Ayn Nation Under God now on sale!

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Whether it’s a fiscal cliff, a tea party or “Going Galt,” there is an underlying philosophy that has been increasingly moving American and world politics. We see its effect in the headlines, every day.

A philosophy of extreme individualism that seems like a call to anarchy, it was born in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution — and the fanatical anti-communist sentiment of the Cold War.

It is expressed in the novels Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. It is expressed in such essays as “The Virtue of Selfishness.” And, increasingly, it is expressed in the speeches on the floor of the United States congress. This is the philosophy of writer Ayn Rand — and the subject of a new e-book by Hart Williams entitled Ayn Nation Under God.

Rather than attempt to sort out all the threads of what is called “libertarianism,” Ayn Nation Under God takes a look at the core conception that drives this movement: the notion that every individual human being is completely sovereign, or, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, each one of them was born in a log cabin they built themselves.

Ayn Nation Under God takes the reader through several paths to understanding the fundamental nature of human liberty as experienced in the real world and the notion of human liberty presented by Ayn Rand in her famous novels.

Author Hart Williams has been a literary critic for decades, but this is not book criticism; a philosophy major at university, this is not a book of philosophy. He has always been funny, and this has that, but most of all Ayn Nation Under God is a respectful look at the philosophy espoused by Ayn Rand and her followers and a somewhat gleeful dismantling of the core notions of their movement.

Available from Amazon dot com.

(* See this link for news on upcoming chipbooks, the audiobook and “book trailer,” which is, I take it, a movie trailer for a book, and not a trailer in which an independent bookseller transports his buys and sells. Probably the worst idea since the music video, but surely a boon to Google, who are advertising their video services like crazy on YouTube videos.)

In 90 days, it will be available from all ebook outlets.

This wasn’t written to be a funny satire, or a preach to the choir. It’s not meant to be some patient, plodding deconstruction and polishing of fine rhetorical points in a charm bracelet of erector-set logicking.


It was meant to be a Bangalore torpedo shoved under the siege wall of Randianism.


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  1. Congradulations! If I had some money, I’d buy a copy <3

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