Kerry Confirmed, Brown Stuff heads for Rotating Blades

kerry for prez

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On a big picture level, this seems a good and honorable choice:

Senate approves Kerry for State, setting in motion special election process
Julian Pecquet / Ballot Box (a The Hill blog)

The Senate approved Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) to be the next secretary of State on Tuesday, opening up the seat for Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) to appoint an interim senator on Wednesday.
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) to be the next secretary of State earlier on Tuesday, setting up a vote on the Senate floor later in the day. Kerry’s nomination later passed the Senate with overwhelming support.

Kerry, the former chairman of the committee, received a voice vote from his colleagues. His nomination had been expected to sail through after Republicans urged President Obama to nominate him instead of Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, after her role in the administration’s reaction to the Benghazi attacks last year….

And so the great Electoral manipulation, as Massachusetts candidates jockey for position in an odd year in which Elizabeth Warren suddenly finds herself the Senior Senator from Massachusetts.

Whether the Susan Rice kerfuffle managed to create this situation, or Kerry would have been the eventual selection without the Faux Snooze Attacks is a matter now left for science fiction writers — although, sadly, “serious” pundits will soberly intone their “reality” of what WOULD have happened.

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The reality is that we’re now faced with yet another Senate seat which may well be determined as much by outside forces as by Massachusetts residents.

This is the shame and the encroaching horror of our current electoral status. Please remember that this blog began as my attempt to publicly raise the question (by my running for office) of “If a candidate gets more than 90% of his funding from outside the district, will that candidate actually represent the district or will he represent his outside sugar daddies?”


© Hart Williams 2004

Since 2004, the situation has grown only worse, and now threatens the entire conception of representative democracy.

But I guess that doesn’t really matter to Americans anymore.


© Hart Williams 2004

They, who have irrationally truncated “No Taxation without Representation!” to “No Taxation!” clearly don’t seem to give a good goddam about “Representation.”

To the detriment of their posterity.

Congratulations to Secretary of State John Kerry.


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2 responses to “Kerry Confirmed, Brown Stuff heads for Rotating Blades

  1. Too bad Barney can’t fill the vacancy…

    • I think it was a stupid and selfish appointment: put your pal in the Senate, which is normal, of course. But Barney could have hit the ground running, instead of a sort of zombie vote. No matter: what counts will be the special election in April. A sure Koch money magnet.