IRS + Obamacare = Told Ja So!

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LibertyNEWS TV – “Kill ObamaCare by Cracking Down on the IRS?”
Published on Jul 10, 2013

In today’s LNTV report, Norvell Rose spotlights a move in the House to slash the IRS budget and keep tax collectors from enforcing ObamaCare. 7.10.13 [emphasis added and not the cutesy pie "?" added to the end of the headline, as though they were fooling anyone but themselves.]

This is from “Liberty News TV” which is run by Eric Odom. Eric Odom has been “Mister Tea Party” ever since the very beginning:

from Americans For Limited Government

Anatomy of the Tea Party Movement: American Liberty Alliance
Huffington Post
Alex Brant-Zawadzki and Dawn Teo
Posted: December 11, 2009 12:00 PM

…. The American Liberty Alliance grew out of, a website designed to help direct people to their local tea parties in April. was registered on Feb 28 and was registered on March 23, both in 2009 [among the earliest]. RecessRally.comrelied on the same format as TaxDayTeaParty to help direct volunteers to town hall protests, or “Recess Rallies.” American Liberty Alliance’s executive director, Eric Odom, is an online activist from Chicago by way of Nevada who has worked with leaders of groups like Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks since at least 2007, when he organized what he called the Conservative Leadership Conference.

Odom has been organizing via the Internet for years. Immediately before starting American Liberty Alliance, he was the new media director for the Sam Adams Alliance (SAA), a Chicago-based group that says it is dedicated to economic freedom and individual liberty. Now Odom is tapping the relationships within the alliance to orchestrate a conservative online renaissance including:, a network of conservative bloggers with an email list thousands strong, gifted to Odom from SAA; a retooled in preparation for Tax Day 2010; and, which Odom calls “a Huffington Post of our own.”

This summer [2009], the American Liberty Alliance launched the American Liberty Tour, a coast-to-coast bus tour ferrying Joe the Plumber, among others, around the country to stimulate opposition to health care reform as well as to offer citizens “candidate training, blogger breakfast meetings, activists training and large scale Liberty Rallies.” The American Liberty Tour described itself as a “collaborative project of the American Liberty Alliance, Americans for Limited Government and the Sam Adams Alliance.” The tour held events in conjunction with Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project. Beck has effectively co-opted much of the energy of the movement and is seen as one of its leading figures, along with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin…. 

american liberty tour guests

See “Them Scandals Some More” for links to the originals

tour sponsors feb 2010

So, you might be able to parse out what it means that Odom, now with a for-profit group called “Grassfire” — which is pretty impervious to casual investigation — sends out this letter this afternoon (I’ve stripped out the  “GIVE US MONEY!” boilerplate):

Liberty News Report <>
to: ****
date: Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 1:59 PM
subject: Kill ObamaCare by Cracking Down on the IRS?


For Liberty,

Eric Odom
Managing Director, News Division

Gee what does that mean? Recall that I TOLD you this was the whole point of what has turned out to be a pointless and unsubstantiated smear of the IRS, with frequent “SQUIRREL!” pauses, where the Republicans translate “SQUIRREL!” into their native forked tongue as “BENGHAZI!”


This was what I said when I got back from vacation:

 (19 May 2013)

Returning from one of the most isolated places in the lower 48, it seems there has been a storm of shite. Or, perhaps, to properly headlinify it, Superstorm Scandy.

(That way, as every cable outfit has, since the first Gulf War, it will make a nice logo against a background of proper gravitas with, in the early daze, its very own short musical theme. Dun dun DUNNNN!)

Even out in the backwoods loglands of the Olympic Peninsula, we still gets The Daily Show. And Rupert’s Roughstuff Outrage-O-Rama, of course. Hey! Screw the Bombing thing and the murder thing. It’s the IRS! It’s Benghazi! It’s the Associated Almighty Press! (But mostly, it’s the IRS.)

As your parents might have learned, when there’s a KKKonservative Shitestorm three places at once, it’s to make sure that one slips under the wire. You know, from that endless list of confidence tricks: the Spanish PrisonerThree-card MonteThe Fiddle Game, Iran-Contra, that sort of thing.


I had spent a long time pondering the magic three scandals that popped up, and then all magically began unwreathing in the vapors like smoke rings … and it is only the IRS.

Watching whales, eagles, otters, deer and seagulls, I tried to ask the next question: not, “WHAT DID HORRIBLE OBAMA DO??!?” but, rather, WHO does this serve, and to what tactical end? There has to be a WHY behind all the WHAT.


ABC News hard at work

Obamacare kicks in in 2014. So, with only a little more than seven months to derail it, the GOPs is gonna be trying some desperate measures to abort it in its third trimester, cutting its little spinal cord even if it’s almost out of the birth canal, right?


