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Foster’s Money Buys Face Time with Hookers

Meet the  Dominionist “Christian” who’s funding this: Foster Friess

The Daily Caller strikes again. While their buddies and fellow travelers at Breitbart attempt to destroy Chuck Hagel with ginned up stories, Tucker Carlson’s little Foster “Jesus is my CEO” Friess financed virtual dirt machine has managed to find a hooker who says (anonymously) that she has had sex with Bob Menendez (Democratic Senator from New Jersey) and LOTS of Washington DC politicians, many of whom are now dead. (I kid you not.) Then the supposedly long-prostrate prostitute deigns to MORALIZE about it all:

Referring to allegations that Menendez had sex with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic who were as young as 16, she said it was “uncomfortable to think that a hobbyist [sic] would take that road that he took, knowing he could have all the sex he wants” with women over the age of 18….

Since it’s obvious, from context, that the Daily Caller assholes ASKED A WHORE FOR HER MORAL ASSAY ON A SITTING UNITED STATES SENATOR (to further Tucker Carlson and former Cheney aide and Friess and Cheney’s neighbor in Millionaire Acres in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Neal Patel’s agenda of personal destruction of political enemies) I will give you a moment to burst into gales of laughter at the sheer Holy Joe hypocrisy of this gutter ‘journalism.’

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