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P… osting on Beyoncé

melting murdoch


Well, Rupert’s scrofulous media launched the attack from London (0n an AMERICAN inauguration? Where are the SuperPatriots screaming about foreign influences) and now it concludes the successful attempt at moving Obama’s Second Inaugural to the back pages while the professional Murdochian Kerflufflers attempt to keep the kerfuffle going.

 Beyonce has yet to apologize to Chuck Schumer for lip-syncing at inauguration
New York Post

Her phony warbling made Chuck Schumer look like a fool — but she hasn’t apologized to him for it.  —  The New York senator angrily admitted yesterday that the pop queen has not called him to say sorry …

Which, of course, is a bonus attack on the senior New York senator, and forces Schumer to make a statement that he doesn’t understand why Beyoncé is supposed to ap0logize to him. Continue reading

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