‘You’re A Nation’? or ‘Urination’?

Trump Will Withdraw U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement
Michael D. Shear / New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump announced Thursday that he will withdraw the United States from participation in the Paris climate accord, weakening global efforts to combat climate change and siding with conservatives who argued who argued that the landmark 2015 agreement was harming the economy.…

I listened to part of the speech: it was at the point Der Drumpf said that because we are going to experience a 3-4% GDP growth rate and, therefore, needed all the energy that we could muster, including “clean  coal” that my gorge began to rise and I shut off the GOPaganda machine rather than projectile vomit.  Everybody was being “unfair” to us and mean to us. Standard Trump position: clueless tantrum based on not getting everything his way.

Never mind that the USA has been responsible for a huge chunk of the world’s carbon pollution. Trump is more than willing to pretend that all countries are equal and WE are somehow getting the shaft (“The United States, with less than 5 % of the global population, uses about a quarter of the world’s fossil fuel resources—burning up nearly 25 % of the coal, 26 % of the oil, and 27 % of the world’s natural gas.” –  Worldwatch Institute). This is simply delusional.

And I could not help but think of the apocryphal line uttered by King Henry II in regard to Thomas à Becket, but paraphrased as a prayer to any passing, merciful deity: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent beast?” And I wanted to correct a horrible misinterpretation of the infamous “intelligence dossier” that the oh-so-sophisticated know-nothing-at-all American prurient press created, entirely missing the psychopathology that it ACTUALLY represents.

From the infamous Trump Intelligence dossier:

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This has nothing to do with prurience, in a sense. What the clueless media (even though their affiliation with prostitutes is well-documented over the years) completely missed was NOT that Trump has a “pissing” fetish.

No: it is far darker. Trump HATES Obama with a purple passion — probably for calling out his (RACIST) birther nonsense t at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner — ironically, even as Seal Team Six was taking out Osama bin Laden!

He hates the Obamas with such fervor that he is literally trying to erase EVERYTHING about Obama that he possibly can.

Will history see him as it will see Mitch McConnell? As an unreconstructed, superstitious bigot and a clear villain of history? As a laughingstock and a thug? As a small and evil man who weaseled his way into our republic’s wheelhouse with disastrous consequences?

Well, that’s the point of the technique of asking rhetorical questions isn’t it?

Go back and re-read that item. It is clear from context that what is being reported is Trump having Russian prostitutes piss … ON OBAMA’S BED!

Think of the pathology of that little perversion. It is every bit as lunatic as Dick Cheney’s penchant for slaughtering essentially tame, preserve-raised pheasants, ducks and quail. In one such “hunt” the sadistic lunatic killed SEVENTY (that’s right, 70) wings-clipped, hand-raised pheasants in the morning and an undisclosed number of ducks in the afternoon. In another, he slaughtered an equal number of pheasants in the morning and over 100 quail in the afternoon, accompanied by the tissue-thin rationalized announcement that he was “donating” the slaughter to a local charity.

David Bohrer/White Hosue

(If you believe that there’s anything “normal” or “manly” or “sporting” about those hunts, there is something wrong with YOU, as well.)

And, even though it generated tons of negative publicity, Cheney seemed addicted to this sadistic, wanton slaughter of helpless “wild” game on private preserves.

Trump has the same sort of pathology towards Obama.

And he is hellbent on “pissing” on each and every Obama accomplishment he can find. THAT is his actual agenda. Witness his rolling back of “eat healthy” initiatives from Michelle Obama. It cannot help children. It can only “piss on” Michelle Obama.

Or this week’s announcement that he’s going to roll back Obama’s Cuban initiative: one that cannot aid the Cuban ex-pat community, save for the fanaticism of a dying generation. Or his attempt to UN-preserve Bears Ears National Monument.

No accomplishment is too small for our Bizarro-hair lunatic to symbolically piss on.


Vandals pillaging Rome

And now, he figuratively has managed to piss on the entire world in his pathological need to “get even” with the Black man for a) being Black and b) for making fun of Donald Trump. That humiliation is what drives him and drives his policy.

Oh and pipe dreams that he’s somehow going to bring back “coal mining” (solar power workers in the USA outnumber coal miners by a factor of five to one) and achieve 3-4% GDP growth — which one could find virtually any legitimate economist rolling on the carpet in helpless gales of laughter — if economists had a sense of humor, that is.

Pulling out of the Paris Accords ALSO manages to belie the “Make America Great Again” marketing line. Trump returns us from superpower to also-ran status and establishes him as the would-be dictator of the world’s largest banana republic. Stripping health care, environmental protections, labor and workplace safety regulations, etc. etc. turns us into a NON-manufacturing, raw materials exporting third world nation. Destroying our science and censoring scientific information returns us to the Dark Ages.   Repealing the Estate Tax and giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy turns us into an HEREDITARY oligarchy where plutocratic families can look forward to a long residence at the center of societal power and where the Middle Class becomes an endangered species as more and more of us become serfs in our Corporate Feudal State.

And we can only watch helplessly, politely, and impotently as the very heart and soul of our nation is raped by the Hirsute Cheeto Beast­™ and his monied class collaborators. The nation in which I was born increasingly seems like a fever dream replaced by the classical authoritarian kleptocracy that has cursed humankind from the dawn of time. Alas.

When ballots fail, bullets follow.

Well, alas, ballots have failed.

As has my capacity for expletives in service of my opinion of Combover Caligula.

Think of that Russian bed. And now imagine that it’s YOU and you have a very good notion of what’s afoot.







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    Scarier every single day. I expect to see riots in the streets before this is over.

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