Foster’s Money Buys Face Time with Hookers

Meet the  Dominionist “Christian” who’s funding this: Foster Friess

The Daily Caller strikes again. While their buddies and fellow travelers at Breitbart attempt to destroy Chuck Hagel with ginned up stories, Tucker Carlson’s little Foster “Jesus is my CEO” Friess financed virtual dirt machine has managed to find a hooker who says (anonymously) that she has had sex with Bob Menendez (Democratic Senator from New Jersey) and LOTS of Washington DC politicians, many of whom are now dead. (I kid you not.) Then the supposedly long-prostrate prostitute deigns to MORALIZE about it all:

Referring to allegations that Menendez had sex with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic who were as young as 16, she said it was “uncomfortable to think that a hobbyist [sic] would take that road that he took, knowing he could have all the sex he wants” with women over the age of 18….

Since it’s obvious, from context, that the Daily Caller assholes ASKED A WHORE FOR HER MORAL ASSAY ON A SITTING UNITED STATES SENATOR (to further Tucker Carlson and former Cheney aide and Friess and Cheney’s neighbor in Millionaire Acres in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Neal Patel’s agenda of personal destruction of political enemies) I will give you a moment to burst into gales of laughter at the sheer Holy Joe hypocrisy of this gutter ‘journalism.’

There. Better?


Here’s the Screaming Yellow Journalism headline behind the latest “exposé” by these “professional” journalists who have a blog backed by Sugar Daddy Foster Friess, when he’s not out pounding his chest about what a moral bastard he is and knows how to run your life, even though he made his cash as a high-stakes bookie in the hedge-fund game and never actually made anything, save for pretending that he’s a “Cowboy” with a “campfire” blog consisting of two East Coast gutterGOP journalists working full time to crank out his homespun Western Wisdom.

happy hooker goes to hollywood


Long-time escort confirms Senator Bob Menendez paid her for sex
The Daily Caller

 A professional escort who travels the East Coast seeing clients in cities from Miami to Boston has identified a photo of Senator  as a man who paid her for sex. The woman, in her late 30s, told The Daily Caller prior to seeing Menendez’s photo that she had been paid to provide sexual favors to several U.S. senators, including a New Jersey Democrat and other politicians who are no longer living….

Try taking that one to the FBI. Anonymous hookers (excuse the expression) fingering senators for a rabidly anti-the-senator tabloid is not now and has never been a credible ANYthing exCEPT a political attack, BECAUSE no party in the story comes to it with clean hands. And, prima facie, the first question has to be:  are those hands washing one another? Or,  doesn’t everybody in this story have something to gain by it, and did the Daily Caller pay the hooker for her time?

And doesn’t a right wing blog paying a hooker to identify a sitting US senator as a former client stink to the highest heights of heaven?



That’s just too creepy a road to keep going down, isn’t it? This woman has been, by her own admission plying her trade up and down the Atlantic Seaboard for years, just like a cruise ship, and in all those encounters … well she’s got a lot of good stories about dead politicians.*

(* Just cross her palm with a coin and she’ll have had sex with JFK. NO?!?? I mean, to be a good escort who lasts a long time, don’t you have to be pretty good at lying convincingly. You know, like “Oh, Tucker! It’s SOOOOO big.” I mean they know you’re lying but you have to be good enough at saying it that they don’t care who you say it to, night in and night out in your eternal Tour of Escorting up and down the Eastern  coastline. )

jesus hammock

I mean the “no longer living” should have rales of hysterical laughter bouncing around the room if Joanna Pussyseed’s description didn’t get you there, already: “A professional escort who travels the East Coast seeing clients in cities from Miami to Boston has identified a photo …” Right. A “professional” escort when it pleases them, a “hooker” when needs be, the Daily Caller has a most unwholesome and desperate fixation on catching Senator Menendez with his pants down, literally. Except, the ham-handedness and low morals of the gutter crowd that currently passes for “journalists” in an age where stalking, bribing and spying by National Enquirer gets a Pulitzer nomination for doing the kind of low peepery that’s the National Enquirer has ALWAYS done, well, the Daily Caller HAS to hope that the real sleazemeisters will get involved, since the amateurish tabloidism of the Daily Caller (which is, I guess, the much more frequent visitation of what genteel ladies used to refer to as the “Monthly Caller,” in an age not dominated, from the evidence, by Beelzebub) is hilarious in its sheer idiocy.

beelzebub, lord of the flies

Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, patron saint of the Daily Caller

This INCREDIBLY CREDIBLE anonymous witness, who is, by admitting a long career of prostitution, PRIMA FASCIE a career criminal, not only tells the Daily Caller’s crack journalists EXACTLY what they want to hear, but tosses in the other stuff about Washington Lobbyists and dead politicians, which had to be EXACTLY what Tucker wants to hear.

