A Low News Day Slow Days Later

NOTE: This is the follow-up and payoff  toA Low News Day — if you didn’t hear the joke, you’re not going to ‘get’ the punch line. 

And here we are. They’re brawling in the gutter over the Pulitzer Prize. As they say in the law: Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself

Maximilian I's Monogram

Maximilian I’s Monogram

And “Russian Separatists” are on the verge of a civil war in Ukraine. Blood  has been spilled, which takes everything up one immeasurable notch. “Up” as in closer to armageddon.

And the Teabilly Teatards and their Second Amendment Solutions almost decided to play “Alamo” over the absurd notion of management of shared  resources. In southern Nevada, fer chrissakes.

And Sean Hannity egged the Rancher on, and Greta van Susterininininin had one of her “Sarah in Alaska” weepies, interviewing the daughter and the son, and suchlike and so on.

greta vansustren

And I think to myself, what do you suppose happens in the rest of the world when we get into an internal “shooting war” situation here.

The Teatards WANTED it.

spel free ur die

They talked about putting the women up front, so that the national and world media could see the “rogue” Feds slaughtering them on Tee Vee.


Here’s the actual executive Order
the Bundys are out of law with 

They believe that because the adults in the room defused the situation, that they “Won!” and the Feds “surrendered.”

And the pundits on both sides howl for retribution. Martyrs to the cause of dumbness and selfishness and pretending that one is an island, born in a log cabin one built with one’s own hands.


And I thought of what they wanted, and what happened once before. The Federal troops marched down to put down this silly rebellion and after a very strange, sad and bloody day, the First Battle of Bull Run had been entered into Union histories, and the First Battle of Manassas had been entered into Rebel histories, and, the Union having won, the site is now known as Manassas National Battlefield Park, Monument, Thrill Ride, what-have-you.

Just sayin’.


The county gets it right

Manassas anniversary

The National Park Service taken over by Secessionists

But what was supposed to be over in a weekend stretched out for four years. And Europe had plenty of time for mischief in the New World. And I thought of Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico.


Before: ‘Portrait of Maximilian I of Mexico’ ~Franz Xaver Winterhalter


After: 19 June 1867 ‘Execution of Emperor Maximilian” ~ Édouard Manet

And the top story on Memeorandum all day long? (Neither Ukraine nor Nevada made the cut at all.)

Sebelius Said to Weigh Run for Kansas Senate Seat
Jeremy W. Peters / New York Times

WASHINGTON — In her darkest hour last fall, Kathleen Sebelius suffered one of the deepest cuts from an old family friend who accused her of “gross incompetence” over the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and demanded that she resign as secretary of health and human services….


We, as a nation, have got our priorities totally, like, I mean, what were we saying?


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2 responses to “A Low News Day Slow Days Later

  1. jim

    Low news day my ass! Manipulated news day more like it! The best news I saw, with the the whole shit storm of a world going on, is in Seattle with the 15 dollar minimum wage battle. Go Kshama Sawant!!!!! I’m voting Socialist from now on!