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How to Blow An Election You Ought to Win (part iii)

flag day

This illustration is in the Public Domain


Political Polarization & Media Habits

When it comes to getting news about politics and government, liberals and conservatives inhabit different worlds.  There is little overlap in the news sources they turn to and trust.  And whether discussing politics online or with friends …

This isn’t actually news. It’s been known for some time, but it’s a good entrée into part iii.

In Part i. I talked about the ascendance of the political consultant and the conservatism of the shopkeeper that keeps candidates from focusing on any race but their own, and playing it safe as milk even in that. (e.g. “spinelessness.)

In Part ii. I talked about the track record of internet destruction (trolling) that has been historically used to advance the GOP agenda and candidates by relentlessly and mercilessly destroying all discussion, especially things like oh, “Obama has been a good president with a good track record. (They’re STILL trolling the Rolling Stone story by Paul Krugman a week after publication.)

In Part iii, I’m going to talk about how the Democratic Leadership has been aiding and abetting this behavior. And how to turn that idiocy around into intelligent messaging.  Continue reading

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How to Blow An Election You Ought to Win (part ii)


A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.  — Mark Twain (attributed)

Let me open with the follow-up to yesterday’s post:

UPDATE 10:40AM 20 Oct 2014:

Even though Drudge featured the Reuters report (which seems increasingly slanted, ideologically) and the Righties with Magic Eyes™ “saw” the same thing in blog after blog, oddly, the CBS affiliate saw something entirely different:

… the rally drew a huge crowd of thousands waiting to see the president.

There were so many people at the rally that some of them couldn’t even get in. As expected, the president said Anthony Brown was the right man for the job in a rally that was all about revving up energy for the Democrat’s campaign.

They waited for hours in long lines. Nearly 8,000 people packed an Upper Marlboro high school auditorium for a rally in support of Anthony Brown’s bid to become governor….

Karl Rove/Donald Segretti-style dirty tricks?  (Or, perhaps a time limit on parking?) Continue reading


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How to Blow An Election You Ought to Win (part i)



How some view the Party of the Spineless®

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity….

Ah, the agit-prop campaign is working: divide and dispirit Democrats. If you watched it in 2010 you’re probably an idiot not to recognize the SAME media propaganda campaign. But don’t feel bad, bucko, you’re in pretty good company: the entire Democratic party and its allies!

Let’s leave aside the fact that modern Democrats are invertebrates who capitulate to the thugs and bullies of the Right at the drop of a sound bite.’Wussies R Us‘ continues into another blighted campaign season.

I want to talk to you about three crazy ideas that are lying out in plain sight, but nobody’s paying any attention to. And why they OUGHT to.

First up: WHY it APPEARS that Democrats are spineless in this election. Continue reading


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SCROTUS Upholds Texas Poll Tax


They just can’t keep from meddling, when GOP interests are at stake, can they:

Supreme Court Allows Texas to Use Strict Voter ID Law in Coming Election
Adam Liptak / New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Saturday allowed Texas to use its strict voter identification law in the November election.  The court’s order, issued just after 5 a.m., was unsigned and contained no reasoning…

“Contained no reasoning” is actually a fair description of ALL the recent attempts by the Alter Boys of SCROTUS* to take us back to their dream of a plantation society, circa 1820. Continue reading


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Ebolaphobia Grips an Uninformed Nation


Ebola is on the loose. Quick! Get the Surgeon General on it!  (Whoops! the GOP has filibustered his appointment!)

Ebola is on the loose. Quick! Get the Surgeon General on it!
(Whoops! the GOP has filibustered his appointment!)

One patient dead in USA: Ebola panic completely grips the Blogosphere. But there’s a far more important and less talked-about issue that’s getting short shrift.


“It’s An Object of Gallows Humor for the Staff”
Josh Marshall / Talking Points Memo

TPM Reader JM on Rick Scott, hospital preparedness and the “Ebola cart” …

but here’s the nut of it: Continue reading

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Fear is What We Need to Fear Most


The latest news suggests that the two health care workers who have been infected with ebola oughtn’t be a great surprise:

Presbyterian workers wore no hazmat suits for two days while treating Ebola patient
Dianna Hunt / Dallas Morning News

Health care workers treating Thomas Eric Duncan in a hospital isolation unit didn’t wear protective hazardous-material suits for two days until tests confirmed the Liberian man had Ebola …

Well, I guess protocols WEREN’T followed, all the Faux Nooz snarking and fearmongering and attacks on the head of the CDC notwithstanding. Facts banish nameless fears, unless, of course, you’re watching Faux Nooz. Continue reading


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Important Announcement

Take a look at Memeorandum today, and consider how hot the water has gotten for us wee frogs.

Insane Gift Giving

Having grown up in the house of a dangerous lunatic, I have developed a great respect for the danger of lunatics (even publicly-seeming-pleasant ones) and, therefore, there will be no blog today.

