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Heads They Win; Tails We Lose


The evidence that this election was NOT on the up and up continues to appear, apace. (Links below)

But I am not going to make an argument on that basis. The Psy-Ops rangers have neatly muddied the waters to the point that exit polls are dismissed — even though their accuracy is such that UN election monitors use them as prima fascie evidence that elections worldwide are either on the up and up or have been manipulated.

No: I want to explain WHY I am resisting and why the civil war is already underway.

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The Gory Details

On November 4th, at 6 AM, my old friend cellulitis made a surprise visit, as I suddenly began to get chills that seemed more like I was on an arctic expedition with only a sheet, than my warm bedroom with a nice blanket. I immediately ran to the medicine cabinet and took the antibiotics that I have on hand for just such an emergency. Got under the blankets and rode out the teeth-chattering chills. A few later, the fever broke and I had to swap out my entirely soaked t-shirt for a dry one. Kept up my regimen all day Friday and Saturday. It didn’t get worse; but it didn’t get better, either. Continue reading

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