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[WARNING: Bad words ahead. If they make you cry, stop reading now.]

I’m not saying it’s a slow news day, but Memeorandum is dominated by the kind of mindless navel-gazing that slow news days and new polls inevitably produce. (Kind of like speculating on the 2016 election: it’s not news or meaningful, but it keeps them from having to do their FUCKING jobs!)

Which is a perfect entrée into the Press Corpse and the rotting of the Fourth Estate. Because, lost in yesterday’s news dump was an inadvertent confession of the sleazy, incestuous manner in which modern media works (any resemblance to the Junior High School Girls’ Bathroom is purely coincidental). Let’s begin with the weasels of Breitbart who started the now-refuted rumor of Chuck Hagel speaking to or taking money from “Friends of Hamas” [emphasis added]:

NY Daily News Hack Posits He’s Source of ‘Friends of Hamas,’ Lies by Omission
by Ben Shapiro 20 Feb 2013
Big Journalism (Breitbart dot com)

Dan Friedman of the New York Daily News wrote a piece today suggesting that he was the inadvertent source of Breitbart News’ story on “Friends of Hamas” in early February. There’s only one problem. That’s false, and Friedman knew it was false when he printed the story. Welcome to the Obama media, where protecting Chuck Hagel and attacking any media who question Hagel is par for the course.

On February 7, 2013, Breitbart News reported:

Senate sources told Breitbart News exclusively that they have been informed that one of the reasons that President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has not turned over requested documents on his sources of foreign funding is that one of the names listed is a group purportedly called “Friends of Hamas.”

Since the original “Friends of Hamas” story was written, the media has downplayed or ignored the myriad of borderline anti-Semitic Hagel comments regarding Iran and the State of Israel, as well as the “Jewish lobby.” They have deliberately obstructed news coverage of Hagel’s well-documented supported base among friends of Hamas. Instead of asking Hagel to release the requested documents, the media has attacked Breitbart News

Because you’re lying weasels devoted to destoying lives and careers and don’t care what wild ass rumors you print as “news.” That’s why, Breitbart.

You see, without getting into the meat of it, we ALREADY know that Breitbart’s Breitbats is bugfuck crazy.

The burden of proof (if I make a wild accusation, EVERYBODY else is required to verify it) is unprofessional and unjustifiable. Breitbart (and their butt-buddy blog, Foster Friess’ The Daily Caller) specializes in the art of personal destruction and benefit purely from the almost impossibly high bar on libel and slander for “public figures,” who have virtually no defense against anything Breitbart wants to make up, unless they can PROVE that the viciousness was knowingly false and intentionally malicious.

breitbart imitates great german orators8m

Before he was worm food:
Breitbart imitates great German orators

And when you’re dealing with morons like the Barking Breitbats, how could any jury determine that any of them actually knew ANYTHING, ever? (Except, perhaps, for having their mommies type up their crayon-on-Big-Chief-tablet original scribblings.)

Having posted pure shit, hack character assassin Ben “Duh” Shapiro responds in that most professional of manners, claiming that it’s all a LIE! That their big outing of a group THAT DOES NOT EXIST (“Friends of Hamas”) is LEGITIMATE CHARACTER ASSASSINATION and how come the media is questioning the hacks, rather than pursuing the Breitbats’ agenda of destroying Chuck Hagel with accusations of Antisemitism (surely the ugliest of slurs, but not worthy of a blink in the schoolyard bully rhetorical universe of the Right Wing Echo Machine) . Oh, and anybody who disagrees is a LIAR!!!

breitbart imitates great german oratorsb1a

Deadbart: Where are we going?
Audience: The Tenth Planet!

Real adult shit there, not-so-breit-bat-boy. And the remainder of the article raves about how many pinheads can dance on the head of an angel, concluding with the ultimate whine of the corrupt liar:

The story Breitbart News ran originally was accurate and clearly caveated.

Now, hopefully, you’d like to know what ACTUALLY happened.

‘Friends of Hamas': My role in the birth of a rumor
A Daily News reporter explains how he inadvertently created the myth that Chuck
Hagel spoke to a non-existent group.

Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 7:46 PM
Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2013, 4:00 AM

WASHINGTON — The revelation could have doomed President Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel to be secretary of defense: He gave a paid speech to a group called “Friends of Hamas.”