Please excuse little Hart from today’s news cycle, as he is too well to attend.



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Politicizing Ebola

Ronald-Reagan ebolo

I haven’t really wanted to write all weekend, as the festival of the brain-dead has gone into full-on panic and thence into political advantage mode over ONE case of ebola, and now, one nurse infected while treating said case. CDC says protocols were breached. GOPs say somehow it’s Obama’s fault, and even if it isn’t maybe they can hang ebola on him ANYway.

CDC director: Second case of Ebola in US result of ‘breach of protocol’
Fox News

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a “breach of protocol” caused a health care worker at a Dallas hospital to contract Ebola. The health care worker, a female nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, had “extensive contact” on multiple occasions with Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S., who died last week, Dr. Tom Frieden said in a press conference Sunday.

The health care worker’s case is the first known case of the disease being contracted or transmitted in the U.S.  Frieden said the CDC is evaluating other health care workers who may have had the same breach of protocol as the nurse….

Containing the USUAL “The Associated Press contributed to this report” tag at the end, to cover for Faux Nooz’s rewriting of AP stories to make them “hotter.”

Right, and ‘Gateway Pundit’s pundette parses this puke from her puerile pudenda: Continue reading

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Mister Peepers Strikes Agin!


Nigel Jaquiss, Portland’s Peeper Extraordinaire

Nigel Jaquiss, the untrained “journalist” who wins Pulitzers for peeping into the bedrooms of political figures in Oregon strikes agin!

Oregon First Lady: My sham marriage
Kendall Breitman / Politico

—  Oregon Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber’s fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, admitted on Thursday to entering into an illegal marriage in 1997, calling it a “serious mistake.”  —  “It was wrong then and it is wrong now and I am here today to accept the consequences, some of which will be life changing…

Awww. Nigel must be wanking furiously at this.

I’ve been covering the “uncoverer of sex lives” for a few years now. Continue reading


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Palin Comparison, Lockup Edition


The Wasilla Hillbillies are in the news again:

READ: Anchorage Police Release Report For Palin Family Brawl
Ahiza Garcia / Talking Points Memo

—  Police in Anchorage, Alaska announced on Thursday there are no plans to press charges over the brawl that reportedly involved several members of former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s family….

Oh, those lovable goofballs from Alaska, getting into drunken brawls and lecturing everyone else in America about morality.

Why, that teenage unwed mother herself, Bristol, when not giving out advice on how to hold an aspirin between one’s knees to keep from foaling bastards, likes to punch homeowners in the mouth!

Continue reading

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The October Surprise with a Side of Fries

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”– H.L. Mencken

elephant crook

Ah yes. “Scandals” aplenty in the desperate attempt to deflect attention from the worst congress in US history. “Judicial Watch” claims that FOUR ISIS TERRORISTS have been arrested in Texas, while the right-wing press crows and no one else can find evidence of this “fact” from the insanely partisan (created for the Clinton Impeachment) Judicial Watch. Oh, and this:

Aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal
By Carol D. Leonnig and David Nakamura
October 8 at 11:40 PM
Washington Post

As nearly two dozen Secret Service agents and members of the military were punished or fired following a 2012 prostitution scandal in Colombia, Obama administration officials repeatedly denied that anyone from the White House was involved….


But, as we read, the “scandal” seems to vanish in a puff of partisan and Secret Service sour grapes: Continue reading


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Waiting for the Clown Car

waiting for their clown car


Republicans brace for 2016 free-for-all

—  The message from Republican officials has been crystal clear for two years: The 2016 Republican primary cannot be another prolonged pummeling of the eventual nominee.  Only one person ultimately benefited from that last time — Barack Obama — and Republicans know they can’t afford to send a hobbled nominee up against Hillary Clinton…

Politico notes:  Continue reading


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Nothing ‘tacit’ about this victory

United_states_supreme_court_building public domain

United States Supreme Court building, Public Domain

This is a good Omen for the First Monday in October:

Supreme Court Hands Gay Marriage a Tacit Victory
Adam Liptak / New York Times

WASHINGTON — In a move that may signal the inevitability of a nationwide right to same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court on Monday let stand appeals court rulings allowing such unions in five states.  —  The development, a major surprise …

And this outcome: Continue reading


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The Matter With Kansas

Captain_bob dole Pike

They even pulled old Bob Dole out of mothballs to try to save Pat Roberts

What’s the matter with Kansas? Seems that they are sick of out of touch, out of state, out to lunch representation:

Kansas Surprise: Orman Leads Roberts by 10 in NBC/Marist Poll – NBC News
NBC News

Independent candidate Greg Orman is leading incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas by 10 points, while Democrats have a slim lead in North Carolina’…

Wait a minute! The National GOPs just fired Sen. Pat Roberts’ (R, Kan.) campaign staff, brought in D.C. professionals, and lots of dark money!

Continue reading


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