A Brief Interlude …

I am elsewhere engaged in a technological morass of Brobdingnagian proportions. But I spend some of my time in other, more fruitful pursuits. Which is an oblique, quasi-obfuscatory way of saying … PIT’CHERS!

goodbye 2012

More below the fold. These are the last of the 2012 drawings. The 2013 batch begins with the last one, which was next in sequence after this, first one — i.e. there’s a theme. Click on any picture to see it larger. (Will open in a new tab/window).

 maypole in the snow

olaughing obama 

 what i saw

columbia crossing

back streets

columbia from the cafeteria

seen better days

another roadside attraction

gazebo of information (the)

the old ranch house

lost r’lyeh

cows crossing wet road

cows crossing wet road

where the land gets scrambled

vacation homes on the river


hello 2013

And once more into the breach … mañana.


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2 responses to “A Brief Interlude …

  1. I like your drawings, Hart