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Meantime, Back in RealityLand™

detective-face sheer luck sherlock

The tempest in a teacup (a Japanese teacup at that) continues, unfazed by facts, proportionality and subject to Santayana’s Curse.*

147 FBI agents involved in Clinton email probe
Jesse Byrnes / The Hill

A new report says 147 FBI agents are involved in the investigation surrounding Hillary Clinton  —  ‘s private email server and handling of classified material.  —  The Washington Post reports that the large number of agents have been deployed …

I find it either scandalous or utterly fantastical that so many “facts” have been reported in an ongoing FBI investigation.  You’d think the FBI was less a professional organization than a sieve. And it’s almost as big a scandal as … Whitewater™! Continue reading

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I Wish The Racists Would Get Their Races Right

The brain-dead headline says it all:

There are a few reasons.  Political calculation isn’t one of them.  —  President Barack Obama’s decision to nominate Merrick Garland, a 63-year-old white moderate and perennial short-lister, to the Supreme Court …

Really? Have we come so far down the road of “diversity” that the only thing that matters is race?


Well, baby klanswomen and klansmen of the Pee Cee: Garland isn’t white. He’s a JEW.

Worse, his mother, wife and daughters are Jews TOO. (Remember, “Jewishness” is passed matrilineally.) Continue reading


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Keith Emerson and his Jungle Bunny Jive

Before you get offended, let me tell you that I did not say it, but that its saying is crucial in the telling of the tale. And yes, I’ve been biting my lip about some of this stuff for awhile, but Now, as Kilgore Trout says, It Can Be Told

keith emerson rip

Return with me to those thrilling days of yesteryear, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, spring 1973. (And, welcome to the Ides of March, appropriately.)

As chronicled earlier, my cousin Steve taught me the rudiments of guitar in the summer of 1971. Back in Santa Fe, my Mother was happy that I’d taken up a new instrument (I had played viola since grade school, and managed to get OUT of piano lessons after five years) but, being the same Pianoforte Gestapo about guitar that she’d been about piano — she was the classically-trained church organist–insisted that I sing and not just play the same chords over and over again. Continue reading


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Twelve Years Unpaid …

Happy Blogiversary.Twelve years ago today, this blog kicked into gear … as a campaign blog.

One rotation of Jupiter around the sun later, here we are.

aynrand-toonA rare original poem by this blog’s proprietor
–or “Im-” as circumstances warrant.

In that time, some amazing stuff has happened: the Term Limits gang’s rout, the defense of Private Beauchamp from Little Billy Kristol of The Weakly Standardud and his young thug Michael Goldfarb, who now has his own cyber-smear sheet, the Washington Free Bacon; the attack by Joe Farah of World Nut Daily, and the subsequent attacks by Sean Hannity, Brent Bozo …. er, Bozell, and Ted Nugent (who claims to live in fear of me, the wussy) on Faux Nooz; the tax return that destroyed Kevin Mannix’s congressional campaign, the outing of the Wisconsin Club for  Growth, etc. etc.

It’s been a pretty amazing run. Right now I’m dialed back as I work on paying writing stuff, but the blog is by no means dead and buried.

SHERMAN! Crank up the wayback: Continue reading

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Republican Policy on Parade

gop goon

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