The War on Women is Real


The war on women  became a shooting war today (as though it weren’t already) as the latest target of the rabid anti-abortion anti-choice forces who believe that real women are trumped by imaginary babies was attacked by a murderous gunman, killing real people to save potential babies.

“We still have a gunman that is out there,” a police spokeswoman says
Jesse Paul / Denver Post:

At least one police officer has been injured in an ongoing active shooter situation at a Colorado Springs branch of Planned Parenthood Friday afternoon.  —  Lt. Catherine Buckley, a Colorado Springs police spokeswoman …

There. I have revealed my horrible bias in the first line of the lede and we’ll talk about what is going to happen, as is customary in current big time media.

This will NOT be called what it is: an act of domestic terrorism, as many acts of domestic terrorism are not called the result of “that religion of peace” sneeringly, and no one will mock them as persons who desire sex with four-stomached quadrupedal ungulates, and no one will claim that this just proves ALL Christians are, ultimately terrorists.

But if we have any fairness in our unfairness of characterizations, we ought to.

A follower of the “religion of peace” led by some guy named Jesus, a socialist, committed an act of terrorism on a clinic devoted to women’s reproductive health. No terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility.


Film at eleven.


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