Republicans Brag They Won House Majority Because Of Gerrymandering
Scott Keyes / ThinkProgress

In a classic Kinsley gaffe, the Republican State Leadership Committee released a report boasting that the only reason the GOP controls the House of Representatives is because they gerrymandered congressional districts in blue states …

They have crossed the clear line from political expediency and win-at-all-costs tactics to constitutional treason.

If you are in a democratic republic and you are AGAINST the popular vote, you are neither a democrat nor a republican.

Small ‘d,’ small ‘r.’


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3 responses to “T-R-E-A-S-O-N

  1. I shared the above TP link on my FB stream with a pointed comment about how this is the way the GOP plans to win (of course the word I meant was ‘steal’, but I was trying to cut down on the loaded language to get the point across). Didn’t take too long until a friend (actually someone I know in real life) pointed out that since the Oregon Congressional delegation is more than 80% Democratic but Oregon didn’t vote 80% Democratic, that was unfair and went straight into the standard ‘a pox upon both houses’ laziness.

    After I rejoindered that the shake-out of the Oregon vote wasn’t my point, the point being that the GOP doesn’t think it can win without putting undue English on the ball and the standard ‘everyone’s equally to blame’ dog don’t hunt here, he just responded by drilling down on his point, which I got (though since I don’t agree with him, he doesn’t think I did) expanding on all the irrelevant statistics to arrive at the conclusion that since the Oregon delegation is more that 80% Democratic but Oregon didn’t vote that way, then there, of course, was NO POSSIBLE WAY that could have happened without Democratic gerrymandering of a scale equal to the one that Republicans propose, never minding, of course, that when Oregon was reapportioned recently, nobody made much fuss about it, and in the end, the ORGOPpers went along with nary a complaint.

    He also naturally assumed I read and view each and every one of the percieved-liberal alternatives and accept them without analysis or any critical thinking, boasting that he also takes in a variety of conservative outlets (incl. FOX) as though that somehow makes his assay of the situation mo’ betta. The only thing the combined voice Mighty Wurlizter does any more is make me angry, ‘balance’ is a chimera anyway, the ‘liberal’ media doesn’t exist (cf. KPOJ AM 620) … it’s corporate, and the only thing that ‘getting all sides of an issue’ via ‘The Meedya’ does these days is make you an extremely well-informed idiot.

    That’s not to say I don’t prefer a left-leaning ‘caster any day of the week. But I do admit they are flawed and do my own synthesis via my own life experience and what I have read and learned. Of course, that too is fraught with peril, because I was born and raised in the USA, where critical thinking is an option and where it occasionally is looked upon with public disfavor by a major political party (not coincidentally, the one who wants to stack the deck to win elections because their policies are teh suck). So, it’s all a crapshoot really.

    It no longer surprises me, though, that there is such a fierce vein of apologia in favor of the ‘it’s everyone’s fault, both sides do it’ point of view. It causes me a bit of despair that people I otherwise consider intelligent favor it and defend it to the death, but less so as time goes on.

    What’s left of our Republic is really in the crap bucket. And if I make it to the end of my life without being on my deathbed in a United States of America, it won’t be because of these people, giving themselves hearty pats-on-the-back for being so fair minded. It’ll be despite their lazy, enervating thinking.

  2. Don A in Pennsyltucky

    Our Repugnicant legislature is considering a change to election law to allow electoral votes to be awarded based on gerrymandered district lines. It is, of course, the same crowd who said that our new voter ID law would elect Mitt Romney.

  3. Wild Bill

    To their way of thinking, it’s not treason when they do it, but, it is if you do it. And that’s the shame our nation lives with these days, unequal treatment of our laws.