Maher’s Ace Trumps the Orangutan’s Deuce

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Last night’s Real Time was priceless:

Bill Maher Blasts Donald Trump for Suit Over Orangutan Joke
Heather / Crooks and Liars

Anyone who is a regular reader of this site is probably already familiar with Donald Trump’s threat to sue Bill Maher over his joke where he asked flame thrower and birther for proof that he was not the result of his mother having sex with an orangutan…

Aside from the pointed commentary* a serious point begins to emerge.

[*Maher then showed a copy of the letter sent to him by Trump's lawyer, which actually said:

Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump's birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan.

Maher responded:

MAHER: Do these morons even know it's impossible for people and apes to produce offspring?]


Alleged Trump birth certificate
but not the one sent to Maher

Trump’s lawyer is an idiot and I look forward to that moment in discovery when the lawyer is asked whether he advised Trump on the merits of the case. If he says that he advised Trump that the lawsuit didn’t have any merit, Trump looks like an idiot and Maher countersues for malicious prosecution.

If said lawyer says he DIDN’T advise Trump that the suit had no merit, HE looks like an idiot and becomes a laughingstock in the legal community.

Devil Disguised as Monk

Trump’s lawyer?

I would say it was malfeasance, misfeasance or malpractice, but no lawyer is ever sanctioned for these.

Professional courtesy, you know.

But the serious point is this: Disloyal opposition.

I want to expand on this in future posts, but consider the difference between “loyal opposition” and what we’ve got.


The new/old GOP

It is the duty of the loyal opposition to disagree, to contest and to contend. But it is NOT the place of said opposition to spy, to sneak, to undermine the government, to attempt to deny the fundamental humanity of a president who garnered 65,899,660 votes in 2012 and 69,498,516 in 2008.

And it is OUR votes that are being dishonored by this crap. The ultimate arbiter in a democracy is the vote of the people, and they have spoken, unmistakably.

But this isn’t acceptable to the turds like Trump.

The attempt to delegitimize those votes by “birtherism” and by voter suppression, gerrymandering et al, etcetera is NOT loyal opposition.


It is fundamental treason. Sorry if that word offends, but any agent IN a representative democracy attempting to destroy the fundamental basis OF that form of government is not a “loyal opposition” but a disease agent. Such an agent is a toxin, a plague, a pox, a traitor, a turncoat and a revolutionary in the most pejorative sense.

And THAT is the manner in which Donald Trump and the entire party of feces-throwing chimps he belongs to behave.

Not as a loyal opposition — whose very existence is necessary in our adversarial-by-design system — but, rather, as a disloyal gang of vandals.


Donald Trump is human filth, of course. A completely self-absorbed, untalented hack who will do anything to garner attention.

And this is merely the latest in a long line of personal debacles, shameful incidents and brain-dead business decisions.

But the disloyal opposition digs it, evidently.


Still, Bill Maher owes us an apology.

Or, at least, he owes the entire species of orangutans an apology for comparing them to Donald Trump.


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4 responses to “Maher’s Ace Trumps the Orangutan’s Deuce

  1. Mutaman

    1. Lawyers don’t testify in depositions.

    2. Whatever Trump’s lawyer advised Trump is privileged and cannot be revealed by the lawyer.

    • I’m perfectly well aware of that, sir. But “reality” has, thus far, never been a part of this discussion, so why should it hamper us now?

      Try being less of a literalist.

  2. Wild Bill

    The Donald will do anything for attention, as he’s proven many times, but I think this is a new low for him. And yes, Bill Maher does owe the honorable clan of Orangutan’s an apology for his comparison of them, when it’s so obvious that the Donald more closely resembles a maggot living under an old clump of hair.