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Chuck Todd, Political Genius

Chuck Todd screeches about comedians in politics

Chuck Todd (L.) pontificates (pre-Meet the Press)

At the helm for his new “Meet The Press” gig, from COMCAST’S mistaken notion that the Sunday Morning Shows are for ratings, and NOT for (as they actually are) lobbying and inside the beltway media schmoozing, Chuck Todd lays another golden turd on the Bonfire of the Hannuttys.

Chuck Todd Splits US Into ‘Starbucks Nation’ And ‘Chick-Fil-A Country’ (VIDEO)
Caitlin MacNeal / Talking Points Memo

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on Sunday described the 2014 midterm elections as a battle between “Starbucks nation” and “Chick-Fil-A country.”

He split the U.S. into the Democratic urban areas that drink Starbucks and the Republican rural areas that eat Chick-Fil-A….

Oh GENIUS! Oh, how BRILLIANT! WHAT a paradigm!


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Life is just so UNFAIR!

redskjin logo

Redskins is not, according to White racists, a racial slur.

Awwww. Poor White Football Fans ambushed by EVIL NATIVE AMERICAN Indians!

The Daily Show springs tense showdown with Native Americans on Redskins fans
Ian Shapira / Washington Post

The four die-hard Redskins fans thought the opportunity was as golden as the vintage helmets of their favorite football team: “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” wanted them to appear on the Comedy Central program …

Now, listen to our Modern Day Custers as they make their last stand: Continue reading


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This OUGHT to scare hell out of you


But you’ll drink the Koolaid and return to the trance state that the TV screen produces:

One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S., but why?
Jim Gaines/Reuters

For the past few weeks, as Scotland debated the wisdom of independence, Reuters has been asking Americans how they would feel about declaring independence today, not from the United Kingdom, but from the mother country they left England to create. The exact wording of the question was, “Do you support or oppose the idea of your state peacefully withdrawing from the United States of America and the federal government?” [...]

That’s not the scary part. THIS is the scary part: Continue reading


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Propaganda Works

Don’t believe me? Believe Gallup:

Democratic, Republican Party Favorable Ratings Now Similar
Jeffrey M. Jones / Gallup

Ratings of GOP improve, but are still negative  —  PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ views of the Democratic and Republican parties are now similar, mainly because of their more positive ratings of the GOP.

gops gallup

So, why the “positive ratings” for the GOP?

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Hello, I must be going …

[NOTE: Featured on Crooks and Liars' Blog Roundup 17 SEP 2014]


Baggy pants comedian Bobby Jindal takes the 2016 GOP Vaudeville Tour tryouts stage:

Bobby Jindal Calls Obama Admin ‘Science Deniers’
Sahil Kapur / Talking Points Memo

At a breakfast for reporters Tuesday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, the Republican [Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal] attacked President Barack Obama for not fully taking advantage of the United States’ fossil fuel and energy resources.

“The reality is right now we’ve got an administration in the Obama administration that are science deniers when it comes to harnessing America’s energy resources and potential to create good-paying jobs for our economy and for our future,” Jindal said. “Right now we’ve got an administration whose policies are holding our economy hostage.” …

The comic then took some questions by explaining his policy and belief on global warming: Continue reading


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How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Benghazi.

gops change light bulb

They’re back with their “star” witness (as noted yesterday).

Michael Calderone / The Huffington Post
Fox News Aired Nearly 1,100 Benghazi Segments Across 5 Programs, Study Finds

NEW YORK — Benghazi is back in the spotlight this week, as the House on Wednesday begins its select committee hearings on the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks. But given that conservative media have claimed for more than two years that the Obama administration orchestrated a cover-up of critical information about the attacks, it’s not like Benghazi ever really went away.

Fox News, which has led the cover-up charge in conservative media, aired 1,098 evening television segments on Benghazi between the night of the attacks and the formation of the select committee in early May of this year

Yes, as I began to get into yesterday, the whole “Sharyl Attkisson scoop” is for a story more than a year old (May, 2013) that added nothing, but hyped the Issa House Hearings and was the subject of a screechy Faux Nooz kaffeeklatsch this morning on something called “Outnumbered.” Continue reading

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Cleansing the Hive of Heretics

kent state sweatshirt

The offending fabric – made from whole cloth!

The latest faux outrage in a country fixated on petty outrage is this:

Michelle Broder Van Dyke / BuzzFeed
Urban Outfitters Features “Vintage” Red-Stained Kent State Sweatshirt  —  The “vintage Kent State” sweatshirt is for sale in the women’s section of the Urban Outfitters’ website.  —  —  It can be found through a quick search on the website:

Naturally, this story was broken by the “crack” journalists at BuzzFeed, unable to come up with their usual sterling output of such journalistic coups as “25 Child Stars Who Played With Their Own Poop.” Continue reading


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Benghazi Bengazing Boobery

gop titanic

As predicted last April

Oh ghod …,. here we go again. Can you say idée fixe?

Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review
Sharyl Attkisson / Daily Signal

As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares for its first hearing this week, a former State Department diplomat is coming forward with a startling allegation: Hillary Clinton confidants …

The important part of this story is contained in the prefatory clause of the lede: “As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares for its first hearing this week …”

It is apparent that facts do NOT h0ld any particular precedence in this witch hunt. No: some slime (probably Darrell Issa) leaked the latest “bombshell” to Rupert Murdoch’s latest CBS acquisition so that the GOPs can CONTINUE to attack Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential candidacy, because, you know, THE GOP HAS NOTHING ELSE LEFT. Continue reading


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The Parricide Throws Himself on the Mercy of the Court


There is an old joke that applies here. A man kills both his parents. Then he throws himself on the mercy of the court because, as he tearfully wails, “I’m an orphan.”

[Note: killing your parents is called 'parricide.']

That Orphan is, in this case, Kevin D. Williamsons, of Mendacity 4 Ever, a/k/a National Review Online:

Democrats’ Push to Criminalize Dissent
Kevin D. Williamson / National Review

—  Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.  Dissent is the lowest form of crime.  If you are a drone in the hive of the Left, it is possible — easy, in fact — to believe both of those things at the same time.  —  Free speech just won …

Let’s start with that first sentence: bullshit. It’s only a phrase, and, in this case, tossed out as the garnish on our shit sandwich of worm-eaten lies. Continue reading


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The Utter Uselessness of the Modern Press Corpse

maher trump

Doing his best imitation of Donald Trump, Aaron Blake pontificates

The imbecile reporter from the Washington Post has decided to make deep political commentary about a cable humor show about politics. I keeds you not:

Bill Maher announced he’s targeting Rep. John Kline.  He picked the wrong guy.
Aaron Blake / Washington Post

Comedian Bill Maher announced Friday night that he will personally target Republican Rep. John Kline (Minn.) for defeat in the November election — the culmination of his longstanding “Flip a District” …

Yes. A “reporter” for the mighty Washington Post, the paper that brought down Nixon, has no time for the horror that is inside the beltway politics. No: he criticizes schtick. Seriously. Continue reading

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Hunting Witches

gop filibusterer

I must confess, there is something I do far more often than I ought: I see what the top stories are in the blogosphere, and comment on those. This has the salutary effect of driving a lot more traffic to my blog than otherwise, and I do not apologize for it, but I DO ofttimes feel a little more herd-driven than I care to be.

No problem THIS week, however. Here’s the top story:

Eyewitness comes forward on ‘Palin brawl’
Amanda Coyne

Eric Thompson was having fun with friends and his wife at a party in South Anchorage on Saturday night.  Thompson, who is 56 years old, was the designated driver for the evening, so he wasn’t drinking.  But that was okay with him.  He was among friends….

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Ask Not … ME²! ME²!

There was a marvelous ceremony in the Rotunda of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. this afternoon,  yesterday, and I stumbled on it completely by accident.

Shocking teleprompter applause lines at JFK Memorial, Thursday

[Apologies for the delay. Tracking down the evidence experienced an unavoidable delay, as we shall see, which has now been corrected, as we shall see.]

And there, gathered, were the Kennedys, and leaders of Congress and Washington VIPs, for a remembrance of John F. Kennedy’s eloquent inaugural speech in 1961, which I heard the first time, and which was replayed at the end — which I’ll get to — as the assembled listened.

Our Vice President, Joe Biden, was magnificent. Whoever wrote that speech has my unreserved praise, and Biden’s delivery was pitch-perfect flawless. Continue reading

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And The Boys Became Men

From my upcoming story collection, Nine of Hart’s. The front page news Ray Rice controversy has made this timely. Again. (Last time was O.J.)

It’s only 1200 words, or slightly longer than most op-eds.

first football helmet 1893

And The Boys Became Men

© 1986 Hart Williams

They did not mean to do it: The parents—reared in war, and American expansion, and competition—did not mean to raise them up, and feed and clothe them better than any generation previous in the history of Mankind. But they did. And the poor boys, more powerful than any creature had a right to be, came to manhood more ignorant of the consequences of power than any before them.

His name was Lawrence on his driver’s license—a California number with a Polaroid of him in a Hawaiian shirt and a tan -but everyone who knew him as a person, and not a number or address called him Larry.

Larry was thirty when he met Pamela. She was a redhead, with class and brains, and a temper. But Larry liked the temper. She wasn’t a pushover. She was going somewhere, and at thirty—if you’re unmarried, and unfocused– going somewhere is very important. Continue reading


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Some Wisconsin Skullduggery You Might Have Missed


I hope I don’t scare Mr. Eric O’Keefe with this, as well, but a very interesting trial is taking place in a Federal Courthouse in Wisconsin.

Listen to audio of today’s arguments: Eric O’Keefe v. John Chisholm #JohnDoe #ScottWalker
by  • September 9, 2014I do not expect to be writing anything on this tonight (the brain is too fried) but I will be adding links to stories penned by others as they come out.

Update: I added some notes from Part One at the end.

UpdateFederal judges question why John Doe issue before them By Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel Updated: 6:08 p.m.

These are arguments made today in front of the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on the John Doe Investigation….

[AUDIO and partial transcript]

Here’s what the Journal-Sentinel says is at stake: Continue reading

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