A Child, By Any Other Name, Would Taste As Sweet

I already posted the “cartoon” that goes with this, so here, again:

“Poor People Do Not Deserve to Have Children”
Mijin Cha / PolicyShop

I received a phone call today from someone who had seen Demos’ Vice President, Heather McGhee, on MSNBC talking about why people need food stamps.  The caller stated, “People who are poor do not deserve to have children.  I’ve seen these people with 1,2, 5 children.

It’s easy to dismiss this as the ravings of a lunatic but the truth is that this mentality is all too pervasive, even though it is repulsive both as a matter of public policy and as a moral value….

congress hungry little girl

And you thought I was kidding …

Ironically, many of these are the same who claim that abortion in cases of rape and incest is wrong, “because the babies didn’t do anything wrong.”

Is there anything as twist-0-flex as a ‘conservative’ Christian’s mind?

And, as noted earlier in the week*, the  Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals UN-gutted Texas’ blatantly unconstitutional (at least until the ‘Dred’ pirate Roberts and his scurvy crew of cutthroats get their bloody paws on it), abortion restrictions  in nearly record time.

[* "The Longhorns of the Dilemma" 28 October 2013]

Abortion in Texas? De facto illegal.

Forcing mothers to bring unwanted children into the world so that congress can starve the poor ones?




Don’t leave the Middle Ages without it.


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11 responses to “A Child, By Any Other Name, Would Taste As Sweet

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  2. jim

    The war on the poor just got a little colder. Just in time for the holidays.

    • Because their hearts are bursting with the love of Jesus. Just ask Michele Bachmann.

    • Jack

      What about the people who fall out of the middle class and wind up poor after medical bills leave them broke, or their factory job vanishes after it is sent to China? Simple minds see simple explanations.

      • And complex minds like yours, Jack, only see convenient rationalizations.

        “That is not a forest. It is merely a very large number of unaffiliated trees.”

  3. How much of a front against the poor? Seems like the Catholic Church is an ally against them too. What would Jesus think?

  4. suck it up

    Poor people obviously do not have God’s blessings, if they did they wouldn’t be poor, right?
    It stands to reason that those childrins birthed by poor people lack Gods blessing as well because had God blessed them they’d have a last name like Walton, Rothschild, Gates, Buffet, DeVos, Murdoch, Trump, Christ or Koch.
    Those unblessed and immoral masses deserve the same hell in life that they’re destined for in death. The blessed are merely the tool God uses to do the good work with.

    • That IS Neo-Calvinism, and one of its chief adherents is/was Dubya Bush: God rewards your pocketbook in direct proportion to your virtue, or “God helps them that help themselves” as in, “Here’s the mashed potatoes, help yourself.”

      The Book of Job is not, therefore, popular with this crowd.

      It neatly dovetails with the notion that if you are rich you are a genius and if not, you are a moocher and a parasite, courtesy of Ayn Rand. Common ground for two antithetical philosophies.


  5. When I was a Catholic school child the beginning of the end was when the nun said only people could go to heaven and my dogs would have to go to Limbo!