Women Haters! How To Shoot Yourself in the Foot

[Programming note: "Greta" is featured on today's Crooks and Liars "Mike's Blog Roundup." Thanks, Swimgirl!]

Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan, founders of the Women’s Media Center, have written an Op-Ed on CNN about invoking FCC rules vis a vis Rush Limbaugh.

I do not necessarily subscribe to their point of view, BUT they have a RIGHT to be angry and to speak out about the verbal abuse of women and institutionalized misogyny on the public airwaves. There is ZERO doubt about that. OK?

But there is the typical blog swarm, exclusively Rightie, that “refutes” their argument with almost naught BUT hateful and extremely woman-hating commentary on the “free speech” of these venerable icons of feminism. To wit (hate-speak emphasis added):

ZIP / Weasel Zippers:   Feminist Hags Jane Fonda And Gloria Steinem Call For FCC To Ban Rush Limbaugh…
BigFurHat / iOwnTheWorld.com:   This Reads Like Political Parody
TWB / The POH Diaries:   AWWWW. Femi-Nazi’s Want Rush Silenced*
Doug Mataconis / Outside the Beltway:   They’re Making Me Defend Rush Limbaugh
Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit:   Oh Brother… Bill Maher’s Gal-Pals Hanoi Jane & Gloria Steinem Say Rush Limbaugh Should be Taken Off Air
Jeff Poor / The Daily Caller:   Maher calls efforts to pressure Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors ‘the system being manipulated’
Andrew Stuttaford / National Review:   Banning Limbaugh
Susan Duclos / Wake up America:   Flashback- Rush Limbaugh Skewers Jane Fonda; The Grapes are Still Sour
Clark Stooksbury / The American Conservative:   Hanoi Jane Approximately
Dan / Riehl World View:   Jane Fonda, CNN Smear Limbaugh With Out Of Context Quote

[* Uh, great use of the singular possessive in place of the plural there, Einstein.]

No misogyny or hate speech there. Nosiree. Nothing to see here. MoveOn, MoveOn.

And that’s how you shoot yourself in the foot defending hate-speech against women.

Way to go (with one Quisling exception) guys!

What is MOST disturbing is that there are NO liberal/blue voices represented, by self-selection. Our discourse has separated into entirely segregated rhetorical universes, and, all history tells me, this is extraordinarily dangerous for the life of the Republic.

The blue only talks to the blue; the red only screeches to the red.

A house divided … indisputably.


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4 responses to “Women Haters! How To Shoot Yourself in the Foot

  1. jim

    Happy Blogiversary, and many more! To my favorite blogger TY, Jim

  2. Wow. You actually think that my clever Dylan reference title (Queen Jane Approximately) is no different than people screaming “Feminazi”? I guess you would think my title “Napoleons Enraged” is offensive to the French.
    And just how is the phrase “feminist icon” hate speech?

    • First of all, congratulations on congratulating yourself for your “clever” title. I’m glad you think that you’re clever. Nothing else in your foaming-at-the-mouth defense of misogyny backs up that conclusion, but I’m glad to hear that you have no self-esteem issues.

      From your blog posting, Quote:

      I find difficult that none of these women, or any editors at CNN, noted the irony of complaining about Limbaugh’s use of “femi-nazi” in the very next sentence after comparing him to Goebbels. And the lesson of the internet age is that everybody is a Nazi, eventually.

      But “Hanoi Jane” isn’t self-contradictory in your context? Give me a break.

      As to the statement itself, it is a mindless non-argument. Limbaugh DOES behave like Joseph Goebbels, if you’ve actually read anything about Goebbels, and the question is NOT whether Goebbels was a Nazi, but, rather, whether Limbaugh uses blatant propaganda, hate-speak and brain-washing to further his slimy ends as Goebbels did.

      The fact that Goebbels was a “Nazi” in no wise refutes the analogy. If the jackboot fits, he must wear it, misinterpretations of Godwin’s Law notwithstanding.

      Having been called “Nazis” for a quarter century by Limbaugh, many might find their analogy utterly apt and appropriate. Instead, you seem to feel that it’s OK to implicitly give Limbaugh a pass, since “everybody is a Nazi, eventually.”

      As to “feminist icon” [sic] the term “feminist icons” was only PART of the highlighted headline that concludes with “anti-free speech femi-nazis.”

      While I see that your blog posts are all exceedingly short, and I can appreciate that so many words in a row might confuse you, you really ought to READ what you’re screeching about before screeching. I’m sure you can come up with another clever title for your response.