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Boehner’s Giant Gavel

Boehner's Giant Gavel

2011 deja vu: Boehner’s questionable Freudian 
symbolism and self-chosen gavel: sometimes
a cigar ISN’T just a cigar, nor a gavel merely a gavel

The beclowning repeated itself today:

Boehner reelected as Speaker; nine Republicans defect in vote
Pete Kasperowicz / The Hill

Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) was reelected Speaker of the House on Thursday after a week of rumors of a possible GOP revolt.  —  Boehner won a bare majority in a vote that saw nine Republicans vote for other GOP members, and several others who abstained from voting or voted “present.” Two years ago, Boehner won all 241 available GOP votes….

Well, isn’t that special? Actually, you have to wonder what Republicans ACTUALLY believe in. Seriously. Continue reading

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