Why Conservatives Keep Winning

Because liberals are idiots? A moment of joy in the long march since Stonewall:


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Cover Story: Bert and Ernie’s “Moment of Joy”
The New Yorker

“It’s amazing to witness how attitudes on gay rights have evolved in my lifetime,” said Jack Hunter, the artist behind next week’s cover, “Moment of Joy.”  Hunter, who originally submitted his image, unsolicited, to a Tumblr, continued …

Ah, but the firestorm is all firestormy on Fire Island?Yup.

kill Big_Bird

Another controversial muppet

Here come the maroons of the PC polizia:

KVUE-TV: Cover of New Yorker causes a stir
Camille Dodero / Gawker: That Bert & Ernie New Yorker Cover Has Been on the Internet for a Year
Gabe Bergado / Mashable: New Yorker’s ‘Sesame Street’ Cover Gets Explosive Twitter Reaction
Toddstarnes / Fox News: Bert & Ernie Celebrate Gay Marriage
Alyssa Rosenberg / ThinkProgress: The New Yorker Celebrates The Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision With Bert And Ernie
Nathaniel Frank / New Republic: No Gays Left Behind
ZIP / Weasel Zippers: New Yorker Cover Depicts Bert And Ernie As Gay Lovers…
Jim Treacher / The Daily Caller: Seriously? — Okay, alright, whatever. I doubt Jim Henson would disapprove.
Aaron Blake / Post Politics: New Yorker cover depicts Bert and Ernie as gay couple
Ed Driscoll: New Yorker Cover Story Outs Legendarily Reclusive Gay Couple
Donald Douglas / American Power: Bert and Ernie’s ‘Moment of Joy’ — The New Yorker’s #DOMA Cover
Tkurzweil / KTLA 5: Bert and Ernie Featured on The New Yorker’s Same-Sex Marriage Cover
Brett LoGiurato / Business Insider: The New Yorker’s Brilliant Cover On The Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Decisions
John Aravosis / AMERICAblog: Free at last — The New Yorker cover this week show Bert & Ernie …
Robert Stacy McCain / The Other McCain: Worst. Cartoon. Vagina. EVER.
Eyder Peralta / NPR: SEE: The ‘New Yorker’ Cover That Has People Talking
Andy Towle / Towleroad News #gay: Ernie and Bert Watch the SCOTUS Decision, Plan Marriage?
Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit: Bert and Ernie Come Out in New Yorker Magazine (Video)
Doug Brady / Conservatives4Palin: The New Yorker “outs” Bert and Ernie

Sure, the KKKonservatives don’t get it, hating humanity and everything decent, as is their way. But the liberals are just as stoopid.

Thousands of years of repression, and the Rubicon moment comes and they’re nitpicking.


As stupid as 1969,  when Harlan Ellison, sci-fi guy, bitched and moaned about the Moon Landing, just to prove he was hip and with it and politically keereckt.

Plus ça change.



Pundits of the left and right agree:
Stop Making Sense!

Seriously, if you can’t handle muppet controversy, what chance have you in a real world?

To paraphrase Harry Truman: in a contest between a moron and a moron, the moron always wins.

Forest: trees; trees: forest.


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