September Drawings

I haven’t been posting my drawings here for awhile. Mostly they’re on Facebook. But I have reconsidered and they ought to be here, too.


A trip down the Columbia Gorge (pre-fire) to Maryhill art museum and “Stonehenge.”

at the museum — plaster model,
Pierre Roche (Ferdinand Massignon 1855-1922)

Columbia Gorge overlook

in the Columbia Gorge

Maryhill from the shade

reconstructed Fort Vancouver

something for the bucoholic
(or, ‘bee and flowers’)

stonehenge @ maryhill #1

stonehenge @ maryhill #2

the queen of romania’s gilty (sic) furniture (detail)

there is parody going on here

Ah Wilderness! (two portapotties and a surveillance pole)

And, from the Lane County Fair:

Fair Bunny

And that’s it for now.


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