A Low News Day

Ho hum. Nothing to talk about in today’s news. A whole bunch of stuff is just to the boiling point, but nothing has yet boiled over. Crimea, GOPs, the new “standoff” in Nevada that the Right wants to turn into Ruby Ridge II.

nevada standoff

Kathleen Sibelius resigned (but that had been announced long ago; even before the election, IIRC) as director of Health and Human Services:

Health Secretary Resigns After Woes of HealthCare.gov
 Michael D. Shear / New York Times

WASHINGTON — Kathleen Sebelius, the health and human services secretary, is resigning, ending a stormy five-year tenure marred by the disastrous rollout of President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act.

And I salute her, both as a great governor of Kansas and as HHS Secretary during one of the most critical and difficult periods in the history of that Department. “Botched rollout” will fade and she ought to be remembered well, and not, as now, scapegoated.

Kathleen Sebelius official portrait

Official Portrait, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius

What else?

Oh: CBS announces Stephen Colbert as Dave Letterman’s replacement, but keep your powder dry and consider that Rush Limbaugh just posted a piece entitled:

CBS Declares War on Heartland of America
Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: Do you really care what I think about that? (interruption) Do you care what I think of Colbert getting Letterman’s gig? (interruption) You really care about what I think about that? (interruption) Well, I’ll give you the short version…


Which reminds one that another aging comedy mainstay of the airwaves is WAY past his porcund (sic) Prime and he ought to make the Choice to select his Exit and not end up dying on the air in some freak accident from choking to death on his ham sandwich between station breaks. Either way, time wounds all heels.


And my point is this, that from right now until he steps into Dave’s chair, Stephen Colbert is a TARGET at it can well become more of a gantlet than a gauntlet.

It also helps that Colbert is already, in a sense, a CBS employee, since Comedy Central is a Viacom property, as is CBS.

Anything else?

Oh: Old John Hinderaker at Power Line has continued his one-shyster jihad against the Washington Post, with not one, but TWO posts intended to ignite the famous Rightie Blogswarm, à la that guy last year nobody’s heard about since, but which has come up as flaccid as the average Right Wing (white male) blogger without his beloved Viagra®. Bob Dole tested, and Limp Dick approved™!


Dole, Bob

The essence of his argument grows increasingly byzantine and obscure, since the Post corrected their original assessment of the Koch Brothers’ Alberta Tar Sands holdings down from ginormous to merely stupendous. The original Hinderakerian conceit that the Brothers Koch will not make a nickel off of the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal grows ever more estranged from reality.

Knowledgeable insiders predict divorce.

john kerry

John Kerry admits that he doesn’t understand why his former friend John McCain behaved like such an asshole during the Senate hearing the other day, but if he were truly McCain’s friend, he’d understand that, like the scorpion in the story, it’s his nature.

Vladimir Putin continues to move relentlessly, silently forward and still looks to me like a snake swallowing a dying rabbit: almost painful to watch, but equally inevitable.

Train wreck at  Montparnasse 1895

Nine were killed in a tour bus crash in California,

Truck in Deadly Crash Slammed Into Charter Bus
ORLAND, Calif. April 11, 2014 (AP)

Nine people were killed Thursday and dozens injured in a fiery crash between a FedEx delivery truck and a charter bus carrying high school students on a visit to a Northern California college, authorities said.

California Highway Patrol dispatchers said the drivers of the truck and bus were among the dead along with seven other people who were riding on the bus.

The crash happened a little after 5:30 p.m. on Interstate 5 near Orland, a small city about an hour-and-a-half north of Sacramento…

ndak train explosion

North Dakota Oil Train exploding

But still not much mention of the Philadelphia, North Dakota or Alabama oil train derailments (and explosions), or the aftermath of the West Virginia “licorice” chemical spill, or the North Carolina coal ash spill.

NC Sides With Duke in Appeal of Coal Ash Ruling
RALEIGH, N.C. April 8, 2014 (AP)

North Carolina regulators are joining with Duke Energy in appealing a judge’s ruling on cleaning up groundwater pollution leeching from the company’s coal ash dumps.

The state Environmental Management Commission filed notice Monday that it intends to appeal a March 6 ruling by Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway.

The commission and Duke contend North Carolina law does not give the state the authority to order an immediate cleanup. Ridgeway ruled the state had been misinterpreting the law for years.

Environmentalists say the decision to file an appeal directly conflicts with public statements from Gov. Pat McCrory suggesting his administration is getting tough with his former employer after a Feb. 2 coal ash spill that coated 70 miles of the Dan River in toxic gray sludge.

McCrory, a Republican, worked for Duke more than 28 years prior to retiring to run for governor. The nation’s largest electricity company and its employees have remained generous political supporters to McCrory’s campaign and GOP-aligned groups that support him, providing more than $1.1 million in support since 2008…

dan river

And the Republicans continue to lie as if their political lives depended on it.

Which they do.

And so they did.

A low news day, albeit not a slow news day

Oh, and the Mexicans at the Colorado River Delta actually SAW the Colorado River. Many for the first time in their lives:


The National Geographic tells all


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