daily caller screencap

Here’s some of the Daily Caller’s OTHER Christian, moral content

My point is this: Tucker (and by moral responsibility Foster Friess, who continues to double down on his initial investment, claiming he doesn’t interfere 0r dictate editorial content a/k/a/ “plausibile deniability”) is a hack. A pathetic loser who got bounced out of every network he worked for; an arrogant boob happy to suckle at the teat of Daddy Moneybags, and clearly carrying out Foster’s intent with an unending campaign of personal vilification and Breitbartian attempts at political and personal destruction. Don’t believe me? Tucker Bowtie and Andy blowhard Breitbart (before he, anti-tragically, died) scooped up (by subterfuge, because “honesty” seems a commodity with which both organizations/blogs seem uncomfortable)  a Public Radio Station pledge drive to purchase a “dinner with Bill Ayers” so they could come up with any dirt on Obama and the old “palling around with terrorists” cavil from the Wassilliest. (Or is that Wasillyess?)

See June 5, 2012’s “The Wrong Dog and Pony Show,” for complete details. including a radio interview WITH Bill Ayers ABOUT that dinner.

Foster Friess LITERALLY backing Rick Santorum in Iowa last year

Now, look at the “bio” of the writers of this Moralizing Madam Fingers the Fed Tale of Sex and Scandal and Sex. Quote [emphasis added]:

Conchita Sarnoff and David Martosko — Conchita Sarnoff is an American writer publishing her first book on child sex trafficking in America in the fall of 2013. David Martosko is The Daily Caller’s executive editor.

Catch that careful phrasing? “American writer” means she has no credits to speak of. “publishing her first book” means that she’s probably doing it herself on Lulu. “Child sex trafficking” sounds really bad, but it’s probably just another carney trick from a website entirely devoted to manufacturing scandals by whatever means.

This is all of a piece with the Goldfarb piece, or my exposé on Foster Friess, two years before the mainstream press ever heard of him, of the Breitbart engine of destruction and the Daily Caller’s eternal wannabe status trying to emulate dead bully Breitbart.

breitbart imitates great german orators0

Former bully and political assassin Andrew Breitbart

Now, the sex worker may well be a wonderful person, and I mean no reproach, but in matters of law, or sex scandals or identifying past johns, I will cede as much credibility to the fake-named “source” (since saying “anonymous hooker we found” would be embarrassing to this crack investigative team of sleaze merchants) as I will cede to Newt Gingrich as an expert on monogamy, marital fidelity and moral superiority.

But watch to see if they can keep this scandal alive. If past behavior is any indication, it will begin with Howie Kurtz using his CNN or Daily Beast pulpit to claim that it’s just AWFUL that the mainstream media isn’t picking up on this incredibly well-investigated journalistical piece of work that Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin are talking about on his incredibly credible and impartial teevee show on Faux Nooz!

Howie’s done it before. Or it might be the old-boy circle jerk of Dylan Byers at Politico and his old boss, Ben Smith — now using his tabloid and Politico tricks (if that’s not redundant) to hype BuzzFeed into a “credible” source. Or Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post or David Brooks or Ross Douthat at the New York Times.


Howie Kurtz

But no one will ever ask the obvious question, and Tucker’s slime and sleaze will pass without comment as the brain-dead and scavenger press go full boor (sic) after Menendez because they smell blood (or used panties) in the water.

Oh, and Tucker’s Gang of Scurvies KNOWS that mere hookers ain’t enough, so they’re sticking with the last iteration of this attempt at personal assassination that plopped with all the futility of a turd against a cinder-block wall in the Big Time Scandal stakes: that the hookers were UNDERAGE.

Because, as we all know, 17 years and 364 days equals underage, which equals a “child” which equals a CHILD AND BOB MENENDEZ IS FUCKING CHILDREN!

Now: do we have good evidence of that? Or do we have even better evidence that Tucker Carlson’s morally bankrupt organization will do ANYTHING to continue to press their self-manufactured scandal into a “real” scandal that will destroy Bob Menendez’ political career and, hopefully, his life.

wallace shawn as vizzini-princess-bride

Truly, dizzying intellects at The Daily Caller

I wonder how Tucker would take it if a group of “liberal”  bloggers, funded by a deep-pockets moneybags to SEVEN FIGURES  were to spend all the time, cash and amateur journalists they had to prove that Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel like to fuck farm animals? BABY farm animals!!! (OMG!)

Yeah. But if you’re going to make such a charge, you had better have some real HARD CORE evidence. Thus far, Carlson Keystone Kops have come up with two Dominican hookers who supposedly (pardon the expression) fingered Sen. Menendez. When that fell apart, they seem to have discovered Joanna Pussyseed, plying her wares up and down the Eastern Seaboard, evidently screwing politicians to death.

That’s your textbook definition of “credible.”


Right now, the only actual fact, the only thing we  actually know for certain is that the Daily Caller is using Foster Friess’ money to consort with prostitutes.


Programming note: this is his vorpal sword’s 1600th post.

Correction 19 MAR 2013: removed “approaching EIGHT,” as a 2013 article indicates that Friess’ initial “investment” in The Daily Caller was $3 million with ANOTHER $500,000 tossed in the kitty after the 2012 election.

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