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A Steep Hillary To Climb, or, Because She’s There …

Disclaimer: I take no position on Hillary Clinton, pro or con. This isn’t about that. Anyone who foolishly decides that this is their soapbox for their feelings about Hillary, pro or con, will find their commentary exiled permanently to electronic limbo. Now, read with comprehension:


Peter Beinart / The Atlantic Online

Clintonphobia: Why No Democrat Wants to Run Against Hillary  —  Strong frontrunners have drawn challengers before.  But given the Clintons’ reputation for retaliating for betrayals, it’s just not worth it in 2016.  —  The mystery of the 2016 Democratic presidential race isn’t why Hillary Clinton seems likely to run….

I had been thinking abut this over the last couple of weeks, and, evidently, I am not alone. I am worried.

Sen. Edmund Muskie

Maine Senator Ed Muskie circa 1972

You see, I remember Ed Muskie in 1972, or, actually, late 1971.

Muskie was, at that time, the overwhelming favorite to capture the nomination and take on Tricky Dick Nixon in a rematch of 1968. But Muskie was out almost before New Hampshire. What happened? Wikipedia: Continue reading


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Romney Far Worse Than Advertised

romney mitt pantsfire

Mitt lies to Arizonans

Mitt Romney has never particularly been a nice guy.  This  won’t particularly improve that image:

S.A. Miller / Washington Times:

Mitt Romney: Obama worse than even I expected … BECKLEY, W.Va. — When Mitt Romney stumped here Tuesday for a trio of Republican candidates for Congress, the event had all the trappings of a “Romney for President” rally.  —  The crowd chanted, “Mitt!  Mitt!  Mitt!”
Ah,  but here’s where Mitt the Dick comes out loud and clear:

Continue reading


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Perry, Perry, Quite Contrary

oops + poops

As usual, liberalism requires that you cover the back of someone who hates you, while ignoring the back of anyone on your side. In this case, Rick Perry for the former, and the President for the latter. To wit:

Is Gov. Rick Perry’s Bad Judgment Really a Crime?
New York Times

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is one of the least thoughtful and most damaging state leaders in America, having done great harm to immigrants, abortion clinics and people without health insurance during his 14 years in office.

Aww. I’ve seen all sorts of “liberal” commentators, “progressively” sneering at the indictment, even though almost none are lawyers and very few have actually read the charges thoroughly. Continue reading

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Suppose The Rule of Law Unravelled and No One Noticed …


It continues to descend into chaos.

County investigation: Michael Brown was shot from the front, had marijuana in his system
Washington Post

Michael Brown was shot in the head and chest multiple times, according to Mary Case, the St. Louis County medical examiner.  —  While Case declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation …

We have successfully generated a NEW narrative through the almost magical use of our new technological breakthrough: GOP-O-VISION!* Continue reading

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Uh, Guys? You might want to rethink that headline …

I suppose that they are inured to it in Missouri. But this conjures an entirely inappropriate image to mind.


click here for the original

But allow me to make one thing perfectly clear … Continue reading


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Woodstock and Childhood’s End

why i burned my first novel

My first novel

Woodstock began and my childhood ended forty five years ago, today. The events were, to my knowledge, unrelated.

After many years of struggle, we moved into our “dream” house just in time for the 1968 Summer Olympics. The old Fox Theater downtown in Laramie, Wyoming moved coincidentally to a couple of blocks from us, on the tonier East Side of town, and I saw Planet of the Apes there, along with many others. Washington Park with its WPA Bandshell was just one house and a street away, and my brother and I shared the downstairs, with its fireplace dominated family room and our own bathroom.

Upstairs, it was a tony place, with a two car garage with entrances on the street AND on the alley with the then-technological marvel of an automatic garage door opener. I remember watching the walk on the Moon in the carpeted upstairs living room, with its clear yellow sun-shade that you drew down like an old rollup shade. Continue reading


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Sharyl Attkisson Blows the Last of Her Credibility for her New Masters

Pity poor Sharyl. Once upon a time she was actually a reporter. Now?


