The Dangerously False Victim-hood of the Right

This is going to be long. Be forewarned.

The Left does not listen to the Right. We know that. If they did, almost every right wing talk show host would be off the air after a boycott of their endless political slander, verging on the racist. “Racism” here is merely a subset of a very ugly form of stereotyping, specifically related to “race” (which doesn’t actually exist) creed and melanin content.

But the bigotry is every bit as real and as toxic as “racism,” so I’m just going to use the term and hope that the perspicacious reader will understand it: [GROUP] has the following (universal) BAD characteristics ….

Southern cartoon depicting Lincoln
as “a ape” and implying the “Negro”
is one too.

Some examples (you figure out the group being slurred):

  • Hooked noses, love money, will try to cheat anyone not a member of their group.
  • Lazy, shiftless drunkards who aren’t actually humans. Can’t be trusted; are virulent papists.
  • Criminals who collude together to steal from real Americans; won’t rat on one another. Like olive oil.
  • Lazy. Criminal. Take illegal drugs (especially “reefers”). Rape white women. Love to tap dance and eat watermelon.
  • Worship false God. Hate Americans for their freedom. Hate Christians. Want to kill us all.
  • Don’t speak English; snuck into the country ILLEGALLY and FORCED employers to hire them a much lower pay than real Americans would get. *


[* Answers: Jews, Irish, Italians, Blacks, Muslims and “Latinos” or “Mexicans.” Note, in the last, that NON-Latino illegal immigration (much from the CANADIAN border) make up more than half of all the “illegals,” but that the racist stereotype has been swallowed whole by American rhetoric and no one ever questions the fundamental racism at the core of the anti-immigrant rhetoric.]

Irish “ape” doing the priest’s bidding (19th Century)

This is all HOGWASH.*

[* i.e. “bullshit.”]

You know it and I know it. But we have watched the hatred of Muslims institutionalized since Nine Lebbin’ just as the racism/bigotry against the other “groups” has been, historically.

And that is where we start:

i. The Right’s institutionalization of racist memes and imagery against the Left and non-Right.

We’ve seen too much of this lately, and it has been all-but-never commented on. Let’s start with an example:

The Little Tragedy of Hank Azaria

In all that dreamlike craziness, you could be forgiven for missing the little tragedy of Hank Azaria. After all, he was just one more celebrity bullied into conformity by the leftwing fascists who dominate our culture. Canadian singer Shania Twain was also pressured to backtrack after praising Donald Trump. And Chance the Rapper, who tweeted that black people don’t have to be Democrats, was also forced to apologize, so I guess black people do have to be Democrats after all….

Spanish War racist propaganda from Hearst

The term “leftwing fascists” used to be considered over the top, even in Rush Limbaugh circles. Now it is lingua franca. Or this (from a Grassfire fundraiser mailing. Grassfire is where Eric Odom, one of the “fathers” of the Tea Party movement has remained ever since leaving Eric O’Keefe’s Sam Adams Alliance):

In recent weeks, the so-called guardians of “tolerance” on the Left have now become powerful agents of intolerance, actively working to ban any and all opposition to their godless, politically correct vision of America.

Our so-called GOP “friends” in Congress can barely stand those of us who are true conservatives — Americans who believe and understand that liberty comes from God and not government. When push comes to shove, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan and their gang of RiNOs can’t even muster the courage (or willingness) to repeal ObamaCare. More and more, at every opportunity, members of the Republican Establishment distance themselves from the conservative, pro-America base that got them elected.

And if you haven’t noticed, the new epicenter of our economy, our culture and now our politics has moved to the far-Left (literally) to a place called Silicon Valley. These new high priests of our culture are now on the warpath, determined to rid our country of the faith, family and freedom orientation that made our nation great.

Alarmingly, this “Silicon Priesthood” has just begun its efforts to censor and purge opposing thought. Amazon bans pro-family organizations from its “Smile” program. Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Airbnb and others are now taking active steps to purge. We new have clear evidence of Facebook censoring conservative voices, yet the liberal media and even members of Congress mock those who bring this to light.

Against such forces, here we stand.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for the stand you are taking for liberty!

Steve Elliott

P.S. If you can help with ANY AMOUNT, we’ll send you two of our “He Won. Get Over It” ReStickers in appreciation of your contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire. Go here.
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Do you notice the leitmotif here?

Yup. Victimization. WE ARE VICTIMS! (Therefore, we are oppressed, and we must take steps to destroy our oppressors.)

NOT, you might note, WE CONTROL ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT (via extremely suspicious means). Or, We Have The Power, Now!

