Skeeter Season


Listen to the skeeters buzz:

Panetta: Obama Absent Night of Benghazi
Daniel Halper / Weekly Standard

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified this morning on Capitol Hill that President Barack Obama was absent the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012:  —  Panetta said, though he did meet with Obama …

And so forth. Benghazi is going to be the new Whitewater, the new Birther controversy, the new Monica Lewinsky: an excuse to keep the country paralyzed, while the GOPs try to run out the clock on governance. As they did for Clinton’s entire two terms and Obama’s entire first term. The “skeptics” with the invisible Friend who wrote the Magic Book — neither of which would stand up to a moment of the skepticism they projectile vomit about proportional fonts, spacing, artifacts, photoshopped photos, faked documents, climate science, modern biology, Hawaiian birth laws, etcetera.

Doesn’t matter whether it matters. Only matters that whores like Howard Kurtz can walk it over into the legitimate media and get everybody to play “me too” on the fake controversy. This is as old as dirt with this crowd, and almost as tasty.

Skeeters are out. Perhaps you saw them, freaking out over the Obama “skeet shooting”comment, and then screaming that he couldn’t possibly shoot skeet. Then, a White House photo was posted, and they screamed that it wasn’t definitive. Obama was wearing sunglasses. His face wasn’t properly deformed. The smoke coming out was wrong. The gun’s angle was too low for a clay pigeon to be the target.

obama shooting skeet - WH photo

And, from the scrofulous “Inside Edition” — who, when they don’t have celebrity dirt to dish, blue noses to wrinkle over salacious stories, or freaks to pimp, before their obligatory YouTube ripoff signoff, have been known to resort to stories about celebrities’ panties showing, or falling down — a discussion with an “expert” gun store owner, who is able to divine that Obama is a “beginner” because one microsecond of his stance reveals his poor shooting form, etc. etc.


Inside Edition ran a story about Brent Musberger’s creepy drooling all over 
beauty queen Katherine Webb in the stands during the National Championship
game, so Inside Edition hired her as a “special correspondent” for the
Super Bowl, 
then didn’t bother using her, except as a player magnet for
“media day.” The day 
after the Super Bowl, their “correspondent” didn’t
file a story and vanished. Those paragons of “journalism” and all.

Skeeters. We’ve seen them before as the 101st Chairborne, attacking Scott Thomas Beauchamp for his reports on Iraq, even though they’d never been there, opining about how it was impossible to run down a dog with an armored personnel carrier, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and how global warming is a myth, and how evolution is a myth, and Obama was born in Kenya to Communist Muslims who inserted fake birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers, and so on and so forth.

Lead Birther-in-Chief is Joe Farah of WorldNetDaily, who neatly segued from Vince Foster anti-Clinton conspiracy theories to birther marketing, publishing Jerome Corsi, setting up the Joe Arpaio “investigation posse” announcement, etc, along with his former Vince Foster corpse-humper, Christopher Ruddy, who now runs NewsMax. See the Columbia Journalism Review article here.

release of his book See, I Told You So, with collaborator Joseph Farah

Rush Limbaugh celebrates the release of his book
See, I Told You So, with ‘collaborator’
Joseph Farah, @ far right, appropriately

Skeeters, as we all know, are tiny blood-sucking pests. Annoying by themselves, they are a threat to the public health because of the diseases they carry. And “skeeters” is, finally, the perfect name for the two-legged kind.

Teabaggers was funny, until the teabaggers realized what it meant, and retroactively became offended by the use of their self-chosen appellation. (Now, I think they are known as Teabaggies, or, perhaps Teabekkers.)

Because this is, invariably how they create phony controversy, going back, to Clinton’s so-called “Whitewater” scandal, except that, almost eight years to the day after they started it, and with Clinton out the presidential door, the multi-million dollar investigation revealed that there was no “there” there.


One of those skeeters was Bill Kristol, who runs the Weekly Standard, a newsmagazine whose “credibility” vanished long ago, and yet is assumed by their small readership. It was a Bill Kristol employee, you will recall, who was tasked with attacking New Republic magazine* using many of the same bloggers who have signed on for this latest “Benghazi” skeeter swarm.

[* See 2008's "The Scum Also Rises" for a more detailed investigation.]

And now the skeeters  continue to buzz the corpses of Benghazi. But the corpses need not worry.

Skeeters don’t attack the dead. Just the living.



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2 responses to “Skeeter Season

  1. So amazing – 5 months ago, they couldn’t find Benghazi on a map; now it’s the new Watergate. 4 people dead vs. say +4K American soldiers in Iraq, the result of TRULY faulty intel on WMDs. But no, THAT gets a pass…

    • Well, it’s kind of like that “evolution” theory, or the climate change “hoax”: if THEY are skeptical, nothing can be proven, all fonts are in question, all motives are suspicious and the slightest imperfection causes derisive laughter, howling, gibbering etc.

      But if that SAME skepticism is applied to their own “invisible friends” and bizarro-world belief systems, HEY! WHY ARE YOU BEING SO SKEPTICAL? You know, like “yellowcake” from Niger, “centrifuge” tubes, “nerve gas,” the “apocalypse” (several times last year) etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. You can ONLY be a patriot (and a Christian) if you’re a GOP (evidently).

      I blame an educational system that won’t teach logic, because it’s too “controversial.” Others might suggest that their “invisible friends” are not the invisible friends they THINK they are.

      The scent of sulfur invariably drifts delicately downwind from their ravings.