The Creepy ‘Look At Me!’ Stunt Works

Alex Jones via wikipedia

Alex Jones via wikipedia

America has a long history of contrarians, and of rewarding same. Madeline Murray Hare was one. So was Alexander Cockburn. Father Coughlin, Joe Pyne, Fred Phelps, Terry Jones, Abbie Hoffman and a gazillion others come to mind, left and right — though never middle — and the reader is invited to add to their own, personal list.

The hallmark of the contrarian is figuring out WHAT IS REALLY GONNA PISS PEOPLE OFF and then doing so. Sure, this will draw some death threats and maybe a brick or two through one’s window, but it works. Historically, anatomically, asexually, mediocratically and, most of all, predictably. Ann Coulter has based an entire ‘literary’ career on it. Welcome to the latest winner, actually interviewed by his victim,  the man, the myth, the (at least in his own mind) legend: Alex Jones.

Exclusive: Piers Morgan on Alex Jones
Dylan Byers / Politico

CNN host Piers Morgan just called to discuss his interview last night with Alex Jones, the conservative radio host and gun advocate who went on a tirade against Morgan, gun control legislation, and a litany of government conspiracies ….

(Also on POLITICO: Alex Jones, creator of ‘Deport Piers Morgan’ petition, blows up on CNN)

In what Morgan described as a “big, long rant,” Jones — the man who started the White House petition to deport Morgan — shouted questions about gun control legislation, gave premonitions of a 1776-like rebellion, and pronounced conspiracy theories — including his belief that 9/11 was an inside job — while Morgan tried calmly and in vain to conduct a civil interview.

“Sometimes it’s better to let somebody have the rope they need to tie themselves in knots,” Morgan told POLITICO, noting that he had been far more vocal and more passionate in previous interviews with gun advocates. According to Morgan, Jones continued ranting straight through the commercial break that divided the two-segment interview…

Ah, the fallacy of lucidity. Morgan may believe that Jones “outed” himself, but past practice and experience indicates that when it comes to ignoring and shunning crazies, the notion fails in America. We LOVE crazies. Just ask Fred Phelps.

Crazy? Sure, why not? Rolling Stone:

Meet Alex Jones, the Talk Radio Host Behind Charlie Sheen’s Crazy Rants

The most paranoid man in America is trying to overthrow the ‘global Stasi Borg state,’ one conspiracy theory at a time

jones in Rolling Stone

MARCH 2, 2011 9:00 AM ET

… Jones being Jones, he’s not sure the Tucson rampage is as simple as a psychotic snap. Turning over the possibilities sends the tendrils of his anti-government imagination into wild motion. “The whole thing stinks to high heaven,” he says. “This kid Loughner disappeared for days at a time before the shooting? My gut tells me this was a staged mind-control operation. The government employs geometric psychological-warfare experts that know exactly how to indirectly manipulate unstable people through the media. They implanted the idea in his head by repeatedly asking, ‘Is Giffords in danger?'”

Jones doesn’t stop there. The Gates Foundation? “Obviously a eugenics operation.” The latest WikiLeaks dump? “All the hallmarks of an intelligence disinfo campaign.” While urging his audience to wake up and smell the police state, Jones can sound thoughtful and intellectual, quick to quote Nietzsche, Plato, de Tocqueville, Gibbon and Huxley. Mostly, though, he defaults into machine-gun bursts of rage that crescendo with an adolescent snarl — Holden Caulfield playing Paul Revere….

This is the “libertarianism” cult of ME that I’ve been trying to warn you about. Like a cancer, it spreads and spreads, infiltrating the airwaves and the zeitgeist.

But then, as my readers are fully well aware, I am naught but a willing tool of the Police State, so, clearly, anything further that I would say can only improves Jones’ case in the minds of his paranoiac following.


Contrarians dropping a deuce in the punchbowl of everyday life?



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5 responses to “The Creepy ‘Look At Me!’ Stunt Works

  1. klar

    Many people would much rather tune into Jones than any of the empty suits, hacks and corporatist shills on cable news and in the mainstream media. This is not difficult to understand, because many people understand that they get nothing but BS, scripted talking points and paid shills when they tune into the empty suits, the corporate mouthpieces and the lying politicians.

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  3. GAL

    Alex Jones just got himself a couple of million dollars worth of free exposure for his website and his theories. I counted at least 6 website mentions when I watched this earlier today. I’m sure I missed a couple because I refused to actually watch it twice and count to be certain. You must have missed his follow-up in his hotel room after the show ran where he ranted about the armed Bloomberg Mafia following and confronting him and wanted people to pray that he would make it back to TX alive. P.T. Barnum has nothing on Alex. What fun.

  4. Robert Lee

    Nice Post.
    How then does Mr. Jones resist the “government employment of geometric psychological-warfare experts that know exactly how to indirectly manipulate unstable people through the media.” How can he be exempt?

  5. sidney18511

    The nutjobs already embrace this asswipe but I doubt that any reasonable person will see this dude as anything other then entertainment, good old American crazy ass wackjob entertainment.