No: even though Democrats are out of power in Washington, D.C. and in a great majority of state houses and governors’ mansions, they are STILL VICTIMS! Still being OPPRESSED!


Yes. Seriously.

ii. The Real Right rakes in the bucks

The modern GOP/Conservative/Right Wing machine isn’t so much an ideology as it is a marketing machine.

Won’t you help? The evil leftist* media with its liberal fascism is silencing your voice/taking away your gun/indoctrinating your children/fluouridating your water/et al.

Just click here to donate $25, $50 or $250 to keep us going as we switch satellite transponders and render farms. 

This is a made-up appeal, but pretty much cookie-cutter, nevertheless.

Modern GOP politics exists as much to extract money from their base as to market whatever excites the wallet-nerves, thereof. Here’s Joe Farah’s old WorldNetDaily “won’t you fund our billboard?” photo, saved from the intertubes barely four months after President Obama’s Inauguration:

Enlarged from WND website original captured by his vorpal sword
on 21 May 2009.
(for 13 July 2009 capture click)

Original caption:


Donations are being accepted to defray the costs of a national billboard campaign with the simple message: “Where’s the birth certificate?” The idea is to make sure Obama cannot avoid this question any longer.

Not only did this garner a lot of cash over the years for WND, but Donald Trump seems to have surfed this cynical made-from-whole-cloth propaganda campaign straight into the White House. And it began within four months of the inauguration, in this case by the same fellows who turned their Scaife-funded “The Clintons Killed Vince Foster” campaign of several years into WorldNetDaily and NewsMax: Joseph Farah and Christopher Ruddy, disrespecfully.

Did I mention that Ruddy is a “close advisor” to Donald Trump? From the “Where’s the Birth Certificate” store within the WorldNetDaily “Superstore”:

captured July 13, 2009. Obama inaugurated January 20, 2009.

Not only was this imbecilic hogwash an easy sell to a crowd that believes the Earth is 6,000 years old and that The Flintstones is a documentary series, but, to the point, it was a SUCCESSFUL marketing campaign.

Just think: Joe Farah comes up with (or steals) the “Obama wasn’t really born in the USA” fabulism, but creates an entire marketing campaign that even culminates in the hiring of Jerome “Swift Boat” Corsi to write a “birther book” imaginatively entitled, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

Sadly, Obama released the “full form” birth certificate a month before the scheduled roll-out and Farah, stuck with a mountain of suddenly worthless pulp (er, MORE worthless) slapped on a sticker taking credit: “THE BOOK THAT MADE OBAMA BLINK! NOW READ THE TRUTH HE’S STILL HIDING.”

Significantly, that book is STILL being sold on the WND Superstore website, albeit at a SIGNIFICANT discount. You can buy the AUTOGRAPHED version for two dollars CHEAPER than the standard version, hilariously. I guess the book is worth even LESS when Corsi scribbles on it, which is rarely the case for authors. Clearly Farah knows the value of Corsi’s writing at current market rates.

Corsi was, in many ways, the modern equivalent to Farah of Christopher Ruddy. In the old Vince Foster days, Farah ran the Western Journalism Center for Richard Mellon Scaife and paid Ruddy for endless diggings up of “dirt” to fuel the conspiracy theory.

Corsi was, in many ways, the modern equivalent to Farah of Christopher Ruddy. In the old Vince Foster days, Farah ran the Western Journalism Center for Richard Mellon Scaife and paid Ruddy for endless diggings up of “dirt” to fuel the conspiracy theory.

​Ironically, Ruddy already worked as a reporter for Scaife in Philadelphia, so this was eerily “in house.”​

Farah editorialized and marketed the Ruddy writings. And thence, having proved that it was a commercially profitable model, reracked for the “birther” stuff, and the present, endless conspiracies and character assassinations of opposition politicians that neatly dovetail with Farah’s “Christian” values and charity. World Net Daily and NewsMax both spun off the Western Journalism wheel, and have both been very successful at MARKETING their ideologies.

photo credit: Village Square, licensed under the CC 2.0 Generic

For a long time, you could STILL buy Corsi’s infamous book that created the term “swiftboating” in its assassination of John Kerry’s war record in service to a draft-dodging president and vice-president both caught in invading the WRONG country on bogus and intentionally manipulated intelligence. Eleven years AFTER the 2004 election! One supposes that they print up a garage full of books, and then just sell and give them away until they are gone, no matter HOW absurd and anachronistic they might be.

There is one book that is discounted from $29.96 to $0.99:

2015: All books MUST be sold!

