Greatest Headline of the Day: ‘GOP takes off the suicide bomb vest’

another contract on America

Cantor flanked by loons

(No comment as to whether it’s true or not).

GOP takes off the suicide bomb vest
Posted by Greg Sargent on January 18, 2013 at 1:45 pm

Big news. Eric Cantor has just made it official: The GOP leadership is prepared to agree to a three month debt ceiling hike. This is a major de-escalation of the crazy and effectively means Republicans have all but taken the threat of default off the table completely….

Still, less crazy is better news than more crazy any day.

Or, perhaps, they don’t want to face the American people on Monday.


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3 responses to “Greatest Headline of the Day: ‘GOP takes off the suicide bomb vest’

  1. Gosh. Three months. How dam’ generous can you GET!

  2. Wild Bill

    It isn’t generous, and it isn’t a return to sanity, they are still crazy, cowardly bullies, and are terrified of what will happen to them if they cause more financial troubles for the nation. If we were to drop back into a deep recession again we would most likely go under completely, much worse than the great depression. That would sure make all their mega rich donors angry, along with all the ignorant working class folks who give the GOP enough votes to keep them viable. The rest of us would just be collateral damage, they never cared about us commoners anyway.

  3. Makes me sick the way The Meedya is giving the GOPpers a big old wet sloppy, like they decided to become reasonable. They did not decide to become reasonable. They decided to stop being dicks (in this matter, anyway) for three months. Big difference.