I Wish I Was Making This Up …

But, alas, I am not:

great moments in journalism

And it wasn’t (as one FB commenter asked) a confusion with hydrogen. No: they meant that they didn’t know that helium isn’t flammable. There was no ambiguity in their idiocy.

If they’d have just watched Comedy Central’s “Archer” they’d have know better (24 sec).

This was the third meme from the derp day.

nazi gas bag

Referring to Paul Ryan’s nomination by the GOP caucus for speaker.

And yes, I know it’s a blimp and not a zeppelin (which is rigid with a metal skeleton).

But, as comedy writing 101* teaches, when given the choice between accuracy and funny, go with funny. “Zeppelin” is intrinsically more humorous a word than “blimp.”

[* Unless you’ve been paid for your humor writing AND have been on stage at Hollywood’s Comedy Store, don’t bother contradicting me.]

And we finish out the set:

runaway blimp

See title. Good lord.



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