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Soft Construction With Boiled Beans

soft construction with boiled beans

soft construction with boiled beans, Salvador Dalí, 1936
Oil on canvas ,  39 5/16 x 39 3/8 inches (99.9 x 100 cm)
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Perhaps you will recognize the title. It’s part of the title of a Salvador Dalí painting. Wikipedia [I have corrected an anachronism in the Wikipedia article]:

Dalí and his [then-mistress], Gala, were trapped in the middle of a general strike and an armed uprising by Catalan separatists in 1934, in Catalonia, and this may have influenced his Spanish Civil War motif.  Salvador and Gala had to run away to Paris, where they got married. Dalí and Gala had hired an escort to take them safely to Paris, but the escort died on his return because of the stresses of the Spanish Civil War.  When Dalí had finally returned home, his house in Port Lligat was destroyed by the war. He was also greatly affected because his friend was executed in the war and his sister Ana Maria was imprisoned and tortured.

It’s the second part that concerns us here, the subtitle, perhaps added with typical hucksterism, perhaps, as claimed, originally painted in 1934, BEFORE the Spanish Civil War of 1936:  (Premonition of Civil War). I have written about this before.* [* "Welcome Back to the Civil War" 12 APRIL 2011]

Suddenly, we stand on the precipice, with the Richmond Dispatchers of the Present Day throwing all the gasoline that they can on the Bonfire of the Hannitys. Listen: Continue reading


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