Privatization Nation


Mr. Selfish Goes to Washington:

Rand Paul filibuster against CIA nominee gains strength in Senate
The Hill
By Ramsey Cox – 03/06/13 04:09 PM ET

Sen. Rand Paul’s old-fashioned filibuster Wednesday against CIA nominee John Brennan has gained strength, with several Republicans and one Democrat joining him on the floor. 

Paul began the filibuster at 11:45 a.m. to prevent Senate Democrats from ending debate on Brennan and moving to a final vote. The Kentucky Republican spoke on the floor for more than three hours by himself before he was joined by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) — who, like Paul, is a favorite of the Tea Party Movement.

Paul’s effort is aimed at drawing attention to the administration’s drone program, which Brennan played a key role in administering as White House counterterrorism chief. ..

In another time, a time of greater equanimity where the very fabric of the nation was NOT torn between the stark crossroads of a future of cyber-surfing or cyber-serfdom, I’d probably be for the point at hand.

But I cannot forgive these bastards’ silence when the Snoopocratic State was being created, when Patriot Acts were passing, when foreign and secret prisons were scenes of torture by our own gestapo, our own Good Germans. And neither should you. Because they’re not really against ALL of it. Just this. You know: LOOK AT ME!

And I think of Rand Paul’s motivation in all of this: the notion that he, himself is a “sovereign individual,” that taxation is “theft,” that governance and regulation need to be dismantled because they interfere with his penultimate expression of hisownself. Naturally he’s going to stand up for his own rights. That’s all he cares about. The Virtue of Selfishness and All that Jazz. 

secede banner

So, I cannot, in good conscience, support a temper tantrum paralyzing one house of the Congress by one of the most selfish bastards to ever Manchurian Candidate himself into office. Fuck him and fuck the snake he slithered in on, to be quite frank.

Because this is how it works: the internet went up for free. That’s about to end, and AT&T is about to return to monopoly status, if it hasn’t already.

All contribute, to make it work. And then, when it’s profitable, well, property rights and copy rights and cybersurfin’ is monitored among the cyberserfs.

The logo from the Tea Party Express' webpage

And what is being sold by Senator Rand as freedom and OHMYGHOD! ITS BIG BROTHER! fantasies of commie infiltration and hitlerian dictatorship becomes just that in the hands of those who would sell you said dream.

Because, parallel to what Lenin noted–the capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with–runs the corollary that the “libertarian” will sell you the freedom that enslaves you.

After all, unlimited business means unfettered feudalism. Smash those unions! Crush those drones!


And the transcript of what it is that Rand Paul manages to blather during his filibuster will be much more interesting than most, I think. Because sooner or later he’s going to tell us the truth, and that is that what he wants is for the takers (whom he terms “makers”) to crush and loot the makers (whom he mislabels “takers”) and we call that freedom (fakers).

I will worry about drones when we’re willing to talk about closing Gitmo, shutting down the Orwellian-named Department of Homeland Security, repealing the Patriot Acts, abolishing secret courts and military tribunals, and restoring habeas corpus, the fourth amendment,  posse commitatis and the right of the people to limit campaign funding.   And not just when some self-anointed son with daddy issues self-anoints himself the Ayn Rand Messiah. (I know Rubio and Cruz are hot on your trail, so close you can feel their breath on your neck, Rand.)

Isn’t it funny that Cruz and Rubio are aiding and abetting your little “going Galt”?

Not really, actually.

Boy cried wolf by Francis Barlow

Until then, Senator Paul, I do not endorse wolves, no matter how fleecy their disguise.

Nice ‘do.


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  1. Thank you for identifying the reason for the hair standing up on the back of my neck while thinking I should support Rand and Cruz in their filibuster.
    My own senator, Russ Feingold was the only senator with enough guts to oppose the Patriot Act and was richly rewarded with defeat at the polls by a complete piece of shit named Ron Johnson.