Ironically, even though you could buy FOUR anti-Obama books (one, at least, three years out of date, entitled, How Obama Can Be Defeated in 2012 in 2015!) you could NOT buy the embarrassment of Where’s The Birth Certificate? on Corsi’s page for a long while!

And through it all, Farrah, Corsi and Ruddy have only increased their marketing and influence and their fringe ideologies currently occupy the White House, along with even more extreme conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The NewsMax website has expanded to a cable channel

And yet, they are all VICTIMS. All are harassed, pettifogged, chivvied, browbeaten and forced to vow unholy allegience to the All Powerful and All Encompassing Political Correctness.*

[* i.e. “straw man.”]

And Joe Farah is still making money off of his “birther” conspiracy theory nine years after it was minted, and a year after Obama has left the Oval Office.

photo by Gage Skidmore cc-by-sa-2.0photo by Gage Skidmore (click for details)

Which Donald the Birther now occupies.

Marketing need not be true nor even timely to be effective.

iii. Marketing and Extreme Ideology need not be in conflict

My point here isn’t merely to shine a light on the shameful propaganda/marketing machines of Farah and Ruddy, because they are a symptom, not the malady itself.

It makes good marketing AND martyrdom sense to pretend to be “oppressed.”

The Evangelical movement (heretical to Christianity as precticed at least since 325 AD though they be) has created an entire alternate universe of belief, science, education and marketing, complete with their own TV stations, radio stations, magazine and book publishers and music industry, and they have, by all perception, flourished — filling “superchurches” even as Protestant and Catholic pews reveal ever more vacancies on all but High Holy Days.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of this new, mutant “movement” is that it haphazardly slams together fringe politics and radical heresy (the “rapture” is a heretical concept created out of whole cloth in the early 19th century) to create a strange beast that is neither traditional politics nor religion, but a hybrid of the worst aspects of both: mindless adherence based on the notion that God Hisownself wants them to believe the notions they’re fed with, well, LITERAL religious fervor, from abortion (nowhere particularly justified in the Bible) to the Nation of Israel as indistinguishable from the BOOK version of Israel as presented in the Bible — written entirely BY Jews, with only the New Testament speaking to most adherents of Christianity, who tend to be non-Jewish.

From this ugly mess, a notion of “persecution” and “martyrdom” arises from each and every thing in the world with which they do not agree. For instance, you are technically REQUIRED to pay ten percent of your earnings to “God” (invariably, the Church). But taxation is theft.

We have just intertwined a spiritual notion or “spiritual law” with a very worldly notion in complete abrogation of Jesus’ admonition ‘Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.’ [Matthew 22:22]

The notion of victimhood is written into Christianity, as Christ was unjustly accused and murdered by the Roman state (with, allegedly, help from the Sanhedrin), and Christianity has always wrestled with the exhortation “be in this world but not of it,” leading to radically separationist sects, such as the Amish, the Dunkers and the Hassidic Jews. But no one has ever managed to convince the “not of this world” that controlling this world politically is the rightful province of the “not of this world” believers. This doctrine is known as “dominionism” and one of its most prominent practitioners is gazillionaire Foster Friess, who has announced that he is running for Governor of Wyoming because he wears a cowboy hat (he spent most of his life in Delaware/Pennsylvania flogging his stock portfolio as a hedge fund) and because he believes that “Jesus is my CEO.”

From Foster’s website. Tom Mix he ain’t.
Look at MEEEE! I’m a COWBOY!

I have covered Foster at great length and will be covering him again. He is, again, a symptom and NOT the malady itself.

The true culprit herein is the worship of Mammon. Foster gets to play because he’s rich. He makes the Calvinist fallacy that he is rich because God loves him, and because he’s never read the Book of Job or Ecclesiastes.

This pseudo-Calvinism underlies a lot of the modern Fundamentalist/Conservative ideology. There is a syrupy painter out there, who produces paintings of treacly “patriotism” and questionable content who has painted a masterpiece of ideological/religious kitsch showing a large crowd of symbolic Americans representing “good” and “bad” — American icons* and patriots and normal folk being “good” and reporters and judges and activists et al “secularists” being “bad” — featuring Jesus Christ presenting the Constitution, as though it were as sacred or perhaps even the raison d’être FOR his stigmata.

[* like JFK, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Washington, Franklin, Madison, US Grant, Aunt Jemima, a FEMALE ASTRONAUT, Saint Ronald of Ray-Gun, (Black) veterans of all our several wars, and anybody else he could get to posthumously endorse his historical subliteracy. Most of the Blacks are in the back of the hilari-bus, including Frederick Douglas. Several, including Washington and Franklin have their hands over their hearts, which, as near as I can tell, has NEVER been how anybody greets EITHER the Constitution OR Jesus. But what do I know? I’m a liberal.]

