Vorpal Gallery

Here is some of the best original artwork — computer- and pencil-generated — from my blogs.

self-portrait with glowstick

self-portrait with glowstick

There are two three  four  five six seven eight  nine  ten eleven  twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three many additional galleries (nothing much political, just rocks and clouds, trees, boats, oceans and stuff) @

NOTE: ** indicates an art trailer (video).

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kill Big_Bird

4 October 2012

from post “Then and Now

POST: Barbiegate™ Pushes GOP Collapse (10-23-08)

from “Murder Most Foul in Kansas” 31 May 09

POST: An’ There Be Pirates … (11-19-08)

from Faux Nooz™ (unretouched)

POST: Why Seanny Can’t Read (7-10-07)

The original header for his vorpal sword (click for full size)

the second header for his vorpal sword (ditto)

third header (January 9.09)

POST: 300 – Salon, Crooks & Liars, PK, Vernal Equinox (03-20-08)




POST: Ripping Cupid’s Grove Together (12-01-08)

From “Locke and Load” 3 Mar 09

POST: Happy Halloween (10-31-07)

(click for larger)

POST: Lost In A Sea Of Hate (10-12-07)

spel free ur die

8 May 2012


POST: The Hatest Generation (10-07-07)

(me in 1957)

POST: The Money Changers have Fled from their High Seats in the Temple (10-05-07)

POST: Black Friday (11-23-07)

A. not so breit bart in his snugggie

POST: The Fifth Freedom (11-22-08)

POST: War Porn and Silencing Soldiers (11-05-07)

POST: Misty Is Dead (12-13-08)

POST:Private Beauchamp, the Flying Monkeys and the New Republic (12-02-07)

POST: ???

POST: Impeachment Starts Now (12-01-07)

POST: We Hold These Lies To Be Self-Evident (02-03-08)

POST: Jesus’ Day Off (03-22-08)

POST: Madder Than A March Hare (03-16-08)

POST: Prude-O-Rama! (03-12-08)

POST: Some Preliminary Texas Numbers (03-04-08)

POST: Blogosphere Invited To Pull Its Head Out Of Its Collective Ass (04-12-08)

POST: One Question About The War (04-07-08)

December 24, 2008

POST: America The Dutiful (05-22-08)

POST: Whilst The Pundits Pun (05-21-08)

POST: No Blog Today (05-03-08)

POST: Why There is No Blog Today (05-02-08)

POSTThe NRA Supports San Franciscans (06-30-08)

POST: The Latest KuKluxagram™ (06-24-08)

POST: Attack of the B-Girls, or Emb-Racism (10-25-08)

POSTCampbell Brown, Sexist Pig (12-03-08)

POST: Counting The Daze (19 Jan 2008)

POST: Happy Moon Day! (20 July 2008)

(click for larger)

POST: Back From Philly (19 July 2008)

 Your New Owners (’30s clipart)

from “Christmas on Vicodin” 26 Dec 08

tyranny HELL no!

17 February 2012

POST: Who Killed Thomas Disch? A Solomonic Decision (13 July 2008)

POST: Guest Bloggers (14 July 2008)

(NOTE: This cartoon originally appeared in The Comic News, circa 1996)

NOTE: The Huffing Hayden Posts Tom’s Ton (6 July 2008)

POST: Sesquipedalianism NOT Eschewed, or The Fourth with HST (4 July 2008)

POST: Clay Felker, founder of New York and New West mags is Dead (1 July 2008)

(click for larger)

POST: God Swill (31 August 2008)


POST: More Ratf**king in Denver (26 August 2008)

POST: Engineering Math (24 August 2008)

VILE cover

5 November 2010

POST: The Snarkoleptics Attack (23 August 2008)

Thanksgiving post 2009

POST: The Snarkoleptics Attack (23 August 2008)


28 June 2011

POST: McMore of the McSame (20 August 2008)

POST: Who’s An Elitist? (15 August 2008)


29 April 2009

POST: A Nation of Peeping Toms (12 August 2008) (unpublished draft)

Various posts, including, most recently, Inside the Death Cult of the GOP (part ii) 

POST: A Bedtime Story for the New Depression (29 September 2008)

from “Have Blog Will Twitter” 21 April 09

from various Ayn Rand posts

Black Mesa, in New Mexico, in whose shadow I once lived.

POST: Into The West – part ii. (28 Sept. 2008)

more les paul less rand paul

17 June 2013

flipper speaks

22 August 2012

foxy fetuses

18 June 2013


14 April 2008 (just something I found on the internets)

christmas 1959

Christmas 1959

NRA approved.!



conclusion jumpers

More BS


not here


4 responses to “Vorpal Gallery

  1. Kevin

    I really like some of these. You’re very talented.

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