After all, who is going to defend the IRS? That would be a lot like defending rust, or crab lice….

ming menaces crabbe

Crabbe (center)

And …

 (22 May 2013)

Last night, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show missed the clue when Michelle Bachmann talked about how the IRS could have “life or death” control of our lives (rolling out the tired old “Death Panels” cavil with a fresh coat of paint.) Stewart said she was “insane,” but, really, she’s just the loony canary in the crazy coal mine.

Today on NPR’s “talk of the nation” a far-too-rehearsed-caller drew the “IRS = YOUR HEALTH CARE” talking point. The more you look, the more it’s present, with a fairly simple-to-divine campaign:

  1. Scare everybody about the IRS (even though all sides admit that there has been ZERO harm!) and,
  2. Then show how the IRS will be IN CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH CARE!!

I don’t want to go into the self-serving lies of the good Doctor above, but consider this statement:

ObamaCare is being increasingly recognized as a “train wreck.” Trust me…


Above : An ACTUAL train wreck
Below: another one

That Bush! What a character!

So, how many times has Frank Luntz shoved his Pavlovian penis into your brain with “train wreck” this week?

Pavlov's Dog - Pampered Menial_f

You are being raped, so I might as well say so.

Unless, of course, you LIKE it.

Here’s some more Americans for Limited Government (thick as thieves with the Kochs, if you’d forgotten) cartoon (April 18):


Here’s another mailing, this time from the Americans for Limited Government site (asking for money, natch!) Longtime readers may recognize that Howie Rich runs ALG.

repeal-obamacarefrom the ALG site

The difficulty of repealing Obamacare
Adam Bitely, July 10, 2013

Tomorrow, the House will vote again on repealing ObamaCarewhich they have done successfully in this same session of Congress on January 19, 2011. There is no reason to think that the House GOP is doing anything more that putting on more theater of “attempting” to repeal ObamaCare. The fact is there are many more things that House Republicans could be doing to actually repeal or dilute the bill that they seem to have little stomach for actually doing.

First, they could be voting to completely defund any action that is involved with implementing ObamaCare. Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Michele Bachmann are circulating a letter to their fellow members of Congress calling on them to vote to defund all actions implementing ObamaCare.

As the letter states, “Since much of the implementation of ObamaCare is a function of the discretionary appropriations process, and since most of the citizens we represent believe that ObamaCare should never go into effect, we urge you not to bring to the House floor in the 112th Congress any legislation that provides or allows funds to implement ObamaCare through the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Health and Human Services, or any other federal entity.  We also urge you to take legislative steps necessary to immediately rescind all ObamaCare-implementation funds.”

Second, they could be using the reconciliation process in the Senate to repeal ObamaCare.As former Bush administration official James Capretta wrote in 2011, “a reconciliation bill cannot be filibustered — and therefore can pass in the Senate with a simple majority, normally 51 votes, when all time for debate has expired.”



Also from the ALG site

So, I guess the Republicans are in charge of the Senate now?


obamacare1Keep it hip and classy, ALG. Most kids today 
have no idea what the hammer and sickle MEAN.

Arrogance is Obama’s Worst Enemy
By Rick Manning* (* “Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is the Vice President of Public Policy & Communications for Americans for Limited Government.”)


On the IRS front, the revelation that the person responsible for overseeing the targeting of conservative groups is now in charge of the newly minted IRS Obamacare division threatens to become elected Democrats worst nightmare.

An already unpopular Obamacare now has a face.  The face of a bureaucrat who saw nothing wrong with implementing obvious politically motivated targeting.

The IRS issue goes to the heart of the basic trust that government depends upon.  An abiding faith by the American people that regardless of political differences government policies will be implemented equally and fairly.

Now, the Obama Administration has thrown away this trust, and every decision made by the IRS, every deployment of their massive new set of agents and every complaint about unfair treatment will be treated with new legitimacy….

Oh, they aren’t just focusing on the IRS. But it’s ONE of the lynchpins of the scattergun approach: destroy Obamacare by any means imaginable.

Joe the P at sam adams alliance awards

Why look! Joe the Not-Plumber at the Sammies!

And the Sam Adams Alliance?

Well their blog and website hasn’t been updated since July 22, 2012. (I don’t know what’s up with that.) Of course, Eric O’Keefe has been busy with the Wisconsin Club for Growth, Charles Koch’s “Institute for Humane Studies,” Paul Jacob’s “Citizens in Charge Foundation”* and a slew of others. It’s bragged that he’s been the “political strategist” for the Old-Boy Libertarian network that goes back to David Koch’s veep run in 1980, and was the architect of their “Term Limits” initiatives. Oh, and he’s the “chairman” of the “Health Care Compact Alliance,” which, after you wade through the happy-chatty front page that SEEMS like it’s supporting Obamacare, we learn is devoted to destroying it. Here’s the TeeVee of him explaining it (from the “Sammies” which I’ve  covered ad nauseum. He’s a “Tenther.”)

