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The Bonfire of the Hannitys


The Rightie PantieTwistoSphere­™ is a-twitter with the latest shooting. Because, when shootings don’t fit their political agenda, they blame violent video games and crazy people. BUT …

Southern Poverty Law Center website triggered FRC shooting
Paul Bedard / Washington Examiner

The Family Research Council shooter, who pleaded guilty today to a terrorism charge, picked his target off a “hate map” on the website of the ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center which is upset with the conservative group’s opposition to gay rights.

Floyd Lee Corkins II pleaded guilty to three charges including a charge of committing an act of terrorism related to the August 15, 2012 injuring of FRC’s guard. He told the FBI that he wanted to kill anti-gay targets and went to the law center’s website for ideas …

First, I HATE pleaded. Occam’s Razor still indicates “pled” as in “fled” and not “pleaded” as in “fleeded.” It is difficult to pronounce, sounds clunky and is a chancre on the soft white underbelly of modern journalistic practice. However, I hear it all the time, certainly more often than “statist,” but less often than “nanny state.”  Continue reading


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