Some Notes on the Death of David Bowie

“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.”
– Friedrich Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans (The Maid of Orleans) (1801), Act III, sc. vi


From counterbalance to the agit-prop of Faux Nooz™
an also-ran tabloid cable news network,
fall from grace has been precipitous.

This is what I hate about “journalism.” The utter stupidity and superficiality of its proponents (generally).

Case in point, MSNBC has live Brit standing in front of Bowie tribute stop in S. London. Blathers about how famous and powerful people have sent regrets (as though THAT were a measure of an artist’s life) and then this: “His last album was titled ‘Blackstar’ — a fitting title, given Bowie’s long history with stars from ‘Space Oddity’ to ‘Starman’ to ‘Ziggy Stardust’…”

The original 1969 Space Oddity ‘music video’

Seriously? That’s INSIGHT?!??

But then, over the weekend, I witnessed a CNN analyst whose hair care fees undoubtedly outstripped her book purchases in any given quarter, on the spur of the moment create a whole skein of false equivalencies between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump that literally paralyzed the muscles of my jaw, which gaped wide at the sheer clueless intellectual chutzpah of the spot-welded “insight” onto apples and oranges.

[Hint: Bernie Sanders actually knows something about governance and policy, in contradistinction to the toupee’d mouth that is Trump. They do, I will admit, BOTH display superficial bilateral symmetry,  and they both walk upright, that I will concede.]

Tree_of_life_by_Haeckel0click to enlarge

But back to the “star” insight:

Dipstick here doesn’t mention a title PAST 1972, and ‘Starman’ is ON the ‘Ziggy Stardust’ ALBUM. Good grief.

That’s a pretty narrow slice of a five decade career to grasp “deep insight” from.

It reminds me of a long, pompous piece written in a “Journal of Contemporary Culture” I read in the college library at TCU, years ago. Mr. “Publish or Perish” reviews a “Yes” album noting the “group leader” Rick Wakeman did thus and so. Anyone knowing ANYTHING about Yes knew that Wakeman was a hired gun, brought in to replace the last Yes keyboardist, but you know, SCHOLARS.

In this case, the “journalist” obviously knew as much about David Bowie as the Journal of Contemporary Culture knew about Yes.

I don’t mind ignorance, but I DO mind ignorance disguised as scholarship or “insight.” Aargh.

But he’s wearing a fashionable trenchcoat.

Suffragette City

Wham, ba’am, thank you ma’am, as Bowie notes in “Suffragette City.” (Ziggy)

 … But the growing interlinked hate and stupidity is by no means contained in the US and Israel. Writing of the current “Age of Stupidity” Andrew Levine opines: “The U.S. hasn’t gotten smarter, but it is no longer the outlier it used to be.” […] Anti-intellectualism is pre-condition of many of the aspects of Fascism that I will continue to enumerate. The violence, the chauvinism and the hypocrisy all require a type of willful stupidity to exist. Sometimes the stupidity is internalised and intrinsic to the individual Fascist, but it is often a deliberate construct.


Of course, the knowledge aspect of tertiary education is on the decline. For some reason it is universally accepted that the tax payer and the student should pay their own money to become exploitable “human capital” that someone else can profit from. We demand that universities provide what employers want even though the employers aren’t paying for it. Instead of tertiary education, wherein students learn about things, we have a tertiary training model, where students learn to do things.


That is how we have reached this point. This plutocratic distemper has created a kakistocracy (rule by the worst) which is a new form of Fascism.

8 Signs You Are Living Under a Fascist Regime
Part 2: The Resistible Rise of Global Fascism
by Kieran Kelly / January 7th, 2016
Dissident Voice


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