The Second Inaugural Address

Second Inaugural mug

Turns out to be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington D.C.

President Obama Inauguration
Brian Knowlton / New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Obama will be quietly sworn into office for a second term just before noon on Sunday in a brief White House ceremony, a day before Monday’s far showier public inaugural events, adhering to a long tradition of doing so out of the public eye when Jan. 20 falls on a Sunday….

This is, by all signs, an odd second inauguration. The second term essentially began in the Lame Duck session, and has carried through to the 113th Congress — whom all Americans hope isn’t the unmitigated disaster and national embarrassment that the 112th Congress was — with the same leadership in the House threatening the same stuff they did before.

Monday will coincide with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, appropriately, even though King’s actual birthday, the 15th is NEVER MLK Day.

from my cold dead hands

Go figure.

Of course, every talking head in the world must engage in the only rhetoric of the weekend even MORE subliterate, bloviating and pointless  than the NFL game analysis and announcers: predicting what the president WILL say tomorrow.

obama takes second term oath (white house photo)

President Obama takes second term oath (White House photo)

I don’t get it: they’re always wrong, it’s an idiotic notion to begin with and OTHER STUFF HAS HAPPENED IN THE WORLD, without endlessly predicting and masticating and debating and masturbating about what another human being is GOING to say. Why not wait and say dumb stuff AFTER he says it? That way, you will be just a stupid, but won’t SOUND as stupid, and even, to some minds, wise. But prophecy? Really bad track record there guys.


(This inane ritual will repeat in the day before the State of the Union in a couple weeks, as predictable as the tides. Except that tides are GOOD for something.)

It’s kind of like that. After the longest presidential campaign in American history — which, coincidentally, was the LEAST ISSUES DISCUSSED presidential campaign in American history — the nation remains wildly divided between the one view and the crazy view, which has become increasingly strange: trickle downs and unlimited munitions, absolute sanctity for pre-life but, once born, screw you, jack0.

Why this is, I cannot understand. But it has only grown worse.

Let’s hope that all the little Timothy McVeighs out there remember to take their Prozac®.

crazy nuge



Still, at this moment, the election results seem less a grand victory than a midnight stay of execution. The Hooded figure still stands next to our collective gallows.

Let us be hopeful, whether there is reason for hope or not, because, Camus be damned, a life without hope is a life barely worth living.



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