Marco Rubio goes on warpath against Women, ‘Indians’


A Marco Rubio ‘Indian’


Statement on my Vote Against the Violence Against Women Act

Fighting for Florida*
Feb 12 2013

Statement on my Vote Against the Violence Against Women Act
I believe we should have re-authorized the existing Violence Against Women Act that has helped reduce the annual incidence of domestic violence by more than 50 percent, among other successes. I also continue supporting the work being done at the federal, state and local levels to combat domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. I specifically support such ideas as …

[* this is the title of Rubio's official paid-for-by-taxpayers Senate blog, evidently. Used to be, that stuff was reserved for campaign pages.]

Blah blah blah.

Frankly, were I to give an important political speech, I wouldn’t preface it by pissing off minorities Rubio DOESN’T seem to give a crap about, like, er WOMEN and gays and Native Americans. What? Yeah. Native Americans, or probably in Rubio’s argot, “injuns.” Whoops! Sorry: “Indians.” Unquote.

It concludes with this nasty little dig at our Native Americans, you know, you can’t trust ‘em with their own laws or police or anything (and, insultingly, as an afterthought):

These funding decisions should be left up to the state-based coalitions that understand local needs best, but instead this new legislation would put those decisions into the hands of distant Washington bureaucrats in the Department of Justice. Additionally, I have concerns regarding the conferring of criminal jurisdiction to some Indian tribal governments over all persons in Indian country, including non-Indians.

–30 –

Hey! FUCK you, Rubio. You voted against the expanded Violence Against Women Act partially because it might give Tribal Police the power to arrest non-Indian rapists?


Humorous exaggeration … or is it?

There’s the usual I was for the bill before I was against it BS and the “fiscally responsible” argument that money is more important than human safety.

You know,  uh, make sure you take a politically unpopular vote and THEN release a statement rubbing noses in it. Now: go and introduce yourself to America, Marco. Fox will have a wet dream onscreen, so don’t you fret your pretty little token head about it. You’re on TIME’s cover!


Gosh-darned “Indians” anyway.

Only an idiot takes a vote like that and then releases a press release like that hours before the most important political speech of one’s life. Masterful display of the art of politesse, pal.

Else he is Buzz Windrip.


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