Fiddling While Home Burns

Something wicked this way comes.

NY Times Launches Its Jew-Tracker [Updated]
Steven Hayward / Power Line

 The New York Times today offers up a table examining the Democratic (but not Republican) Senators and House members opposed to Obama’s Iran agreement, noting whether they are Jewish and the proportion of Jewish constituents in their state or district …

Yeah. “Jew Tracker.” That WOULD have drawn a lot of justified ire just a few years ago, but the racial animus and religious animus of angry America has reached a fever pitch. Just in time for Nine Lebbin.


Whilst the hypnotized and sanitized mass media (endless coverage of the still relatively meaningless polling data for an election STILL well over a year away) seem otherwise engaged, something has come over the transom that I feel you ought to know about:


Today Barack Obama made an announcement that should dominate the media cycle. It should be front and center on every major network. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be.

But ***[tea party website]*** has it all and it’s ugly. You see, today Barack Obama announced that beginning October 1st (next month!) the United States will begin accepting some 10,000 Syrian refugees. This is a big, BIG problem.

Today I wrote two stories to explain why. I hope you’ll read them and leave a comment or two.

– The Boston bombers were refugees seeking safety from conflict in their home country

– The Muslim refugee Trojan Horse will burn Europe to the ground

Indeed, something evil comes our way.

Which is eerily in line with the ugliest non-actual-event to come out of the World Science Fiction Convention, a fellow who said:

… How shocking it is to discover that despite the magic of geography and high quality infrastructure, African-Americans did not magically transform into 1950s-style tax-paying, economically sufficient white people. Interestingly enough, it has only taken my ruthless Aztec cousins 27 years to ethnically cleanse Compton of most of its African-Americans. What was a white city in 1948 and a black city in 1988 is now 65 percent La Raza, 32.9 percent black, and 0.8 percent white.

That’s what diversity in future America looks like, cuckservatives.[sic] One without white people. Good luck with that. It’s also why I think it is spectacularly funny that white SJWs* believe one has to be a white supremacist in order to hate blacks. You’d think they never met an Arab, an Asian, or a Mexican.

[* viz. “Social Justice Warriors” a new slur I’d never heard of  before this year. A sort of precious, long-winded way of ejaculating the hoary slur of recent vintage, “librul.” — HW]

Except that said author (a fellow whom I shall not name, since it seems, in retrospect, that at best, part of the great “Puppies” controversy seems a publicity stunt for said author‘s new book; sorry)  seems the classic needy contrarian: if you talk about me, it doesn’t matter what you think of me; I will say anything to get attention.

No, it’s this meme on Facebook:

screencap 01

Which seems a nonsensical argument until one realizes that it was posted on May 11th. But it’s Nine Lebbin’ and that is the mild version of what’s coming out. Here’s the hard stuff, straight up (origin unknown):


And then we get this continual meme circulating on the Facebooks and Tweetses:

anti obama meme

And that was just the NICE version:

barackhussein obama

It would not surprise me to learn that THIS was ALSO some slimy PR campaign for a book.

My point is simple, and simply put:

Religious tolerance is the bedrock of our Constitution and our commitment to the First Amendment — which was proposed and promoted by the Baptists, who feared that New England would once again become a religious monopoly, the other two planks, “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of the Press” being afterthoughts.

First and foremost, America is about the freedom to believe or NOT believe in one or many deities.

It hasn’t always worked out that well in practice, but that’s the battle we continually fight.

And this strange conflation of Black Obama with Muslims with terrorism is a very ugly Pavlovian Conditioning.

We are probably too far down the line to stop now, but that does not mean that it is not still important, as an American, to stand up and be counted for religious tolerance every bit as much as you would stand up for racial tolerance.

On a purely Machiavellian level, shorn of all hint of morality, but just cold and calculating, it is IMBECILIC to promote the mindless hatred of over one billion persons, no matter how fancy you think your latest missile is. Only a great idiot would fail to see how ultimately counterproductive that undoubtedly would turn out to be.

No: as Americans (which is a notion, not a nationality), we cannot afford to remain silent in the face of blatant and vicious bigotry. We weep at the Japanese Internment Camps of World War II, but we allow the demonization of one billion Muslims to proceed without saying a word?

religious bigotry

Here’s what you’re already seeing as 9-11 rolls ’round:

british haters

This is IMPORTED hate (since this whole anti-not-White thing is spread to Europe as well). As our hyperbolic Science Fiction scamster contends above, why, they’re out to EXTERMINATE THE WHITE RACE!

(Oh and they’re KIDNAPPING WHITE WOMEN and forcing them into White Slavery, just as William Randolph Hearst’s papers accused San Francisco’s Chinese of doing a century ago, giving “yellow journalism” its name, and establishing that just MAKING STUFF UP worked just as well as real news. A lesson that SOME media outlets have taken to heart.)


The “Yellow Terror” or “Yellow Peril” of 1899.

This is old David Duke KKK stuff.  This is even older bathroom grafitti. This is the “Know Nothings” or the “Anti-Masonic” party of pre-Civil War America and the neo-Confederates of the present day.

And it was wrong then, and it’s wrong now.

This is unworthy of Americans, but you’re going to see it this weekend.

And, might I suggest … ?

SAY something.

Don’t go along to get along. Let the hater know it’s not OK to hate in your presence.

Maybe something like this:

Others have the right to their opinions and gods. That freedom is what the Pilgrims came over to find. It is bedrock to American tradition, going back long before any declaration or Constitution or founding father or mother.

Else it’s just a dictatorship with yourself as the dick.

We all want freedom of thought for ourselves, but many don’t want it for anyone else. And that is not merely childish and selfish, but it’s outright dangerous. To our country and to you and to me.

You don’t understand that YOUR belief system is protected only inasmuch as you protect the belief systems of others?

Go back and reread the pretty religious tolerance meme above. (IF you actually read it the first time.)

In a dictatorship only ONE citizen gets what he wants. See 1984.

And what do you say to Muhammed Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar? To Ahmad Rashad and Keith Ellison? After all, they’re Muslims.

No: you really need to understand what living under the First Amendment means.

If we decide to engage in wholesale condemnation of the beliefs of a billion other humans, we have no business doffing our Klan robes and pretending to be reasonable, admirable or just.

Or maybe something else.

But just as we would fight racial prejudice and Antisemitism, we need to fight THIS, this continuing, festering, sulfurous and suppurating chancre on the soft white underbelly of the body politic.

3 PATRIOT games

Lest it spread a pestilence that will prove fatal to our nation, our selves and our “exceptionalism,” real or imagined.

Say Something.


This post originally appeared on The Moderate Voice.

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