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WSJ: We must patriotically close the breeding gap


See last year …

If the Wall Street Journal emerges from its hole and sees its shadow, does that mean six more weeks of winter? Give up? It’s a trick question, of course. If the WSJ editorial page staff were to appear in daylight, their skins would burn. Hell, if you can see your reflection in a mirror, you are disqualified from employment there. And, they do have an Undead Exchange Program:

Americans aren’t humping without protection enough. This, says book-pimping Weekly Standardud employee Jonathan Last is real bad:

America’s Baby Bust
Jonathan V. Last / Wall Street Journal

The nation’s falling fertility rate is the root cause of many of our problems.  And it’s only getting worse. [...] Forget the debt ceiling. Forget the fiscal cliff, the sequestration cliff and the entitlement cliff. Those are all just symptoms. What America really faces is a demographic cliff: The root cause of most of our problems is our declining fertility rate….

You unsuccessful humpers, you. But it gets weirder … Continue reading


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