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Our Idiot Media, Again …

AndrewBreitbartpostmortemHope you’re enjoying Hell, Andy

[WARNING: Bad words ahead. If they make you cry, stop reading now.]

I’m not saying it’s a slow news day, but Memeorandum is dominated by the kind of mindless navel-gazing that slow news days and new polls inevitably produce. (Kind of like speculating on the 2016 election: it’s not news or meaningful, but it keeps them from having to do their FUCKING jobs!)

Which is a perfect entrée into the Press Corpse and the rotting of the Fourth Estate. Because, lost in yesterday’s news dump was an inadvertent confession of the sleazy, incestuous manner in which modern media works (any resemblance to the Junior High School Girls’ Bathroom is purely coincidental). Let’s begin with the weasels of Breitbart who started the now-refuted rumor of Chuck Hagel speaking to or taking money from “Friends of Hamas” [emphasis added]: Continue reading


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