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Enter Mister ‘Voter Fraud’


Fund strikes (pardon the expression) again!

John Fund, like John Stossel, has long been a Fifth Columnist working in the Fourth Estate. Nice thing is, you can tell what his CATO-esque masters are thinking by reading his little screeds. To wit(less) [emphasis added]:

Raced-Based Preferences Forever
John Fund / National Review: 

You can often tell when advocates of one side in an argument fear they will ultimately lose. They change their branding. A few years ago, warnings about “global warming” were replaced with scare stories about “climate change.” One reason? The Earth had stopped appreciably warming in the late 1990s, making the change a PR necessity.

Supporters of affirmative action are now signaling similar weakness. What was called “racial quotas” in the 1970s and has been referred to as “affirmative action” since the 1990s is giving way to a new term: “race-sensitive admission policies.” The language shift is telling — race-based preferences are losing intellectual, judicial, and political support…

Because someone who sneers at climate change really KNOWS a lot about stuff. That’s why he’s bragging so that you know you can trust his judgment to be equally good on matters of race. And, of course, it is. Just not in the manner intended by this fatuous puffball of scrofulous contemptuousness.

“Race-based preferences” is, of course, THE description of American law and practice g0ing back to at least, Christopher Columbus, but when any attempt is made to even the playing field, suddenly all that bigotry and bias goes away and the rich KKKonservatives kkkrow that they’re being ‘oppressed.’ Continue reading

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Ward Connerly, Rupert Murdoch and Howie Rich, oh my!

There is a shadowy network of dark money and darker proposals being enacted by … let’s call them Koch affiliates. I wrote extensively about this in 2006.

After muscling the ballot measure onto the Michigan Ballot in 2006, fronted by Ward Connerly and Chetly Zarko (yes, that’s his ‘real’ name) …

But first, let me NOT bury the lede. Here is Rupert Murdoch’s 200,000  interest-free loan to Ward Connerly in 2002 as listed on his ACRC 990 income tax return:


Click to enlarge

Does that stoke your interest? Because Ward Connerly is the front for the Anti-Affirmative Action law just upheld by the Supreme Court:

 Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Affirmative Action Ban Adam Liptak / New York Times:

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a Michigan voter initiative that banned racial preferences in admissions to the state’s public universities.  —  In earlier cases, including one from June concerning the University of Texas …

This all started in 1996 in California, and therein hangs our tale … But first some pictures: Continue reading


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Michelle-Obama (1)

The Supreme Court has attacked another aspect of the Civil Rights legislation of 50 years ago.

Supreme Court upholds ban on affirmative action in college admissions
By: Josh Gerstein and Stephanie Simon and Maggie Severns
April 22, 2014 10:17 AM EDT
The Supreme Court delivered another setback to affirmative action Tuesday, easing the way for states to bar public colleges from considering race in admissions and to prohibit officials from taking race into account in hiring and contracting.The decision upheld a constitutional amendment in Michigan voters approved in 2006, banning preferential treatment based on race, gender, ethnicity or national origin.The outcome of the case was not a shock, but the lopsided, 6-2 vote signaled the court’s continuing rightward shift on issues of race.

Eight states now have bans on affirmative action.

I will explain the “lopsided” nature of Stephen Breyer’s misguided vote in another post. Because, to understand THAT, you need to understand WHERE this law actually came from.

I know. I watched it happen.  Continue reading


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Sharyl Comes Up Short on Facts


Sharyl Attkisson continues her “CBS is EVIL LIBERULZ” tour with a weekend stop at CNN, where her fact-challenged narrative was, of course, not challenged. And if anyone knows about crappy news operations, CNN is the current champ. Soon, Sharyl will return to her new masters at Faux Nooz™.

How To Make Yourself Sound Nuts 101
Josh Marshall / Talking Points Memo

And, if you need further confirmation, Jim “Magic Eyes” Hoft weighs in with his super-duper journalism credentials to provide Col. Klink Syndrome:

Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit — DESPICABLE: Talking Points Memo Smears Sharyl Attkisson as ‘Crazy’ in Sexist Attack

Because, as we all know, only male misogynists can determine what is and isn’t “sexist.” Just as only white KKKonservatives can define “racism.” Continue reading


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Thought for Easter Sunday

Just remember …


So be careful out there.


