow, Republicans will  criticize the President for the deal. And tomorrow, Democrats will do the same.

Which is what is called, in this blighted land, “bipartisanship.”


Congress in 1877  (Thos. Nast)

Of course, this still has to pass muster with the House Republicans, which is like trying to file microfilm using a bulldozer: probably won’t work, and will leave a helluva mess, no matter what.

Happy New Year.


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2 responses to “Eighty-Nine To Eight

  1. sidney18511

    The house repubs will not let this bill get in the way of their plans to take down this economy. What is it that they really want. No SS? No Medicare, Medicaid? No food stamps or unemployment insurance? Will that make them happy? I can’t even watch those commercials on tv that ask for money to help starving children in third world countries, and the republicans want us to see starving hopeless children in our own towns? All the while they boast that we are the wealthiest country on the globe. These people are nuts.

  2. courtney

    You remind me that it’s time to break out the Gibbons for a re-read…