Yes, this is a pathetic advertisement for the very 
opposite of the swill she’s now bottling for Rupert, et al.

In the same week that her unconscionable water-carrying for the Reicht was exposed as she had personally walked Benghazi back into CBS News, and now the Congressional Committee charged with the investigation has exonerated the Obama Administration (nothing to see here, move along move along), she manages to make herself appear even MORE an ideologue with this giant turd of a story (on her “independent” personal website, no less, without any additional fact-checking, or editorial oversight):

HHS Official: “Delete this email”
Sattkisson / Sharyl Attkisson

An email obtained by Congress shows the top official for at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services under the Department of Health and Human Services, Marilyn Tavenner, instructed the agency’s top spokesman to “Please delete this email.”

Thence follows another of those idiotic series of assertions that suggest when people behave like normal, fallible people, it MUST BE A DEEP, EVIL CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT EVIL DEEP CONSPIRACY! Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Citees

ferguson 'militia'

Ferguson “militia” members

Slowly, by degrees, the seeming murder in cold blood for a posthumously-accused at-best-misdemeanor Black teenager by a White cop in Missouri, is turning into another Cliven-Bundy-type (although not -style)  standoff of sorts:

Looting, confrontation mar Ferguson’s streets once more

Have you documented the protests in Ferguson?  Share your photos, videos and opinions with CNN iReport.  For local coverage of the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown and its aftermath, go to CNN affiliates KMOV, KSDK, KTVI and KPLR.*

[* Well, at least CNN's reporting standards are going up, what with outsourcing their crappy journalism to ... anyone with an internet connection.]

Ferguson, Missouri (CNN) — A fragile peace shattered in Ferguson early Saturday, as looters again robbed neighborhood business while law enforcement in riot gear — monitoring another night of protests against last week’s killing of teenager Michael Brown — largely looked on without intervening.
Some protesters tried to stop the looting, at times standing in front of one convenience store and preventing others from doing more damage. Police, criticized days earlier for being too aggressive with protesters, now drew the ire of merchants who told CNN they weren’t doing enough.

And I wondered what would be happening if you got the Saint Louis County law enforcement army against the Cliven Bundy Gadsden Flag and camo ad hoc resistance from a few months ago: Continue reading


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Crazy From The Heat, or It’s Only Logickal – REDUX

I’d like to take you back to this day in 2007, just to see how much (or little) things have changed. The BIG change? Little Green Footballs (one of the blogs that famously took down Dan Rather over alleged proportional spacing ) is now an ANTI-Rightie blog.

From August 15, 2007, and Happy Birthday, Napoleon Bonaparte.

I have always referred to the insanity passing for reasonableness on the Right as “Logick” in direct parody of Aleister Crowley’s “Magick” — both of which are bogus as hell.  (HW – 2014)

doggie.jpg doggie.jpgdoggie.jpg

Welcome to the dog days of August. Originally having something or other to do with the heliacal rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, the Nile floods and the UFOs moving the Pyramids, they now seem to just be dog days. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Truths and Two Lies – Redux

From 7 November 2013.

Remember that “Fact Check” (the one that’s always wrong) named this the “Lie of the Year.” Whether they have seen an optometrist yet is not known.


Whether it is lawful or not, whether
you have to tell the truth or not.

Chuck Todd of NBC has an interview with the President up, in which, the headline breathlessly proclaims:

President Obama said Thursday that he is “sorry” that some Americans are losing their current health insurance plans as a result of the Affordable Care Act, despite his promise that no one would have to give up a health plan they liked.

“I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me,” he told NBC News in an exclusive interview at the White House.

“We’ve got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this.”

And the poison pill is added: Continue reading


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Snowden and Espionage and Treason, Oh, my!

snowden wired

The oh-so-cute WIRED illustration

Edward Snowden is so happy with his new Russian asylum that he’s decided to sell out his country.