It is a painting of powerful imbecility forcefully composed of equal parts idiocy and blind fervor. It is entitled “One Nation Under God,” which, the perceptive reader will know, was forcibly shoved into the Pledge of Allegiance and onto currency during the McCarthy era of the Mid-1950s.

By Jon McNaughton — click for his litho page. His explanation
is far more effective absurdity than anything I could write about it.

As such, it stands as the tangible symbol of this hybrid movement, neither sacred, nor profane, but merely a political AND religious obscenity at the same time.

Thus does marketing meet fanaticism and pretend to be “Christian.”

iv. But it ain’t just Fundies and Conservatards

What we have here, my friends, is a confederacy of dunces. None are particularly lettered in history or theology, but that doesn’t matter. Because the fundamental crime against our republic was committed long ago, and brought to full fruition in the slandersphere of the Right Wing Bubble:

If you are stupid, then you are smart. If, however, you are smart (having read books and such) you are STUPID!

For the past year, Grassfire has given a voice to grassroots conservatives who want to see an end to these baseless, politically motivated attacks against Mr. Trump. If you’re tired of the radical Left, the D.C. Establishment and the left-wing media trying to delegitimize and overturn the results of a free and fair election, you can take action now.

Tell Congress to let the President focus on making America great again!

Grassfire again. Read the PS:

P.P.S. As your grassroots, online, activism-services provider, Grassfire is thrilled to offer the “Stop The Trump Witch Hunt” FaxFire to our team members. But we also provide customizable fax letters at the bottom of this page to empower you to send your own faxes. To see a complete list of Senate targets and their contact information, click here. Monthly PREMIER MEMBERS can send LEVEL ONE of this FaxFire for free by clicking here! Not a Grassfire PREMIER MEMBER? Go here to become one for just $19.99 per month.*

[* = $239.88 a year. To fax?]

Because FAX machines are the future?

The notion is that if you’re stupid, you’re smart, and anything you might do to GET smart will only make you stupid. Capisce?

“I weep for you,” the Walrus said.
“I deeply sympathize.”
With sobs and tears he sorted out
Those of the largest size.
Holding his pocket handkerchief
Before his streaming eyes.

“O Oysters,” said the Carpenter.
“You’ve had a pleasant run!
Shall we be trotting home again?”
But answer came there none—
And that was scarcely odd, because
They’d eaten every one.’

~ Alice Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll

The simple sad fact is that the view of the marketers is that the flock are merely sheep waiting to be fleeced. It is a bizarre cross-breeding of the worst of Christianity and the worst of capitalism. And there is a fundamental disconnect here: ultimately you cannot hold your audience in contempt AND as your bulwark.

The contradiction will eventually explode with ruinous consequences, much as Lonesome Rhodes fell victim, not so much of his con-game, as from bragging about it unknowingly on an open microphone.

Sure they’re marketing snake oil

Had he TRULY loved his audience, his off-camera comments wouldn’t have ruined him.

And, in this manner, the schtick of the fringe Right hasn’t particularly changed in a century and more. You, the common man are smart. The “elite” is stupid. (“Elite” being educated people, of course.)

We are so inured to it in our fiction that we have become oblivious to it in fact. Is there any real difference between Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones … and Lonesome Rhodes?

Lonesome Rhodes

But the key to the cult, the thing that KEEPS them down on the farm, that keeps them ignorant and, therefore, superior, is the cult of  “inside information,” DON’T BELIEVE THE ELITE MEDIA!

The message is drummed in a thousand times a day: DON’T BELIEVE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

Q: Why? Aren’t YOU media as well? Aren’t you OPENLY biased?

A: The New York Times has made MISTAKES! (Bait and switch)

Q: But isn’t truth, well …. true?

A: No no no no! They’re lying to you to FURTHER THEIR AGENDA!

Q: But aren’t YOU the only ones with a clear agenda? And if bias is bad, then how come it isn’t bad for YOU?

A: You’re a LEFTIST! (Sic ’em, ignorant geniuses!)

And that’s what happens in every comments section in the land. If anyone dare question the “saviors” they are mercilessly attacked, denigrated, shouted down, whatever it takes. Their message MUST NOT BE HEARD.

And that, friends, is the definition of a cult.

This is not news to anyone who hasn’t recently awakened from a coma, of course.