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Republicans aren’t the only ones who can filibuster, GOP finds to its utter amazement

ayn rand Blazing saddles

Click to enlarge*

Aghast! (Spoken with a feminine, Southern accent).  Whatever has happened to our lovely pipelahn?

Keystone decision delayed yet again

The Obama administration says it is indefinitely extending its long-awaited review of the Keystone XL pipeline — providing a Good Friday jolt to one of the president’s most wrenching environmental decisions.

The move could easily push President Barack Obama’s final decision past the November election….

Oh fiddle dee DEE! Heavens to Betsy! Whatever shall we do? Oh, I pray, Draw out the faintin’ couch for ah feah the vapors coming on. Ahhh … Continue reading


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Wyoming Tales: T. Rex at Fifty

April 11, 1964 was windy at the University. Of course, in Laramie, Wyoming it’s generally ALWAYS windy.

I was bundled into my dress jacket, and was wind chilled by it all. Just like the dedication of the Lincoln Monument up top of what was then US 30, “The Lincoln Highway” and is now Interstate 80 at its highest point, the “tarp” for the “unveiling” had managed to form a sort of surrealist windbreaker/inner tube installation effect:

Wyoming T Rex  dedication april 11 1964

T. Rex in Poncho (Not sure whether real or Sears poncho)
Click to enlARGE

This was about the year that Dick Cheney decided to scream and yell at my brother and I. (“Once a Dick, Always a Dick,” 22 December 2008.) But that day was the culmination of Wyoming’s “Citizen of the Century”s career. Continue reading


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A Low News Day Slow Days Later

NOTE: This is the follow-up and payoff  toA Low News Day — if you didn’t hear the joke, you’re not going to ‘get’ the punch line. 

And here we are. They’re brawling in the gutter over the Pulitzer Prize. As they say in the law: Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself

Maximilian I's Monogram

Maximilian I’s Monogram

And “Russian Separatists” are on the verge of a civil war in Ukraine. Blood  has been spilled, which takes everything up one immeasurable notch. “Up” as in closer to armageddon.

And the Teabilly Teatards and their Second Amendment Solutions almost decided to play “Alamo” over the absurd notion of management of shared  resources. In southern Nevada, fer chrissakes. Continue reading


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Beware the Ides of April


If there were ever a day and a moment for domestic terrorism, it is today. 2014 You know: Ted Nugent’s “Fedzilla” is outta kontrol n must be attacked, a gazillion Gomers and Jethros are tellin’ their trusty firearms, lovingly named.

Bundy Ranch ‘Militia’ Considered Using Women As Human Shield
Dylan Scott / Talking Points Memo

 It appears that the anti-government activists protesting the Bureau of Land Management’s actions against a Nevada cattle rancher were considering using women as a human shield if a gun battle had erupted during the standoff [sic] ….

If you are a government worker, be particularly wary today. Continue reading

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Short and Sweet for the Quisling


Ragging for Rupert; Mealy-mouthed for
Murdoch; Asinine for Ailes

Sour Grapes from the Conservatard Princess:

Sharyl Attkisson Slams CBS News, Obama Admin’s ‘Chilling Effect’ on Reporting
Evan McMurry / Mediaite

Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative reporter who recently resigned from her post at CBS News, took shots at both her former employer and the Obama administration on Media Buzz Sunday morning  …

Two thoughts:  Continue reading


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What’s the Matter with Kansas?


According to BuzzFeed and PornHub, Kansas watches the most porn in the land.

porn states ranked

They want to make various idiotic points about this that hold no journalistic water, and, as a result, are TOTALLY within BuzzFeed’s usual reporting penumbra — emphasis on ‘numb.’

Who Watches More Porn: Republicans Or Democrats?
Let’s take a look at the body politic, shall we? Turns out that porn is a highly accurate predictor of presidential politics.

posted on April 11, 2014 at 11:23am EDT
by Ryan Broderick
BuzzFeed Staff

Pornhub’s data team split the country into red and blue states—based on the 2012 election—and then took the total number of pages viewed per state and divided that by the population….

It is NOT “highly accurate.” In fact, it’s a journalistic abomination. Over one third of voters are now “independents” (a term meaning “I’m so stupid that I ace myself out of voting in primaries, where candidates are actually chosen, and I can have the most effect”) and, as a result, the whole conceit is intellectually bankrupt.  But …

Continue reading


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