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The Creepy ‘Look At Me!’ Stunt Works

Alex Jones via wikipedia

Alex Jones via wikipedia

America has a long history of contrarians, and of rewarding same. Madeline Murray Hare was one. So was Alexander Cockburn. Father Coughlin, Joe Pyne, Fred Phelps, Terry Jones, Abbie Hoffman and a gazillion others come to mind, left and right — though never middle — and the reader is invited to add to their own, personal list.

The hallmark of the contrarian is figuring out WHAT IS REALLY GONNA PISS PEOPLE OFF and then doing so. Sure, this will draw some death threats and maybe a brick or two through one’s window, but it works. Historically, anatomically, asexually, mediocratically and, most of all, predictably. Ann Coulter has based an entire ‘literary’ career on it. Welcome to the latest winner, actually interviewed by his victim,  the man, the myth, the (at least in his own mind) legend: Alex Jones.

Exclusive: Piers Morgan on Alex Jones
Dylan Byers / Politico

CNN host Piers Morgan just called to discuss his interview last night with Alex Jones, the conservative radio host and gun advocate who went on a tirade against Morgan, gun control legislation, and a litany of government conspiracies ….

(Also on POLITICO: Alex Jones, creator of ‘Deport Piers Morgan’ petition, blows up on CNN)

In what Morgan described as a “big, long rant,” Jones — the man who started the White House petition to deport Morgan — shouted questions about gun control legislation, gave premonitions of a 1776-like rebellion, and pronounced conspiracy theories — including his belief that 9/11 was an inside job — while Morgan tried calmly and in vain to conduct a civil interview.

“Sometimes it’s better to let somebody have the rope they need to tie themselves in knots,” Morgan told POLITICO, noting that he had been far more vocal and more passionate in previous interviews with gun advocates. According to Morgan, Jones continued ranting straight through the commercial break that divided the two-segment interview…

Ah, the fallacy of lucidity. Morgan may believe that Jones “outed” himself, but past practice and experience indicates that when it comes to ignoring and shunning crazies, the notion fails in America. We LOVE crazies. Just ask Fred Phelps. Continue reading


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