Soft Construction With Boiled Beans

soft construction with boiled beans

soft construction with boiled beans, Salvador Dalí, 1936
Oil on canvas ,  39 5/16 x 39 3/8 inches (99.9 x 100 cm)
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Perhaps you will recognize the title. It’s part of the title of a Salvador Dalí painting. Wikipedia [I have corrected an anachronism in the Wikipedia article]:

Dalí and his [then-mistress], Gala, were trapped in the middle of a general strike and an armed uprising by Catalan separatists in 1934, in Catalonia, and this may have influenced his Spanish Civil War motif.  Salvador and Gala had to run away to Paris, where they got married. Dalí and Gala had hired an escort to take them safely to Paris, but the escort died on his return because of the stresses of the Spanish Civil War.  When Dalí had finally returned home, his house in Port Lligat was destroyed by the war. He was also greatly affected because his friend was executed in the war and his sister Ana Maria was imprisoned and tortured.

It’s the second part that concerns us here, the subtitle, perhaps added with typical hucksterism, perhaps, as claimed, originally painted in 1934, BEFORE the Spanish Civil War of 1936:  (Premonition of Civil War). I have written about this before.* [* "Welcome Back to the Civil War" 12 APRIL 2011]

Suddenly, we stand on the precipice, with the Richmond Dispatchers of the Present Day throwing all the gasoline that they can on the Bonfire of the Hannitys. Listen:


Paul Revere – by J.S. Copley

‘Violence’ not the real target of war on guns
Masking all-out assault on individual liberty
he Washington Times
[The Moonie Paper]
By Bill Wilson
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 [emphasis added]

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once said. “It’s an opportunity to do things that you could not do before.”
This, in a nutshell, represents government’s response to last month’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Not three days after the tragedy, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein unveiled legislation banning the sale, transfer, importation or manufacture of any weapon capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

Meanwhile U.S. Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said the Obama administration was committed to using “executive orders” and “executive action” to erode our Second Amendment rights – no matter what Congress (or, for that matter, the Constitution) has to say about it.

This debate has nothing to do with stopping gun violence, though. Instead it’s about the political class in Washington chipping away at our ability to protect our families and preserve our property. Make no mistake: These proposed restrictions will do nothing to prevent future school shootings — or any other kind of shootings — but they will go a long way toward disarming law-abiding citizens….

Bill Wilson is the president of Americans for Limited Government.

ALG logo

That’s one of the more ‘sane’ responses, BTW.  This ought to scare hell (or another painting) out of Dalí, were he still with us. So, you’ll have to be scared in his stead [emphasis added; otherwise, emphasis theirs]:


We hates them taxes, too!!

2/23/2013 Will Be A Day of Resistance

Right Wing News [no link provided, intentionally]
Written By : John Hawkins
January 23, 2013

“The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to.” — Thomas Jefferson

Yes, Barack Obama did beat Mitt Romney in 2012. But, he was reelected as President– not king. Unfortunately, no one seems to have told the Republicans in Congress that because they’re looking for any excuse they can find to roll over for him like whipped dogs. Meanwhile, many conservatives are moping around because they seem to have concluded that if Barack Obama could win in 2012, then it’s all over.

But, what if it’s not?

What if our problem wasn’t our principles, but our candidate, our get-out-the-vote operation, our refusal to do minority outreach and the same passive, wimpy, apprehensive attitude that the Republican Party seems poised to adopt today in the face ofan aggressive President who is determined to slam a liberal agenda down the throats of the American people?

Instead, what if the same grassroots conservatives who propelled the Republican Party to its best election cycle in 50 years back in 2010 are still there? In fact, what if there are more conservatives and even Democrats, who aren’t willing to give up their Second Amendment Rights just because Barack Obama has decided it’s fine to exploit the tragic deaths of children at Sandy Hook to further his liberal agenda?

While Barack Obama is calling for Americans to give up their freedom, their rights, and their guns, we’re calling for Americans to resist. We’re calling on Tea Partiers, moderate Republicans, Libertarians and even moderate Democrats to stand up one month from today, on the 23rd of February and say, “No more!” Right Wing News is joining Dustin StocktonWestern Representation PAC and The Tea in calling for rallies all across the nation next month on the 23rd. It’ll be a Day of Resistance where gun owners and patriots can peacefully gather and show Barack Obama, the media, and the knockkneed Republicans in Congress that we may have lost a battle last November, but we haven’t lost the war. Don’t meekly give up your 2nd Amendment rights when you can stand with us and RESIST!