Fortunately for Hagel, this claim, which galloped across the Internet, was bogus. I know, because I was the unwitting source.

In the process, I became part of an inadvertent demonstration of how quickly partisan agendas and the Internet can transform an obvious joke into a Washington talking point used by senators and presidential wannabes.

Here’s what happened: When rumors swirled that Hagel received speaking fees from controversial organizations, I attempted to check them out.

On Feb. 6, I called a Republican aide on Capitol Hill with a question: Did Hagel’s Senate critics know of controversial groups that he had addressed?

Hagel was in hot water for alleged hostility to Israel. So, I asked my source, had Hagel given a speech to, say, the “Junior League of Hezbollah, in France”? And: What about “Friends of Hamas”?

The names were so over-the-top, so linked to terrorism in the Middle East, that it was clear I was talking hypothetically and hyperbolically. No one could take seriously the idea that organizations with those names existed — let alone that a former senator would speak to them….

This, of course, goes exactly against the grain, and thus doth the Breitbat bawl and bray. How DARE negative media scrutiny fall on HIM, when he spends all his time trying to focus it on others?

breitbart imitates great german orators8o

Deadbart: When are we going?
Audience: REAL SOON!

Talking Points Memo takes up the tale:

NY Daily News Reporter: It Seems I Created ‘Friends Of Hamas’ Hagel Rumor
David Taintor 8:56 AM EST
Wednesday February 20, 2013

… Friedman thought the names of those groups were so ridiculous that they would never be thought of as actual organizations. But on Feb. 7, Breitbart News published this report: “Secret Hagel Donor?: White House Spox Ducks Question On ‘Friends Of Hamas.'” From there, the story spread on the right.

One problem: as Dave Weigel at Slate wrote, “Friends of Hamas” almost certainly does not exist. Still, Ben Shapiro, Breitbart News editor-at-large, stood by his story,” telling Friedman that his piece uses “very, very specific language.”

“The story as reported is correct,” Shapiro told Friedman. “Whether the information I was given by the source is correct I am not sure.”

Seriously? You fucking report anonymous gossip from some slime senator’s staffer and stand by your story because you reported the unverified, uncredible (and incredible)  slur against the former Senator from Nebraska, Chuck Hagel, decorated war veteran and REPUBLICAN, and then have the pathetic gall to claim you spelled it correctly, and, therefore “stand by it”?

Hey, next time you stand by something, moron, make sure it’s a turboprop blade that’s about to start up. The grass where your brains splatter will thank you.

breitbart imitates great german orators8v

Something about the Sudentenland

But the not-very Breitbat has TALKED TO HIS SOURCE and claims the source says it (the source) wasn’t what the Daily News reporter says it came from.

Right. Seriously?

You print an anonymously sourced lie. You claim to stand by your lie because you spelled it correctly. (And maybe even your mom punctuated it properly, as well!)

Then, your moron on Capitol Hill, knowing he’s been outed “SAYS” that it’s not true.

That’s credible. (When pigs fly.)

And the notion that you are even telling the truth here (anonymous confirmation by an anonymous source is “confirmation”?) is sheerest buoosqhash.

Get a grip, Breitboy. When called a liar on an anonymous source, confirming the lie with the anonymous source is only credible to the brain-damaged and syphilitic.

breitbart imitates great german orators8g

Wait! Uh … syphilitic?

Probably why your Breitbat editors ran it, right? (Or their mommies.)

Big Chief Tablet

The Breitbart version of a laptop.

There IS no story to stand by, and there is nothing about requoting an anonymous gossip that confirms the nonsense of the nonstory.

Got that?

A liar lies that a liar who lied is being lied about.

Says the liar who typed this swill up in the first place.

Think anybody outside of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report has the cojones to speak the truth of that? And therein lies the corruption of our idiot media.

All right: I’ve been very snarky and unprofessional, but ask yourself this: it is any MORE unprofessional to merely print this bullshit at the end of the TPM story, as IF it were credible or newsworthy (rather than because it makes you look “fair”)?

Update: Shapiro has responded to Friedman’s column, claiming he is not the source of the Breitbart story.

Which takes us back to the original link that began this trip down the crack-addicted-rabbit hole.