But while they kick your insides into guava jelly, their mantra will be “I’m a VICTIM!” As they lynch your grandfather, they will chant “We’re being OPPRESSED!” And as they take your gay child out into the woods to execute and throw into a shallow grave, they will, with greatest sincerity, claim that they are being suppressed and silenced by the boogieman, whether it be “PC” “liberals” “leftists” or even “SJWs.”*

Illo on DeviantArt to make fun of SJWs. Posted with link as fair use.

[* Social Justice Warriors, because, inherently, of course, social justice is bad, and fighting for it is evil. Only morons empowered to think that they are Einsteins could possibly hold that notion, just as only imbeciles bereft of literacy and dictionaries could believe that ‘liberal’ is a bad word and that ‘liberalism’ is a horrible thing.]

Note that the whole slur is self-contradictory.  The stereotypical SJW is rich and yet obese. (In the USA, the poor are obese, and the rich are skinny, but hey, what’s reality to the haters?) A conspiracy theorist who won’t show in public? (Sounds like projection, methinks).  IF they are so dominant (you know, oppressin and repressin’ Good Old Boys and sechlike) how is it that they don’t show themselves? Even though they’re rich?

Oh, and the Marxist thing is a generational slur that several generations of Conservative Morons have used as the rhetorical coup de grace, without the slightest notion of what Marx and/or Engels ever wrote. Plus the implication that the only ideology opposing their mutant rapacious capitalist Jesus notion is Communism? You will note the slur that we SJWs don’t understand “logic” while the anti-SJWs evidently do. This may be the funniest thing I’ve ever posted — assuming you haven’t just been awakened from a long coma.

False dichotomy. Straw man. Non-sequitur, Argumentum ad hominem and, in a pinch, Tu quoque.

And bleached hair. Which wouldn’t be purple, BTW, but let’s not let facts get in the way.

Oh, and non-existent or fake “balls,” because, evidently, only the ignorant and “patriotic” have the gigantic testicles that qualify them to rule over all other humans.

Think about what the mentality would be to be AGAINST social justice: in favor of discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, ostracism of groups, etc. etc. etc. in direct contravention to the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal”?

What kind of brainwashing can create that idiotic notion AND claim to be a total “patriot” who loves that constitution that Jesus gave us?

I show you this, again, as symptom. The malaise goes far deeper, into the amygdala, into the reptile brain — into the almost-Pavlovian-conditioning that is required to be a good rightie these daze (sic).

And for a mere $33.54 (plus shipping) you can make sure everyone knows your lily-white daughter hates Social Justice too!

v. Why victims make good cannon-fodder

I need you to understand that most of us have tuned out the constant insanity of the right’s marketing machine. Each and every day, madness is promulgated to a degree that beggars description. Here’s one random example (which I stumbled across today looking for “SJW”.

Why even good old COMIC BOOKS have been subverted by the “left” (according to the right):

While this transgenders-are-superheroes-if-you-think-about-it initiative was greeted by many of Marvel’s hard leftist “creators,” this really wasn’t Marvel Comics’ corporate decision. I think the word came down from the real Corporate Masters, the leftwing ideologues of Disney, to placate the hard left by setting the comics on fire with stupidity and leftist politics….

That was from Ace of Spades, HQ, November 17, 2017, which used to be a prominent rightie blog back in the heyday of blogs (before the corporate masters took over and kicked us all off Memeorandum).

The exalo

The right wing ideology today is a strange, irrational set of marketed notions, most of which are self-referential (e.g. “Don’t listen to the mainstream media, only listen to US on Fox News”) and many of which are radically contradictory:

We must increase our military spending. We must cut taxes.

We must stop illegal aliens from forcing law-abiding American businesses from hiring them at sweat-shop wages.

Intellectual elites are, by definition, stupid. We, the uneducated, are smart because we have “common sense.” Therefore, the uneducated are smarter than the educated.

And so on, endlessly.

The point is that when you take a worship of ignorance and a prohibition against knowledge, weld it to a strange fanatical and political Christianity (that crusades for imaginary babies, but calls real babies “parasites” if not born to the wealthy, or who use any social services), what you get, boys and girls, is cannon fodder.

You have a group who will gladly lay down their lives for whatever you tell them Jesus holding the Constitution wants them to do.

And, as they are the VICTIMS of a civilization and technology (which they despise and reject, but are happy to make use of as long as it’s convenient), they constantly look for ways to even the score, and to “strike back” against the evil SJWs, who want all the “mongrel” races raised up, and the precious white race thrown down.

Remember the top of this piece:  WE ARE VICTIMS! (Therefore, we are oppressed, and we must take steps to destroy our oppressors.)

And that, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

VI. Is there any way back?

In a nutshell: no.

The longer explanation is …

[to be continued]










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