Click to watch it on YouTube

But, like the SAA dead website, the Health Care Compact site hasn’t been updated since January.

Which is kind of scary. Where is Scott Walker’s original Koch benefactor?

And what is he doing to attack Obamacare?

James and Eric O'Keefe @ right-online-dinner

James and Eric O’Keefe (no relation?)@ right-online-dinner
Ever since O’Keefe got his ass handed to him in 2006 by a rag-tag
team of motley bloggers, he’s focused on the internet and blogger
education and alliances, in addition to networking via the Sammies.


[* O’Keefe’s wife, Leslie Graves originally ran the FOIA bomb for ALG in 2006, under “CIC” which she morphed into the “Lucy Burns Institute” To get an idea of just how incestuous all these Koch-heads are, take a look at this, from PR Web:

The Lucy Burns Institute (Publishers of Ballotpedia, Judgepedia and WikiFOIA) and Her Right-Wing Bedfellows 
by Sara Jerving — November 26, 2012 – 8:13 am

…  [Eric] O’Keefe is a right-wing political operative that has deep ties to the Koch brothers. He helped launch the American Majority Tea Party group which trains right-wing candidates to run for office. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Club for Growth Wisconsin, which ran divisive ads in support of Governor Scott Walker’s radical overhaul of collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin workers. He has also served on the board of Koch’s Institute for Humane Studies, the Center for Competitive Politics, and chairs the Health Care Compact Alliance.

On its 2009, 990 form, SAM listed that it “entered into a contract with Lucy Burns Institute (LBI) which provided LBI with sponsorship of Ballotpedia and Judgepedia.” Graves worked as a part-time consultant to SAM from 2008-2009. LBI also appears to be a family affair, employing two of the Graves/O’Keefe family daughters.

[Note, HW: It also employed sons-in-law.]

Many LBI Staff Trained By Koch Institutions, Other Right-Wing Ties

The LBI staff — based both in Madison and other parts of the country — have links to right-wing organizations and individuals, including the Kochs.


LBI also has relationships with several other ALEC members. It is a member of the State Policy Network (SPN), which connects and funds conservative state-based think tanks and receives partial funding from The Claude R. Lambe Foundation. SPN is an ALEC member and “Chairman” level sponsor of its 2011 Annual Meeting, and many of its affiliated think tanks are ALEC members as well. LBI offers free wiki training seminars to SPN members and Graves and LBI have been featured at SPN events.

LBI also collaborates with other SPN members and ALEC funders, such as the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, a national journalism organization launched by SAM. The Franklin Center has a presence in over 40 states with state-house news bureaus and journalists hosted by other outlets and think tanks. It provides its coverage free as a wire-like service and boasts that it “already provides 10 percent of all daily reporting from state capitals nationwide.” As previously reported by CMD, despite their non-partisan description, many of these websites have received criticism for their right-wing bias. Ballotpedia has hosted a series of webinars on elections with the Franklin Center. According to the Franklin Center’s 2009 990 report, it gave $43,000 to LBI that year….

Ehhh yeah.]


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  1. jim

    Every time I read about TPers, it takes away a little of my hope for humanity,

    • Naw. They’re just dumbasses who got some attention. Like the “Occupy Wall Street” or “Ross Perot” crowd.

      Rumors of their influence are greatly exaggerated, because in order to be politically effective, first, you’ve got to be able to read.

  2. My head is spinning…

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  4. Wild Bill

    Hart, they may be desperate, but that’s when desperate people (or animals) are at their most dangerous, don’t misjudge or dismiss them too quick and easy. Here in Texas and many other states, a lot of people have drank the kool-aid that the Koch’s have doctored, and think that the Tea Party is a legitimate political action movement. They won’t go away by ignoring or dis missing them. And one more thing, why did you have to bring Flash Gordon into this? He was always fighting injustice.

    • That’s why this is the most important election of the Kochs’ lives. They’ve spent 30+ years building a national stealth network, and if it doesn’t pay off soon, they’ll be dead and gone and it will have been for naught. I’m all in favor of naught.

      And I didn’t bring Flash Gordon into it. I brought Buster Crabbe into it.

  5. Proud Heretic

    So this helps explain why I’ve been seeing national ads featuring Ted Cruz and Rand Paul asking all concerned citizens to sign a petition to abolish the IRS. Spot on, Mr Williams, as usual.

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