Coma, Comey, Coma, Comey, Coma Chameleon

Attorney General Sessions DID release a breathless DEFENSE of his position on Justice Department letterhead, of course. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Department of Justice Issues Statement on Testimony of Former FBI Director James Comey
U.S. Department of Justice

—  In response to testimony given today by former FBI Director James Comey, Department of Justice Spokesman Ian Prior issued the following statement:  — Shortly after being sworn in …

Otherwise, the “Superbowl” of Washington D.C. hearings is over. The “once in a generation” testimony is completed for now. And, aside from getting Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s panties in a knot, it was NOT the taut courtroom suspense drama hyped yesterday.

It wasn’t all that exciting. But, in the long game, it was important.

Still there is a matter of some curiosity that no other outlet is covering.

Now, this may or may not mean anything, but I thought I’d offer it as a metaphor for tonight’s round of punditry in general.

From Today’s testmony before the Senate Intelligence Committee:

[Sen ANGUS] KING [Ind., Maine]: All right. We’ll be having a closed session shortly, so we will follow up on that.

In terms of his comments to you about — I think in response to Mr. Risch — to Senator Risch, you said he said, “I hope you will hold back on that.” But when you get a — when a president of the United States in the Oval Office says something like “I hope” or “I suggest” or — or “would you,” do you take that as a — as a — as a directive?

[FORMER FBI DIRECTOR JAMES] COMEY: Yes. Yes, it rings in my ear as kind of, “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

KING: I was just going to quote that. In 1170, December 29, Henry II said, “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” and then, the next day, he was killed — Thomas Becket. That’s exactly the same situation. You’re — we’re thinking along the same lines.

And yet, in this selfsame blog, the following was stated several days ago:

And I could not help but think of the apocryphal line uttered by King Henry II in regard to Thomas Becket, but paraphrased as a prayer to any passing, merciful deity: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent beast?”

All eyes turned to Washington

There are several explanations for this “coincidence.”

  1. Serendipity — It was a coincidence, that meaninglessly meaningful word for the meaningful meaninglessness: There seems a connection, but there isn’t one. Oh well.
  2. Synchronicity — Carl Jung’s fancy term for “coincidence.” See (1)
  3. Causality: Both Comey and King read my blog and thought that the Henry II reference was apt.
  4. Sinister Causality: Comey and King choreographed their testimony and this was an agreed-upon signal between them.
  5. Conspiracy Theory Causality: the signal telegraphed their coordination with the Illuminati (formerly of Bavaria, see “Adam Weishopt”)
  6. Alex Jones Sinister Causality: Gray Aliens FORCED the  Illuminati (formerly of Bavaria, see “Adam Weishopt,” est. 1776) to include the signal, as a part of their nefarious plot to quietly take over the world using the world banking system and the House of Rothschild.
  7. WorldNetDaily Sinister Causality: Vince Foster, who never actually died, in league with the Kenyan Newspaper Forgers of Hawaii (est. 1961) wrote the Henry II reference to signal the Democratic Hit Squads to begin a plan to assassinate the President of the United States of America. This is Satan’s last move before the Universal World Apocalypse and Weenie Roast™ to be immediately followed by the Second Coming® and the vindication of John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren as NOT having been monstrous heretics.
  8. New White Supremacist Sinister Causality: It were the Jews. In league with the Blacks.
  9. Plagiarism. (And/or cultural appropriation.)

Naturally, the TRUE reason for this seeming coincidence is of utmost importance, but I cannot talk about it in open session, and besides, it’s Bob Mueller’s job.

Thank  you.



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4 responses to “Coma, Comey, Coma, Comey, Coma Chameleon

  1. Nice to see you back in the game.


  2. “Satan’s last move before the Universal World Apocalypse and Weenie Roast.” How’d you know?? :o)