PS: Over the next few weeks, look for rallies to be announced, big name conservatives to help spread this idea and Tea Partiers all across the country to step up to the challenge. If you need help getting a rally set up in your local area or would like some help getting speakers, reach out to ****

Uh, dudes?


Good ghod.


Sorry. This ain’t 1984, neither

The Shadow Masters see their opportunity to take over the Republican Party.  Americans for Limited Government = Howie Rich = CATO  = Koch. (As noted here on more than one or a dozen occasions.)  Tea Parties = Americans for Prosperity/Freedomworks (formerly Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation and Incorporated, respectively. The split occurred about 2002)  with AFP = Koch, while Freedomworks is alleged to be NOT Koch. But gee.

Take a moment to reflect on this typically cynical attempt to make political gain out of fear and paranoia, just as the Benghazi hearings were supposed to. All the while claiming that the Obama Administration (no, Clint Eastwood’s “Obama” figure, actually) is HERE TO DESTROY YOUR LIBERTY! TAKE YOUR GUNS! FORCE YOU TO GAY MARRY! MAKE YOU LISTEN TO RAP!

All INSANE. Got that? I-N-S-A-N-E.


An attempt to ban assault weapons and high-capacity clips is NOT ANYWHERE NEAR the same as coming to take your guns and your liberty.

Sorry, Charlie.  Starkist don’t want tunas with good adjectives. Starkist wants tunas who don’t require a rubber room.

Psycho Norman Bates

Bad tuna

But that’s NOT the problem.

Note how the attack on Right Wing News carefully suggests that ANY Republican who capitulates amn’t a good ‘Murrican kuh-pitch-yew-late-in on them Secund ‘Mendmunt Rats! Triangulation, I think Dick Morris called it, when he wasn’t trying to impress eavesdropping hookers.

But the problem with these lies is that too many angry, scared idiots with guns ammo and more armament and paranoia than any private citizen has had since the world began BELIEVE this swill.

SOMEBODY pays Bill Wilson a lot of cash to dish out this swill. Whether he believes it or not is a moot question.

Somebody pays John Hawkins ditto.

And as the Rightiesphere falls all over itself to repeat the false meme that THE GOVERNMENT IS GETTING READY TO TYRANNIZE YOU AND TAKE YER FREEEEEEEDUMB AWAY! this is the WORST possible lie to promulgate.

psycho scream

They’re coming for your guns! Not.

They actually BELIEVE this insane bullshit, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Hawkins. And you are tightening ten thousand fingers on ten thousand triggers.

For what?

The majority of Americans, the majority of NRA members believe in sensible gun restrictions. The FRINGE believes that this is a Commie/Socialist plot to destroy FREEDUM!

This whole mad rhetorical mess is driven by fringe beliefs and media screamers. But this time it isn’t “our children’s debt” 0r “government takeover of medicine.”

This time it’s about guns.

223 Caliber Semi-Automatic Rifles

These guns, not


these guns. Got it? Good.

And, I promise you, right now, TODAY, a thousand would-be John Browns have been convinced that if something isn’t done RIGHT NOW, all will be lost.

John Brown mural in Kansas state capitol

John Brown, giant mural in Kansas State Capitol

A hundred would-be John Browns are thinking of doing something bloody and ugly.

John brown 1859

John Brown 1859

Ten would-be John Browns are actively planning and preparing a “freedom” act of terrorism.

john brown 1899

John Brown as seen by 1899

And one would-be John Brown is going to do something about it.

coverage of the hanging as reported

Contemporary report  of John Brown’s hanging (click to enlarge)

THAT is our reality, as you dump gasoline on the bonfire, Mayberry Machiavellis. THAT is where your tried and true stunt of mischaracterization, character assassination, vicious hatred, derision and brutality crosses the line from THINKING about secession, nullification and rebellion into blood and fire.

I know: we are talking about fringe extremists.

But there’s a sad and funny thing about fringe extremists. The Bolsheviks started out as a fringe party. The Nazis started out as a fringe party. The Republicans started out as a fringe party.

And, if they don’t watch out, the Republicans may end up as a fringe party.

boss tweed by thomas nast

Which, as we bury the beloved and the dead, and put out the fires … and sink to our ankles in a bloody mire of civil war, won’t seem particularly important or worth thinking about. It won’t even help to dry our tears.

A nation divided against itself cannot stand, said Abraham Lincoln in 1858. And the four bloodiest years in American history proved the truth of that shortly thereafter. And yet we are again divided against ourselves. Again.

With an astonishing amount of guns and ammo.

Soft construction with boiled beans.

John Brown, actual

The actual John Brown


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  1. I’m with you…there is that ONE out there comtempating the unthinkable and that scares me to death.