James Bamford / Wired
THE MESSAGE ARRIVES on my “clean machine,” a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package. “Change in plans,” my contact says. “Be in the lobby of the Hotel ______ by 1 pm. Bring a book and wait for ES to find you.”

ES is Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world. For almost nine months, I have been trying to set up an interview with him—traveling to Berlin, Rio de Janeiro twice, and New York multiple times to talk with the handful of his confidants who can arrange a meeting. Among other things, I want to answer a burning question: What drove Snowden to leak hundreds of thousands of top-secret documents, revelations that have laid bare the vast scope of the government’s domestic surveillance programs?

Ah, the craptacular “setting the mood” opening of the obligatory “important” story, usually indicating that the author has several thousand words to burn and an interview to do.

But our little reporter has an agenda of his own: Continue reading


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Robin Williams and the Case of the Missing Post

Gaudete Sunday pope

Of course, Faux Nooz is going to resent Robin Williams for having wealth and fame and not being happy. Because in FauxWorld, that’s what they’re selling. Any counter-examples are to be attacked and savaged. Thus:

Shepard Smith Clarifies and Apologizes for Robin Williams ‘Coward’ Remark

—  Last night, Fox News devoted some time to covering Robin Williams’ apparent suicide, focusing on the comedian’s family life — and, in the middle of it, Shepard Smith described his death as “cowardly”:

But that’s par for the course. No: what I want to talk to you about is THIS:

priests for life but not for robin williams

As you can see, I was checking my post on BuzzFeed when I saw this

See that Kevin Burke /   Robin Williams: Abortion of His Unborn Child May Have Added to Struggle With Depression link?  Well, don’t click it. It’s GONE!

Continue reading


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The Buzz is about WHAT they actually Feed you …


Before Ben Smith took over as BuzzFeed’s News Editor-in-Chief

I’m going to pointlessly and unethically speculate on something BuzzFeed just did. At least that keeps my journalism down to BuzzFeed‘s level:

Over 4,000 BuzzFeed Posts Have Completely Disappeared
J.K. Trotter / Gawker

You may have heard that BuzzFeed recently landed $50 million in venture capital, with which it hopes to transcend its long-time status as a “content laboratory” for shareable listicles, strange quizzes and LOL-worthy videos. Earlier this year, however, the viral news website appears to have tried a more novel solution: Permanently erasing thousands of specious, staff-written posts.

Last month, we noted that BuzzFeed had removed at least four posts, published in 2010 and 2011, that contained text lifted from other websites. A spokesperson explained that the deleted posts no longer met BuzzFeed’s updated “editorial standards.” Yet the site refused to specify (or even estimate) the total number posts deleted, for whatever reason, from BuzzFeed’s servers. A dozen? Fifty? A hundred?

Well, the headline gives it away, doesn’t it?

I’ve been following this story — sort of — ever since ex-Tabloid ‘reporter’ Ben Smith first broke his first COMPLETELY WRONG scoop for startup Politico. Thence, after lending his execrable journalistic “skills” to “Tiger Beat on the Potomac” — as Esquire‘s Charles Pierce calls the digital rag — Smith was lured to BuzzFeed to take over their “news” arm.
Continue reading

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The Shameful Reanimation of ‘Regime Change’ by the comatose press

Once upon a time, “regime change” was shamefully used on a comatose press, who failed to notice that it was never used until 48 hours before the criminal invasion and murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq. Now that we are attempting to STOP the murder of innocents, The Hill trots out this shameful phrase, without the slightest sense of irony or self awareness. Why are we not surprised?

The Wide Angle shot

2003 Bringing down Saddam’s Baghdad statue.
The Wide Angle shot of the “crowds”
click here for one of many exposés that
never seemed to get much attention.


Obama seeks Iraq regime change
Justin Sink / The Hill

The White House on Monday took new diplomatic steps to force Iraq’s prime minister from power as it looked for ways to stop fighters with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from gaining a deeper foothold in the country….

Regime change. Where have I heard that before? OH YES. And here’s what I wrote about it on June 19, 2003: Continue reading

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