Short and Sweet for the Quisling


Ragging for Rupert; Mealy-mouthed for
Murdoch; Asinine for Ailes

Sour Grapes from the Conservatard Princess:

Sharyl Attkisson Slams CBS News, Obama Admin’s ‘Chilling Effect’ on Reporting
Evan McMurry / Mediaite

Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative reporter who recently resigned from her post at CBS News, took shots at both her former employer and the Obama administration on Media Buzz Sunday morning  …

Two thoughts: 

One: Can you say “Dan Rather,” bitch? and


Two: Can you say “Helen Thomas” bitch?


Never heard anything from her then, did you?

Then again, no journalist has been given the bum’s rush like they were. Publicly assassinated with the aid of their fellow “journalists.”

And how about CBS hiring Major Garrett DIRECTLY from Faux Nooz to be their White House Correspondent? Are you fucking KIDDING ME?


His tenure at Faux ought to disqualify him from employment with ANY professional news organization — no different from Steven Glass. Instead he is given THE jewel of Washington DC assignments, once held by the aforementioned Dan Rather.

But Attkisson won’t say anything about that. Because she’s going to work for Rupert now, selling her “Americanism” and patriotism to a foreign scumbag who sells fake patriotism in a dozen countries when he’s not busy selling sex as “news.”

faux nooz kelly porn

They actually had her DO this for GQ
to “promote” their crappy news. Rupert
has finally merged his “Page 3 Girl”
with his page one headlines. Feh.

Until you can name me ONE rightie journalist (and “journalist” has to NOT be in quotes) intimidated and destroyed the way that Dan and Helen were, don’t talk to me about ANY president “intimidating journalists.” And as long as you’re sucking the hind teat of “Benghazi” don’t talk to me at ALL.


Attkisson hung on at CBS news for years without ever going anywhere.
Could it be that this whole staged dance and resignation and move to Faux
is all part of the script to sell her soul in return for “prestige” TV facetime?
Naw. Just like they didn’t give Greta van Susterinininin plastic surgery
as part of the deal to lure her from CNN. Oh wait. They did that.

Privileged pretty White Princess sneers  about liberal intimidation?

Don’t make me laugh.

The “Helen” that Attkisson must have had as her journalistic role model was “Keller.”

Helen Keller Quarter

Double standard? Yeah.

Fuck you.


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6 responses to “Short and Sweet for the Quisling

  1. jim

    Sold her soul and already whining!

  2. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly she was a Faux Nooz mole inside CBS. Now, of course, she’ll be a Martyr for Murdoch.

  3. courtney

    Hey, now. We Alabamans get a little protective of our Helen (born in Tuscumbia, AL). Review the astonishing political preferences of the deaf-dumb-and-blind girl and you’ll wonder not only how our elected representatives allowed her on our statehood quarter or ever approved her statue being one of the state’s two in the National Statuary Hall collection but didn’t rush out and burn her birthplace, Ivy Green, to the ground.

    A better comparison from our point of view might have been:”The ‘Helen’ that Attkisson must have had as her journalistic role model was ‘Crump.’ From ‘The Andy Griffith Show.'”

    Nevertheless, we applaud your always laudable intent.

    BTW, I just found over at a nice overview of Ms Keller’s decidedly different political observations from the Teens and Twenties of the previous century:

    • We need more fierce ladies of the Helen Keller and Helen Thomas type….rather than the sterile plastic female kind we are used to…

      • When I made the comparison I KNEW that Attkisson would suffer in the comparison.

        Which is kind of the point. I met her (Attkisson) at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, on the floor of the Staples Center, and she seemed kind of lost and clueless. Now, I think I know why.

    • Thanks, Courtney.

      Don’t intend to cast aspersions on Ms. Keller, BUT it’s a quick, and universal shorthand for deaf, dumb and blind, which is DEFINITELY what Ms. A has been practicing.

      Besides, if I’d have compared her to ‘Tommy’ I’d have all the Who fans on my case. ;-)