Mathoms From the Land of Trump


 Snow on my car in Laramie after a surprise storm last week.

They don’t occupy a world of facts, do they?

Trump angry at allies conceding he lost debate

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump is angry that his aides and advisers have conceded to reporters — largely without attribution — that the Republican nominee struggled in his first presidential debate.  —  In a conference call …

The bully was holding forth loudly at the “continental breakfast” at the Ramada in Laramie, Wyoming. “Hillary ought to be in jail!” he opined at a volume level quite inappropriate to noon, let alone six in the morning. But he didn’t care. He was a failed professional baseball player from Louisiana, according to his loud braying. He was in Wyoming to kill something that couldn’t shoot back, probably an elk or a deer, but I don’t keep up with the slaughter  calendar.

flim flam2

Naturally, Nazi News, a/k/a/ Faux, was playing on the obligatory television set, as it had been in Dubois, Wyoming, as it had in Ontario, Oregon, and would in Green River, Utah. Cable systems out there don’t carry MSNBC at all, and CNN has set its cap with determination to be the living exponent of false equivalency in the modern era of opinion masquerading as news. For ACTUAL news, the gruel is as thin as the soup at Dachau.

All sorts of things have been happening in the world, but only Donald Trump seems to matter to our “fourth estate” these daze. The reality cum game show “Who Wants to be President” is down to its final weeks, and the ratings infighting has seldom been more intense. Got to get those eyeballs on our blonde news eyecandy.

who wants to be president

The coverage has been shameful, but what else is new? In our new Fact Free™ news environment, only the hirsute orange spectacle matters, according to actual practice.

Even the almost-universally acknowledged Russian state hacking of our election gets short shrift when the Hirsute Cheeto Beast is tweeting, after all.


In the world of the GOPs and of cable news, facts are irrelevancies that only impede the news. After all, covering Donald Trump’s insistent stentorian braying — aped by his “surrogates” with an enthusiasm far belied by actual facts — is far more important than silly notions like “reality” or “consensus reality.” The GOPs have their own “facts” and as long as they all sing the same tune, THAT is “reality” as far as they are concerned.

We are riven as a nation, with separate realities and separate “facts” even if one set is validated only by volume and not by actual observation.

So, let me reprint a piece originally aired in 2013 and contained in my recent e-book, Reality 101 — Political Self Defense for Progressives:

FB reality 101 cover 2015

Why the Republicans will lose the upcoming Civil War

Originally Published 2013/12/29

Remember, he started his career as a car thief. Then, he “rehabilitated” himself by inventing the “club” to stop assholes like him from stealing your car. Now, he’s in Congress. What could possibly go wrong?

Issa Disputes NYT Benghazi Report (VIDEO)

Caitlin MacNeal / Talking Points Memo

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) on Sunday disagreed with some of the conclusions in the New York Times investigation on Benghazi, specifically that the attack was fueled in part by an anti-Islamic American video.

But that’s not the half of it. The entire flying monkey corps. is gearing up for a poop run:

Rep. Castro Rips Issa After Benghazi Report: He ‘crusaded For Over A Year On A Fairy Tale’

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) lashed out at House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) on Sunday for spending over a year on what he said was a crusade on a “fairy tale” …

Fairy tale? What you believe is a fairy tale, GOPs. If facts emerge, you AUTOMATICALLY decry them? “Fairy tale”? I’ll give you a fairy tail. [sic]

Here: Let me send a special Holiday Greeting to the Republicans in Congress.

The fact that you’re AGAINST facts ensures your extinction.

Look at what your “beliefs” are:

That there should be no compromise.

This goes against the entire construction of the Constitution, which is, in fact, treason, but let that pass. By “going Galt” you’ve managed to write yourselves into the pantheon of villains of American history. Nothing can erase that blot. But no worries. You’ll be dead.

That facts are less important than talking points.

I offer the evidence of VIRTUALLY EVERY REPUBLICAN POSITION SINCE 1980 (to keep it to a manageable time line).

How did you stray so far from Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, both masters of reality?


No, the real issue here is a very simple one.

Ideas/ideology (make-believe) versus reality (reality).

