Harlan Ellison Dead at 84

American writer Harlan Ellison died in his sleep at his home in the hills above Sherman Oaks, California yesterday.

Absent anything coherent to say, I will reprint a piece from his vorpal sword‘s archives.

In Which I Force Harlan Ellison to Work for FREE
26 JANUARY 2008 · 4:34 PM

From an upcoming documentary about that guy the proprietors and employees of Dangerous Visions Bookstore on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks (alas, R.I.P.) used to call “The angry old man up on the Hill.” If you’re having trouble seeing it, you could go HERE.*

And, here’s the YouTube page.

[I am using the official WordPress FAQ instructions as to how to embed YouTube videos. If this doesn’t work, it’s THEIR damned fault. Storm THEIR castle! Kill THEIR monster! Go through THEM like crap through a goose! — Thx. The Mgt.]

And, here’s the caption that goes with it, which we’ll assume is his ‘pay.’

A memorable (and timely) rant from the upcoming feature documentary on Harlan Ellison, “DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH”. Go to www.dreamswithsharpteeth.com for more excerpts!!


Not only is he cheap, but this is a FINE way of understanding the issues in the current Writers’ Strike. Worse, it’s an explanation as to why writing is fast becoming, as a friend recently noted, “a gentlemen’s hobby.”

(And NO, I’m not going to add “gentlewomen’s.” You can think for yourselves. You don’t need any help from me to figure out that women write too. Sheesh!)

Harlan Ellison with Remington Rand 1940s portable
via The Classic Typewriter Page


[* Or, “The quality of mind enabling one to face danger or hardship resolutely: braveness, bravery, courageousness, dauntlessness, doughtiness, fearlessness, fortitude, gallantry, gameness, heart, intrepidity, intrepidness, mettle, nerve, pluck, pluckiness, spirit, stoutheartedness, undauntedness, valiance, valiancy, valiantness, valor. Informal : spunk, spunkiness. Slang : gut (used in plural), gutsiness, moxie. See FEAR.” Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition]

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