Sometimes Brand Loyalty Can Be A Bad Thing

Colin Powell states that the GOP has a lot of dark ugliness that is being ignored.

Powell: GOP has ‘a dark vein of intolerance’
Ginger Gibson / Politico

 While continuing to identify as a Republican, former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday criticized the GOP for a series of racist attacks against President Barack Obama.  —  “There’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party …

This offends the usual suspects.

I wish that people would understand that the issues that motivate them are generally NOT the province of one party or the other. They shift back and forth. If you were a Republican in the ‘Nineties, the DEFICIT was the greatest problem. If you remained in the Aughts, not so much. What was the problem was that you weren’t spending ENOUGH on the credit card to kill some guys in turbans living in caves. Then, magically, after that tanked the economy, suddenly the deficit was a problem again.

pallets of US cash in iraq

US cash shipped to Iraq. Not a problem when Republicans do it.

The Green Bay Packers of 1966 are NOT the Green Bay Packers of 2006 or 2012. They’re just guys wearing the same (kind of) uniforms.

Vince Lombardi

Different Packers

The same thing is true of political parties.

But even when the Grand Old Party has become an utter parody of its original self, or even itself circa Eisenhower, brand loyalty causes such good men as General Powell to cling to the uniforms without being able to stand the players IN those uniforms.

There is no position that is inherently R or D. Finally, the POSITIONS are what matter, and when a party no longer shares your positions, holding a tattered pennant for the Brooklyn Dodgers isn’t going to bring them or Ebbets Field back.

brooklyn dodgers

Sometimes brand loyalty can be a bad thing.

55 dodgers

Not the current Dodgers


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2 responses to “Sometimes Brand Loyalty Can Be A Bad Thing

  1. Linda Daily

    The GOP is apparently rebranding as we speak. I had a fascinating “conversation” with a Republican just this evening. He claimed that the GOP is responsible for the success of the civil rights movement and that the Democratic leaders have never done anything for minorities. The scary part is that they seem to believe their own lies.