The Longhorns of the Dilemma


Texas long and short horns

For the Texas GOP, it was a win/win. It just looks like a loss:

Court Rules Abortion Restriction Unconstitutional 
Becca Aaronson / The Texas Tribune

Less than 24 hours before new abortion regulations were set to take effect in Texas, U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel on Monday blocked implementation of one provision challenged by abortion providers and partially blocked a second provision, ruling that they could place an undue burden on women and are therefore unconstitutional …

It was an old tactic that the chess knight uses called ‘forking.’

And, abortion rights just got forked.

In chess, the knight has the ability to threaten multiple pieces at once. When a knight threatens pieces simultaneously, say a queen and a rook, it’s called a ‘fork.’


The fork here was that if the law was upheld, Texas’ Male “Libertarian” Republican supermajority  would have,  de facto,  made abortion all but impossible by closing down most Texas clinics that offered abortion services.

If it was struck down, it WOULD be appealed to the most conservative of federal appeals court, the Fifth Circuit. Or, as the Texas Observer put it:


Could the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court Turn Blue?
by Emily DePrang
Published on 
Thursday, January 31, 2013, at 1:26 CST

The Associated Press recently described the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which encompasses Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, as a “corporation-friendly, pro-prosecutor foe of death penalty appeals and abortion rights advocates.”


But in the next four years, President Obama may have the chance to moderate this most conservative of appeals courts….

Either way, the Fifth Circuit, the MOST friendly to overturning Roe v. Wade now has the ball on its court, but it knows which side of the bread actually gets the peanut butter.


This case was tailored to go to the Supreme Court.

Tailored by the shadowy national marionette handlers that passed series of virtually identical abortion restrictions in state after state, in the wake of the 2010 “Tea Party” election.

Now, since Teatards are all about Freedom and the Debt, WHY would their freshman legislators desire nothing more than to put more anti-abortion proposals and enacted laws in 2011 and 2012 than in any other  year or years in American history?


No: A deal was struck between the Evangelical/Dominionists — remember that Ed Meese (and Foster Friess and Joe Farah) are leaders of the old Dominionist Council on National Policy*, and it was from their new PAC and from old Ed Meese‡ that the first shots in the “shutdown” drama/false crisis were fired — and the Koch or Tea Partiers (as seen from the former Koch founded and run “Citizens for a Sound Economy”: FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity (and the never-linked to Koch Club for Growth, which is simply a plutocratic crowd-sourcing/Ponzi scheme for blowing large amounts of directed cash into targeted races, SPECIFICALLY in primaries. Created by a CATO fellow whilst in their employ, Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial page).

[* You remember? The ones the anonymous GOP source told Ken Vogel of Politico:

... Blogger Hart Williams, who has tracked Friess and the CNP, has suggested that the group might have engineered Santorum’s surge. The ties between Santorum’s supporters and the group may send “chills … running up and down your spine,” he wrote, asserting that the media’s failure to reveal links between Santorum and the CNP constitutes “journalistic malpractice.”

But the influence of the CNP has been exaggerated, asserted one conservative operative with knowledge of the group. “They’re always behind, always late to the game and not relevant,” said the operative. “It’s one of these self-validating echo chambers where they sit around four times a year and tell each other how great and important they are, and believe their own press.” ]

[‡ “Government Shutdown Was Planned For Months By Ed Meese, Koch Bros“:

“Out of that session, held one morning in a location the members insist on keeping secret, came a little-noticed “blueprint to defunding Obamacare,” signed by Mr. Meese and leaders of more than three dozen conservative groups”


Stephen C. Moore or Less

A powerful  political asteroid is headed straight for planet Earth and no telescope has yet made it out, although its sheer size is warping space/time around it.


Woof! Woof! go the Brontosauruses

Witness Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, both of whom took out establishment Republicans in surprise primary/convention wins. (Utah selects candidates in a closed convention and NOT an open primary).

The Ayn Randians have struck a deal with the Dominionists and the “abortion” offensive is the signal that the Teatards are keeping up THEIR end of the deal. Even in Congress, where not a single “jobs” bill has passed, but dozens of “abortion” initiatives have been pr0posed and voted on.

pat gop buchanan

Not no mo. Nossah!

This was a win/win proposition, and in getting the Texas abortion abomination of a law on the fast track to a dreamy recording session with The Supremes is the good ‘ol boys’ dream. Yee haw.

Greetings From Texas

Twixt Scylla (r.) and Charybdis (l.)

(But if I were a male Texas Republican, after that little stunt to de-register up to a third of Texas’ women voters? I would kiss heterosexual sex pretty much goodbye for a few years.)


See how they bray:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Monday’s court decision won’t stop the state’s efforts to “protect life and ensure the women of our state aren’t exposed to any more of the abortion-mill horror stories that have made headlines recently.”

Woof, woof.


But it’s the puppeteers that are the unseen danger here, and behind the shadow play, they pull the marionettes’ strings.

Dance, harlequin, dance.


Gather ye longhorns while ye may. Looks like we’re in for a long nuclear winter.


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4 responses to “The Longhorns of the Dilemma

  1. Although most of the law was left intact, on the upside, it did manage to keep health care clinics open and accessible for many Texas women…

    • I’m happy, of course, but, really, a bunch of the less bad bad parts of the law went into effect, so it’s no great victory. The bad news is that it’s steaming up the Titanic line for the first row of icebergs.

      The whole stupid law should have been struck down. Not just the impossibly egregious stuff.

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