You see, it’s the old “water filtration system” on Midway Island dodge: in World War II, the US thought they’d cracked the Japanese code. And they knew that the Japanese fleet was going to attack a specific target “AF” but there was no way of knowing what it was. By doing some guesswork, they figured it was, high probability, Midway. But they needed to know for sure.


So, the US had the Midway command transmit uncoded that the “water treatment plant” was messed up. The Japanese then transmitted, in code, that the water treatment plant on AF was screwed, and, therefore, AF was, demonstrably, Midway. The rest, as they say, is history.

Inadvertently, the Daily News reporter passed on a false message (others included the “Junior League of Hezbollah, in France”) and we got to watch as the Breitbart Imperial Kommand showed us just how their “journalism” works: some stooge in Washington passes on an ugly rumor, which they then print, claiming to stand by their anonymous gossip because it’s verbatim what they were told.

This would be laughable if it hadn’t been intended to screw up national defense, harm the president, make it impossible for the new Defense Secretary to attend the Nato summit, etc. etc. etc. As it stands, it is the action of a FIFTH column, meant to bring down the America that they don’t like, i.e. America as it stands, which is, when you think about it for a moment, sedition with treasonous intent.

But we have a First Amendment, which suggests that the cure for bad speech is good speech, and did the mainstream or “legitimate” media outlets give a damn, they would come down on these seditious thugs with jackboots a-blazing. (Rather than saddles.)

breitbart imitates great german orators7e

No: we must be polite and professional in the face of Ben Shapiro’s vicious, unprofessional and incompetent character assassination. We can’t call him a pathetic excuse for a reporter and a consummate insult to the notion of a free press and a free people, we can’t call him the dingleberry that hangs from the Devil’s asshole (the same one his dead boss now felches in Eternity); we can’t call him the human scum that he so demonstrably is.

So I won’t.

ben shapiro

Here’s the “professional” reporter: Shapiro on CNN’s Piers Morgan,
or: really bad journalism meets really bad journalist

Think about what this whole sordid episode really says about the world of Washington journalism.

The first casualty (long ago) was the truth.

Secrets and secrets and now BOTH reporters have put their little snitch in an impossible situation and can’t out the fucker who mindlessly took a joke literally and breathlessly gave it to Breitbart in hopes of destroying the nomination and the REPUTATION of a former United States Senator from Nebraska. That’s just SOOO admirable. And professional.

(When you think about what they did to Bob Kerrey four years ago, a Democrat from Nebraska, if you were a Nebraskan, you’d have to wonder what the Republican Party has against the reliably red Cornhusker state.)

breitbart imitates great german orators8f

Who is screwing up American media? Me?

And Shapiro tosses around “Antisemitism” slurs, while the New York Daily News protects* the disseminator of the fake “Friends of Hamas” tale, and Talking Points Memo tells the tale and mindlessly adds that Shapiro has denied it, without comment or criticism.

[* So they can get more snitch mileage out of the swine for future stories. Ah Fourth Estate, how well you protect the "People's Right to Know"!]

And WHO is so fucking stupid that they don’t know what dead Breitbart’s minions DO?!?? (Personal destruction by any and all means. Unapologetically.)

WHO in all of this comes away with clean hands? Who does NOT look like an unprofessional, never-Ask-the-Next-Question lout masquerading as a writer?

breitbart imitates great german orators8z1

Me, I guess. Here’s some doggerel for the dirge:

Tinkle tinkle
mean Breitbat
how we wonder
where you’re at

up above the fray so high
a poisoned pen drone in the sky

Tinkle tinkle
Breitbat creep
your conscience wonders
how you sleep

Or,  Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur*

[* a Latin phrase, means "The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived."]

And Breitbart and the idiots who waste their time reading it?And the press who responds? And the bloggy slanderers who latch onto any “news” not because it is meaningful or even true, but because it advances their partisan agenda, and presses their vicious regime of rhetorical bullying. After all, the media all reported on the so-called “Hamas” question. Soberly. Somberly. Seemingly “professionally.” But it is not professional. Nor is it journalism.

breitbart imitates great german orators8zc2

As close as Breitbart dot com, the dying curse
of dead, angry Breitbart, ever comes to the facts…
or the largest penis in the organization. Take your pick.

It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

And, uh, oh yeah: fuck Breitbart. And anybody stupid enough to listen to them.


UPDATE 2-22: The Raw Story has a nice parallel piece.

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