An imaginary baby trumps a real woman.

foxy fetuses

An imaginary future  “fiscal crisis” trumps an actual fiscal crisis harming actual people.

An imaginary notion that “trickle down” economics is the way to go versus an economy rotting from the head down.

An imaginary notion that the rich are “job creators” trumps the very real evidence that they are a cancer on the body politic.

I could go on. But the simple ideology of Republicans is “What we imagine is more important than what we observe.”

(And its corollary: “What we say is more important than what we do.”)

triangle of fubar

There’s a word for that.

But let me just say this, as our Republic falls apart, as your committed claque of anti-Human fake “Christian” fake “values” gaggle pushes us to the brink:

Vale,_Oregon, bates motel

The American people are stupid. So dumb, in fact, that they often say “They ALL do it,” and “a plague on both your houses,” when we all know who is to blame for keeping the government NOT working through the worst economic meltdown since the Depression.

gop witch flying monkeys pierce

Which means that when your obstructionist, anti-human tactics finally push us to a Constitutional crisis, they will have no problem rejecting ALL democratic action in favor of someone who can “make the trains run on time.”


Because, in the final analysis, ANY form of governance is inferior to starving to death. And the necessities of life are more important than any ideology.

gop compromise

I say this because, while it might seem obvious to anyone with an IQ above, say, 40, it clearly hasn’t sunk into your thick skulls.

So: before the guillotine sinks into your fat necks, let me game it out for you.

Anybody who’s ever lived through serious crap successfully, knows this much:

You have to take crises (e.g. wars, hurricanes, etc.) ONE DAY AT A TIME. There has to be a continuous feedback loop between what’s happening and what you think is happening.

What you WISH is happening CANNOT interfere in that process.

iraq war dark angel

Read the military histories. Over and over, the best laid plans go awry, and great victories turn into defeats because one general grabbed tight to reality and his counterpart grabbed tight to UNreality and wishful thinking.

Think of George Armstrong Custer at the Little Big Horn.


George Armstrong “Oopsies” Custer

And, now we return to YOU, GOPs.

If you don’t grasp reality soon, and tightly, we are headed inevitably to a complete social meltdown.

Because when ballots no longer work, bullets are used instead.

@Jefferson Davis' grave in Richmond

@ Jefferson Davis’ grave in Richmond, Virginia

And remember, while you may have the best propaganda that money can buy, it’s no accident that Mussolini and Hitler were early masters of media as well, and used it as a tool to take and retain power.


Insert your own Santayana quote here.

When the shite hits the fane, you will have the shiniest beliefs on the block, and the best wishes of all wishers you wishfully wish for.

But, as the saying goes: if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Which is why you will inevitably and irrevocably lose.

Your choice.

But there are hundreds of thousands of veterans who are angry that you sacrificed to your self-deluded hallucination that you know anything about economics, let alone FUTURE economics. (Remember, there is zero evidence that GOPs can actually deploy economic policy that doesn’t melt down national and world banking systems, or had you forgotten the little S&L meltdown, that American taxpayers are STILL paying off?)

© 2015 Hart Williams

© 2015 Hart Williams

And millions of unemployed are NOT feeling the “tough love” of a Rand Paul saying that giving them insurance (e.g. food) while they look for work is “coddling” them.

And those voters you insist on trying to KEEP from voting would like to send you back to your former profession of stealing cars.

Which reminds me of an old Washington joke.


The opposite of Progress is Congress …

The socialist, Taker, featherbedded, moocher, parasite elevator operator in the Senate elevator lets two senators on. And they are debating something or other and one suddenly turns to the old Black elevator operator and says, “Charlie, you’ve worked here for forty years, and I’ve never asked you: what party are you registered with?”

Charlie says, “I’m a Democrat, sir.”

The other Senator nods and asks, “Why is that, Charlie?”

Charlie says, “Well, my daddy was a Democrat, and his daddy was a Democrat.”

The first Senator takes this in, and then he asks, “Well, if your daddy had been a horse thief, and his daddy had been a horse thief, what would you be then?”

Charlie doesn’t blink. “A Republican,” he says.

bullets ballots © hart williams


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